How Does iGaming in Europe Compare to the Same Market in THE US?

iGaming in Europe

The iGaming industry is quickly becoming one of the biggest and most profitable industries in the entertainment sector. Although online gambling and betting have been popular in Europe for years, they’re really only just becoming popular pastimes in a handful of US states.

There are a few key differences between the iGaming industry in the EU and US, but these differences are rapidly shrinking as online gambling becomes increasingly popular across America. Below are a few of the key differences which characterize the industry in the two regions and a consideration of what the future holds for iGaming.

Revenue differences

One of the major differences between the iGaming industries in the US and Europe is revenue. A 2018 study in Europe found that EU countries reported an average annual revenue of $34.5bn. In North America however, it was reported in the same year that $31.4bn was spent on iGaming. It should be noted that this study included revenue generated from gambling in both the US and Canada!

The differences in revenue does not mean that gamblers are just luckier or playing better games in one region rather than another. What it means is that iGaming is much more popular in Europe than North America – at least for now.

The main reason why revenue in Europe is higher is because more countries in Europe have already legalized gambling or betting. In America, legalization of gambling – particularly online gambling – is really just beginning. As more and more states rethink their stances on gambling, the revenue amounts are likely to shift considerably.  

Data protection and safety

Another key difference between the two markets is the fact that Europe has much stronger controls when it comes to data safety and security online. Thanks to the efforts of the European Union, Europeans enjoy much stronger protections for their personal information and sensitive data.

A result of this is that many of the online casinos go the extra mile when it comes to ensuring that their platforms are safe and secure. The German market is particularly notable for its data protection, but crucially this has not slowed down the market at all as there are many new online casinos in Germany offering competitive registration bonuses, such as those found on branded anchor.

One aspect that is constantly evolving in the iGaming industry is payment methods. In the US, there are a variety of sweepstakes casino payment methods, including e-wallets, bank transfers, andeven cryptocurrencies. In contrast, the US market is still catching up when it comes to payment options, with many online casinos only accepting traditional methods such as credit cards or bank transfers. However, as the iGaming industry continues to grow and mature in the US, it’s likely that more payment options will become available, making online gambling and betting even more accessible for players.

The takeaway from this instance is that consumers do not need to accept less when it comes to online gambling. The iGaming industry is willing to meet the needs of consumers and create safe, secure platforms.

Traditional versus online casinos

One major difference between gambling cultures in the two regions is the method of gambling itself. In the US, there is a culture of large casinos which are connected to glamorous restaurants, bars, spas, hotels and resorts. In Europe there are casinos like this, but there are also many casinos which are small, nondescript and stand alone in the sense that they do not have any additional leisure activities available.

A result of the difference in gambling culture is that many Americans see gambling as part of a glamourous experience which is tied to a vacation, whereas many Europeans view gambling as a casual activity they can enjoy either on their phone while commuting or at a local bookmaker’s shop.

This difference in perception could impact the popularity of iGaming when legislation allows it to become a more widespread activity across America. However, many Europeans enjoy gambling at fancy casinos while on “holiday” and also playing slot machine games on their phone from the comfort of their own homes.

It is impossible to determine how Americans will perceive online gambling and betting when it is widely available, but it is likely that both resort-style casinos and convenient, online casinos will flourish.

A global trend?

There has been a growing international trend concerning the way that online gambling and betting are regulated. Increasingly, legislators at the local, state and federal levels in countries around the world are taking another look at gambling regulations and reconsidering their stance.

There are a number of reasons why countries are liberalizing their gambling laws, but some of the biggest reasons include the interest in generating taxable revenue, the fact that interested gamblers will use VPNs to gamble internationally regardless of legislation, and that the gambling industry has grown considerably over the course of the last few years. While no one can predict the future, it does look like the future of the iGaming industry is bright in both the US and Europe.

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