How Gambling Laws are Changing Across the World

Las Vegas

In most countries around the world, gambling is legal. In fact, a lot of players love to head to casinos and have some fun. In recent years, more people have been playing casinos online as opposed to heading to a brick and mortar establishment. With technology improving all the time and broadband speeds faster than ever, the online gambling experience is one that is the best it has ever been.

But, how are countries adapting to the growth in online casinos? Well, they are having to make some changes to their legislation to incorporate this new online activity. But, there are also some countries that are not budging either. Let’s take a look at examples from around the world.

United Kingdom

When it comes to online gambling, one of the best places is the UK. They have a liberal view when it comes to online casinos and they are completely legal. While they are well-regulated, almost anybody can enjoy gambling. This is as long as you are over the age of 18 and choose a regulated online website.

The Gambling Commission in the UK reviews legislation on a regular basis, which means that the industry is progressing all the time. It also means that players are protected too. For example, recent changes mean that slot machine games have to slow down, with the removal of auto-play features. The purpose behind this is so that players have more control and do not lose track of their betting.

United States

As such a large country, parts of the United States are going to differ from others. different states and legislatures have differing views about online gaming and gambling. Indeed, there are a number of states that are quite liberal when it comes to gambling while others still outlaw online gambling. If you are someone that wants to play online casino games, it is best to use websites such as Unibet and check local state rules on gambling. For example, here are some states that allow online betting:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Delaware
  • Nevada

South Africa

The African nations all feel differently about gambling. Indeed, there are some places that make gambling illegal. It is interesting to note that South Africa has some land-based casinos. It is a source of tourism for them and they are popular as a vacation destination with people around the world.

But, when it comes to online gambling, things are different in South Africa. While sports betting is legal, it is still prohibited to gamble online. This is going to be an interesting space to watch since 5G is new in South Africa and technology is rapidly developing.


There are some countries that are still uncomfortable with betting. This includes Thailand. Legislation does not specifically mention online gambling. However, nearly all forms of gambling are illegal in the country. Therefore, there are no brick and mortar casinos in Thailand to visit for citizens or visitors. The only gambling that is legal in the country is the national lottery, as well as national races.

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