How Can Cisco CCNA R&S Certification Boost Your Career in IT with Practice Tests?

Well, it’s a proven fact that Cisco is a worldwide leader in networking and cybersecurity solutions. It is also a global vendor of certifications and exams designed to validate professionals’ skills in IT. It offers credentials for newcomers, professionals and even experts, and in different domains, such as IoT, security, collaboration, wireless, design, to mention a few. One of the most popular intermediate-level badges that specialists in the networking industry can opt for is CCNA Routing and Switching.

So, let’s have a close look at it and see what bonuses it entails.


CCNA Certification Overview

Coming closer, the CCNA R&S certification ensures that networking professionals acquire fundamental skills and knowledge to troubleshoot, operate and configure Cisco routers as well as switches. Now, there are two powerful ways one can effectively get this CCNA R&S credential.

Take note that the Cisco Systems will deliver an updated consolidated CCNA exam on February 24, 2020. This doesn’t imply that you should start worrying about the already gained credential going in vain. Conversely, you can get credit for all your qualitative work performed, and if you are new to Cisco, welcome! You can receive the new CCNA certification that combines 9 previous CCNA badges in Collaboration, Cloud, Industrial, Data Center, R&S, Security, Wireless, Service Provider, and one CCDA credential.


Option 1: CCNA Composite Test

Diving deeper into the current CCNA R&S badge, in this first option a candidate performs the exam referred to as 200-125. It aims at testing candidates’ understanding of IPv6 and IPv4 routing, and LAN switching technologies, network fundamentals, infrastructure security and services. The test duration is 1 hour and a half and the questions to tackle are around 65.


Option 2: ICND1 and ICND2 Tests

Further on, instead of taking 200-125 test, you can choose to study seriously to pass two required exams, each holding a time weight of 90 minutes with the different number of questions asked: ICND1 interviews you on 45-55 items, while the second part (ICND2) tests you on 55 – 65 items. These are the two assessments:

  • 100-105 ICND1 Test – here, examiners want to find out if the striving applicant has understood the critical infrastructure services, infrastructure maintenance techniques, and essential routing technologies. 200-301 After passing this test, you can gain the CCENT certification at once.
  • 200-105 ICND2 Test – this exam aims at testing whether candidates are able to competently apply LAN and WAN technologies, routing techniques, and other crucial networking techniques to deliver the result.

As you may have already witnessed, IT credentials have the potential to advance your professional opportunities in case if chosen in a smart way. They can also be a great way of upgrading your career from one level to another. Basically, the CCNA R&S certification can boost your quality of work by proposing you the following distinct edges over your peers:


1. Competitive Advantage

By getting this great CCNA R&S certification for experienced network specialists, you are not only contributing to the personal development but also investing your resources and time to become recognized for the skill-set possessed. When applying for employment opportunities, you will always be a highly considered candidate through taking this step to upgrade your knowledge and professional competencies.


2. Flexibility in Solving Technical Difficulties

As a CCNA R&S certified professional, you become much more flexible in solving complex technical issues than your coworkers who may not be qualified enough to tackle them. This is thanks to a better grade of understanding of the fundamental concepts of Cisco routers and switches. This adaptability in addressing problems depending on the situation is exactly what needed in the networking industry.


3. Increased Levels of Productivity

By taking, for instance, a Cisco classroom training within the vendor preparation program, you are increasing your skill-set that will ultimately result in improving your productivity and services delivered. This way, you become capable of performing high-quality work regardless of your role in the team. Hence, the CCNA R&S credential equips you with a concise and competent understanding of key topics helping you to deliver highly effective and scalable networking solutions.


4. Getting Job Promotions and Salary Boosts

Many seeking applicants know that employers look for extra certifications relevant to the available specialties when giving job advancements. To this end, the CCNA R&S certification helps you land on administrative positions because passing the necessary routing and switching exams show your dedication to the work and career.

Besides, while IT badges are crucial to help you grasp an inspiring IT position, acquiring the right credentials may also extremely increase your compensation. As your skills advance, your payroll increases as well. It also means you can get paid for extra information and solutions provided through the knowledge gained by studying for and taking CCNA R&S exams.  


5. Demonstrates Strong Value of Work Ethics

Going the extra mile to pursue this CCNA certification indicates that you are passionate, determined and that you highly appreciate personal development. It demonstrates your commitment to building your team and delivering the best outcomes. When employees have the drive and initiative to expand their knowledge, it is a good sign that they will be able to provide benefit for the company and represent it well when needed.


Pass CCNA R&S Tests with Prep Materials from ExamSnap

In order to achieve the CCNA R&S credential, you must prepare well and pass the necessary exams. Above preparation with the vendor’s productive tools, remember to look at ExamSnap. It stands out as the leading platform to enjoy reliable prep materials that help candidates to get an in-depth understanding of their certifications’ key concepts.

This way, ExamSnap is widely recognized for the provision of the following valid learning tools. Let’s learn the options specifically for CCNA R&S tests:

  • Premium Practice Tests represented as vetted questions and answers for each of the CCNA R&S exams
  • Effective VCE Exam Simulator
  • Study Guides, and
  • Instructor-Led Video Courses inside Premium Bundles for all the three tests
  • Free Exam Dumps downloaded by recent tests’ passers

With such materials, your success will always be predetermined if you make sure to have covered all the exam objectives. According to the reviews done by candidates who have sat for a variety of exams, it is crystal clear that passing any IT exam with prep materials from ExamSnap always provides you with a guaranteed victory. This is because its premium materials are both developed and then verified by experts and are constantly updated.


Potential Job Opportunities

  • Senior Network Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • System Administrator

The latest research done by shows that professionals with CCNA R&S certification earn a basic salary that stands at around $77,000 per year.


In a Nutshell

There is no limit to what you can do in the IT field as long as you have the will and determination to advance your skills. Take your time to internalize the CCNA R&S tests’ content and you will be part of the next generation of innovators and inventors.

All you need to do is choosing the best option mentioned for the exams’ preparation. In this regard, the best platform to rely on for qualitative learning materials and practice tests is ExamSnap, so make a decision today and become a competent network engineer tomorrow!


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