How Do You Earn Bitcoins Through Surveys?

If you haven’t heard of Bitcoin in the past few years you must have been in hibernation! Bitcoin has been the sensation of the financial world and also a controversial subject and is much misunderstood by many people. Claims of ‘get rich quick by Bitcoin’ are usually to be taken with a pinch of salt, yet there is some real substance and worth to this strange yet increasingly familiar currency. So what is Bitcoin, what’s it for, and how can you earn them by completing surveys?

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin appeared on the scene a few years ago and soon gained notoriety in many ways. At first, most people thought it a scam, but in fact it is very real. It is one of many ‘cryptocurrencies’; let’s explain what that means.

When you see an article about Bitcoin you will often see a coin depicted, which you would be forgiven for thinking is what a Bitcoin looks like. In fact, there is no physical coin involved – it is all virtual. Bitcoin is traded entirely online and is a move away from traditional money. For example, there are a finite number of Bitcoin – 21 million in fact – so unlike our traditional notes and coins, no more can be added. This is attractive to investors who like the fact that the currency is limited.

However, there have been problems with Bitcoin. As there is no central bank and the currency is entirely virtual this makes it attractive to criminals who use it as it is practically impossible to trace. Also, it’s expensive. So how can the average man or woman get their hands-on Bitcoin? There are consumer surveys you can take that instead of paying in regular currency you use with Bitcoin and this idea is fast catching on with many marketers.

Finding the Right Bitcoin Surveys

The link we posted above will take you to a resource listing the best survey sites that pay in Bitcoin, and we recommend you read it thoroughly. Each one will offer different terms, so it is essential you choose one that is providing a prize that is verified.

Check for customer reviews in the first instance and be careful to read them in full, as they can be the best guide to getting the best out of Bitcoin survey sites. If you’re not familiar with surveys, you should also check them out in more detail as there is plenty to learn if you want to get the right ones.

Whatever you decide, there is no doubt that surveys do offer payment in Bitcoin although the small print is the place to go to find out what you will actually get.

More About Bitcoin

If you’re still not sure about Bitcoin you’re not alone. There is a lot of confusion and controversy surrounding it – and in fact, all cryptocurrency – but it’s fair to say most of it comes from it being very new, and a completely different concept to what we generally understand as currency.

There’s a great Bitcoin explained article at that link that will help you understand what it’s all about in simple terms, and there’s some more information on how to get into Bitcoin easily that may interest you. It might be a good idea to take the list of Bitcoin survey sites and check each one as the terms and conditions can vary greatly, and many are more lucrative than others.

Once you get into Bitcoin, you’ll be a part of an exciting new chapter in life that might make you wealthier than you are, so take care and see how it goes.


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