How Complaints Can Destroy Your Company Beyond Recovery

One of the things that you should try as much as possible to avoid when it comes to reviews is having a negative review. A negative review entails when an individual gives you a rating lower than 3.5-stars and complains about a part or every aspect of your product and service delivery. This could be worse if this is the very first review that you are getting on the review website. You could however still be a bit safe if you have at least 4 other reviews where you got no less than 4.8-stars that were all very positive. It is worthy of note that people who might not give you any review if you had satisfactorily attended to them could look for at least 10 reviews website to complain about a grievance, especially when they tried to communicate it to your company and nothing was done to address it. Here are some of the ways that complaints can destroy your company beyond recovery.


You will lose the complainant

It is important to value every customer as a customer who came to buy a single item worth less than 10 USD could one day in the future need products worth over 10,000 USD, probably after securing a contract to supply clothes for a particular purpose. Even when this is not the case, a loyal customer would probably need to patronize you at least once every 3 months. If a customer should go all the way to leave a complaint about your business, chances are that they will never patronize you again. This is why you must always ensure customer satisfaction to keep your customers.


You will lose the referrals from the complainant

Apart from the customer’s patronage, a satisfied customer is often said to be the best marketing strategy. They will gladly tell their friends, family, acquaintances and anybody else who cares to listen about your quality products and excellent services if only you satisfy them properly. Thus, a complainer means they would also tell anybody that cares to listen about how useless and poor your products and services are.


You will lose other customers who see the complaint

Many people now understand that they have to read reviews about companies before patronizing them. In line with this, they diligently search for an average of 3 review sites from where they read about a particular company before going ahead to patronize them. A very serious complaint from one or more customers in the midst of some positive enough could be enough to turn a customer away especially if they find a competitor without any negative review.


You might never get the chance to recover from the complaint

Once most of your prospective customers are turned away by the negative review, there might never be another opportunity to recover from the complaint. If you are lucky that some other people patronize you and continue to leave a positive review for you, things might go back to normalcy over time. But if the last review left for you is a negative one and that is probably the first review people see or the last they read on your profile, they would easily patronize others considering there are many options.


The final way out might be changing your company name

If you are still a new company, you might decide to change your company name to get over the complaint and start afresh. That is if you are not discovered and linked back to the former name and complaints. However, an old company changing the name would seem like starting afresh.

Jack van der Linden is a passionate online marketer who is dedicated to providing traffic to websites and search engine optimization. Over the years, he has helped start-ups to grow, selflessly helping them to reach their potential with the understanding of their importance to the society and paying less attention to the little they can pay. This has paid off as the start-ups he has marketed for were able to survive the early stages, courtesy of his expertise and are now compensating him adequately to continue to help them grow. However, he continues to aid start-ups in getting customers for their business.


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