How do You Effectively Manage Accounts Receivable ?


Accounts Receivable (A/R) deals with sales of sales made by a business from which payments are yet to be paid. Organizations use these records to arrange long-term payment plans with their customers. They also use it as a means to build up credit with customers. Appropriate management of accounts receivable has a lot of benefits to organizations – small, medium, or large.

Key Reasons Why You Need an Effective Accounts Receivable

There are several benefits a business derives from maintaining an effective account receivable. Here are some key benefits.

  • It saves time and money

In the broadest point of view, effective management of a company’s accounts receivable helps you work smarter instead of harder. This in return saves you time and money. This also has an impact on the productivity of your team because they don’t need to worry and process late payments. This liberates them to zero in on more significant and valuable tasks.

The optimization of your accounts receivable will enhance every aspect of your collections. At the point when you begin to effectively manage this aspect of your business, cash returns become quicker and more predictable. 

  • Fosters total agreement with everyone

When you use one system for every collection process, it keeps everybody in total agreement. There is no missing data or lost correspondences as everything is in the framework. This can deliver more profits when you want to move customer accounts as well as remove/add workers from the organization. Yes, it eliminates guesswork from the equation.

Every member in your team must have easy access to the whole range of information you have created for every customer; their payment histories, accounts, records, as well as remarkable business restrictions they are dealing with. 

  • It increases client loyalty  

When your business allows its customers to buy products or services with credit accounts or you permit long-term payment alternatives, you can build healthy customer loyalty. This in return will also give your business a better sales advantage. 

Keeping up with easy reference and well-coordinated accounts receivable data on every customer permits organizations to exploit these sales. Companies can build up loyalty and goodwill among their client base while permitting customers to buy in good faith. This may have a way for more deals in the future. 

6 Tips for Proper Accounts Receivable Management

When you address your accounts receivables issues, your customers will begin to pay you as scheduled. With appropriate management of your business’ accounts receivable, its revenue and cash flow will also improve. Below are some tips you can use for better accounts receivable management.

  • Begin early

If you simply sit around and wait for your customers to pay, you may wait longer. You need to come up with a system that will help you to remind your clients, especially when they have a payment to make, preferably before due time.

  • Your customers need flexibility 

You need to make your payments easy for your customers. The majority of the issues with the payment are because customers experience difficulty when they are reviewing, receiving, or understanding the invoices of a business. It can also be because the method of payment is very slow.

Wipe out those issues by setting up a framework that is simple for clients to utilize. A good solution is to use an electronic invoicing framework. This is faster and easier to use. 

  • Become more organized

To manage the accounts receivable of your business effectively, you should be organized. Get modern invoicing software so that you will have an amazing method for keeping an eye on your records. With this, your invoices will be easily delivered to your clients as flawlessly as you can expect. Strive to be more diligent in every aspect of the process.

By using cutting-edge AP automation software, AP solutions, and accounts payable automation like our cutting-edge AP solution, financial teams may increase productivity and decrease human workloads by dramatically streamlining and improving accounts payable automation operations.

  • Create easy billing procedures

Your billing procedures need to be clear. Outline an easy one. Clarity and consistency are key here. 

You should record the process to help everybody in your organization follow similar systems. Ensure that your billing process includes the following: Recordkeeping procedures, billing periods and invoicing dates, collections procedures for overdue payments, type of information to include on each invoice (for example, addresses, purchase order numbers, and so on), and periodic accounts receivable assessment and follow-up.

  • Being proactive is key

You can be more proactive when you have clear procedures all set. This is so especially with the collection of payments. It is therefore important that you come up with a process that allows you to contact a customer on the main day a payment is due. This will inform your customers about the past balance and make them have clear strides to pay.

Also, having an electronic billing and payment system is helpful. This will centralize and resolve issues relating to invoicing and payment faster. For instance, invoicing software can help you follow up with a client, automatically – especially on the first day when payment is due, then once per week, his/her account is settled. This makes things easier for your and your clients. 

  • Be professional

Regardless of the inconvenience, you may encounter while dealing with accounts receivable, you need to stay professional. You need to be cool, calm, and collected when working with the accounts receivable of your company. This makes you more efficient. Critical thinking skills may be needed with this kind of task. Stay professional and take care of business.


A quality accounts receivable is key if you want to make your customers pay on time. Keep working on it and you will be able to effectively manage it. Finally, visit to learn more about how to manage your account receiveable. 


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