How do players find good online casinos and games?

The demand for digital games, gambling and online casinos has increased enormously in recent months. For inexperienced users, it is not easy to choose a provider to really get the best deal. There are fixed criteria that make it much easier to evaluate and assess providers. Check out for the best deals for casinos and sportsbooks.

Game test & experiences at a glance

Most users are interested in a practical test and a comparison of the casinos in order to decide on the best provider based on the ratings. Thus, among the Lapalingo experiences, concrete assessments can be found regarding the handling, the apps, the bonus payments and the game selection. Primarily, it is about the player experience in connection with the creation of an account. Players positively mention a clear platform and comprehensive security regarding their own data, flexible options for deposits and withdrawals as well as a broad selection of discounts and bonuses. The latter is tied to certain voucher conditions. These are the conditions that apply when it comes to paying out one’s winnings. So it is not only important to take a look at the general terms and conditions, but also to read about these conditions for the credits.

How can beginners recognise a good casino?

New customers should be able to create a customer account at a trustworthy and reputable casino without paying a cent. Often this is a so-called demo account. In this demo version of an account, every user has the chance to get an overview of the individual games, slots and live games. There are numerous tutorials in the process. These are introductory games without a deposit. Users get to know the rules and the game system and can play without money. At this point it should be mentioned that online casinos users are valid from 18 years and are never available to minors.

In principle, the casino should publish the games on the portal that the users themselves intend to play. A basic base includes the slots – the gaming machines – as well as the casino classics, such as blackjack, poker and roulette. With some providers, additional features are added, such as live games against other real opponents or sports betting and classic parlour games that can be played online.

The easiest way to decide on a legal and reputable casino is to obtain a certificate or authorisation within the EU. Every operator needs this authorisation to publish its gaming offer on the net and to offer it to customers. In 2021, there will finally be a long-awaited revision of the State Treaty on Gaming and thus the possibility of obtaining German certificates. This will enable simple regulation in the federal territory and should simplify the overview and the decision for customers. In addition, it offers the chance to enforce the strict requirements regarding player safety and the protection of users more effectively and uniformly. The providers lack loopholes for this and only have the possibility to obtain one of the coveted German certificates and licences if they meet the strict requirements.

Player Protection and Fair Play 

One of the main concerns of most users is comprehensive player protection. For example, it should be an SSL-encrypted platform where the information that is exchanged is never manipulated. At the same time, your personal data will never end up with a third party or be used for advertising purposes. It is worth taking a look at the general terms and conditions and data protection. At the same time, the best casinos in the country are committed to player protection and provide users with gambling addiction prone behaviour with addresses and telephone numbers to which those affected can turn. In addition, there is a deposit limit per day and per month, which should protect the player from losing too much.


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