How Can Share Plan Management Software Help You?

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Business software serves as a cost-effective tool across companies and industries.  Automation frees employees from time-consuming activities and allows them to focus on essential tasks. It not only increases productivity, it can also translate to savings or additional revenue for the company. Using the right business software can help the company attain its goals and spur its growth.

A share plan management software is a type of business software that companies can benefit from. It works by helping businesses effectively carry out company equity distribution through profit-sharing, stock share options, or other forms. Such dedicated software not only allocates equitable benefits to employees, it also has numerous implications for employee-owned companies. 

Share Plan Management Software

An employee share plan allows workers to receive or purchase shares of the company they work for either for a retirement plan or as a profit-sharing scheme. A share plan management software aids companies in administering various forms of an employee share plan. It can be implemented using a self-administered platform such as CakeEquity which specializes in business equity management solutions. A share plan management software streamlines share plan administration and is a cost-effective solution for companies that employ various forms of employee ownership.

Benefits of Share Plan Management Software

There are several advantages to using a share plan management software, including the following:

  • Reduce Administrative Burden 

Share plan management software automates several processes related to employee equity. It allows directors to manage accounts in-house or to partner with external account managers to plan, generate reports and coordinate events such as dividend payments or broad-based option grants. 

Automated share plan administration frees HR and other departments from paperwork and other benefit-processing tasks to devote time and attention to other projects.  

  • Increase Efficiency 

A share plan management software is easily integrated into payroll and taxation processes. It easily controls share awards and participation limits. At the same time, it employs automatic tax deductions and issues local and international remittances for dividends. 

  • Improve User Experience 

An equity management software comes with a user-friendly platform that provides login access to employees. The platform provides workers with full details regarding their benefits and gives them the opportunity to exercise a sense of ownership either through elections or participation in various events.

  • Enhance Participant Engagement 

Employee ownership serves as motivators for employees to work hard and stay long enough to reap proposed benefits. It gives them a sense of accountability as well, giving them the opportunity to exert effort to forward the interests of the company.  

With the use of a share plan management software, employees are able to actively participate in the employee share process, managing their own equity. The software serves as a communication channel for administrators to share information and policy updates. The system informs personnel of any modifications and provides a venue for consultation.


Company equity, in the form of employee share plans, is beneficial for companies as it serves as an effective strategy for employee recruitment and retention. It also empowers employees to take on responsibility and ownership of the company and direct its future towards progress. 

The use of a share plan management software proves beneficial for companies that employ certain forms of employee ownership. With the use of a dedicated program, companies reduce admin burden, improve user experiences, and encourage participation. It streamlines payroll processes as it automates tax deductions and remittances for dividend distribution. More importantly, a share plan management software ensures employees take charge of the company for their benefit. 


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