How Does Crypto Match Betting Work?

crypto match betting

Are you hoping to make mouthwatering wins in the best crypto sports betting sites right now? Congratulations are in order because you have landed in the right place. You will learn and understand the crucial aspects of no-risk wagering.

BTC match betting presents guaranteed returns amid low risk. Bettors use this form of betting to secure profits through free bets and other promotions. In other words, you will get payouts irrespective of a match’s outcome.

Crypto sports betting comes down to chance but matched wagering presents a no-risk opportunity. You can generate instant profits from the free bet by making simple calculations. Hence, strap in and polish your crypto assets as we explore this no-risk wagering opportunity.

Secure Your Wagers at No Costs

You can get free bets as a welcome bonus from online bookmakers. It is one strategy they use to attract new punters to their sites. Nevertheless, there is no need to fret if you are an existing player.

Many online bookmakers offer bonus bets to existing players in crypto sports betting. Usually, you will get xBTC when you wager your BTC. It is a simple package that can yield sure returns if you use it in this no-risk wagering.

While standard betting gives you no guarantees, matched wagering secures a payout by covering the alternate outcome. This way, you’ve successfully wagered on all the possible turn-outs of a game.

There are two vital concepts you need to understand in BTC match betting. Having a clear picture of them will help you achieve sustainable and long-term profits.

Back Bets

You will be familiar with this traditional form of bet in crypto sports betting. Essentially, it involves placing a wager on the outcome of your choice. If your selection happens, you win the stake and get the profit.

If there is another outcome though, you will lose your stak. Now, you see how matched betting steps in to guarantee a payout.

Lay Bets

Lay bets in crypto sports betting involve wagering against a staked outcome. Let’s illustrate this concept with a soccer match between teams A and B. If you have made a stake for team A to win in a basketball game, you can place a lay bet on team B.

Unlike back bets in bookmaker sites, you can only place lay stakes on betting exchanges. These sites allow you to make a counter bet to another punter’s wager, which could be you. They match users with back bets to players willing to place lay stakes.

If the back bet pulls through, you lose the lay stake, giving your pay to the winning punter. This payment refers to the liability when you make a lay wager. Therefore, placing lay stakes to your back bets helps you win crypto sports betting irrespective of the outcome.

How to Place a Matched Bet

Matched betting in sports betting  might seem scary at first, but it is simple as a, b, and c once you know the rudiments. It cancels out any risk coming with a back bet in sports betting. Additionally, you use it to cover every outcome of the game.

Let’s rewind to where we mentioned free bets in the previous section. As stated earlier, you can get them as a new member when you place a back wager. Notwithstanding, many bookmakers in crypto sports betting offer bonus bets, but you will need a qualifying wager.

Then, you can use the free bets to make a lay wager against your back stake. This method can bring remarkable profits in crypto sports betting because you are not wagering with your bankroll. Nevertheless, the entire process of placing a matched bet spreads across two stages:

Make Wagers in a Bookmaker Site

This period might be the right moment to sign up on a new betting site. You can avail yourself of the welcome bonus to get free bets that will come in handy in this no-risk wagering. On the flip side, a qualifying stake is all you need as an existing player.

Once you are on the betting site, find a matched betting offer that suits you. Remember to go for low odds if you want to minimize the initial losses. Afterward, place the qualifying stake to receive the bonus bets.

Place the Lay Bets in a Betting Exchange

Betting Exchanges offer more flexibility to punters looking for more playing options. You can see that they spice up the experience of crypto sports betting. Notwithstanding, you need them to place lay bets against your back stakes.

Get an account with a betting exchange now if you don’t have one. The next step is to sign in and make the corresponding lay bet to your back wager. At this point, things might get a bit tricky to find the right market to wager on.

Placing the correct stakes in betting exchanges requires some mathematical calculations. You can use a matched betting calculator or punch the figures yourself. This amount must match your back wager in a specific value to bring profits.

If you need more profits, you can go for high odds close together. 

Popular Terms in Matched Betting

We will look at only the two most vital matched betting terms. One of them will sound familiar if you are used to crypto sports betting. Conversely, the other might seem novel if you haven’t placed lay bets before.

Lay Commission

This term refers to a specific percentage of your winnings from lay bets. Betting Exchanges make their income this way, contrasting regular bookmakers that make money from unfair odds. Nonetheless, the returns are always substantial irrespective of the lay commission.


This term refers to the money lost if your lay bet fails. For instance, let’s look at a $25 bet with odds of 3.0 (2/1). The profit and liability here will be $50 if you win the bet.


Matched betting might seem scary, but making the jump will be worth every crypto you wager. Get guaranteed wins with lay bets and make your profits in crypto sports betting. 

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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