How Business Owners Use Drones to Move Their Businesses Forward

Business Drone

There is a good chance a drone is flying in your area right now, providing services such as the CompassData control point survey. Drones have taken the business world by storm and have become a must-have commodity for many businesses. Many companies have already revolutionized the way they conduct their operations by adopting this new technology.

The drone industry is still in its infancy stage and there’s a lot of potential for growth. Drone services companies like are already assisting businesses in so many ways. They offer a safe, accessible, and cost-effective way to take aerial images and video.

Moreover, drone services make it easier to do the following: 

  • Collect and analyze data
  • Observe areas that can not be accessed so easily
  • Deliver goods and so much more

While still relatively new, the impact of the drone industry has been significant when it comes to transforming businesses. The future of drone technology is looking bright. Let’s look at the different ways in which business owners can use drone services to move their businesses forward.

Drone Videography and Aerial Imagery

With drone services, businesses can benefit from creative opportunities through aerial imagery and videography. Thanks to drones, aerial images and videos have become accessible and affordable as they had never been before. This has been especially beneficial for the entertainment and marketing industries.

Before drones, aerial footage and images were costly and not so easy to obtain. It would require scheduled flights, professional pilots, and expensive aircraft.

Today, with the help of unmanned drones, aerial images and footage are much easier to obtain, and that too at a fraction of the cost. With fewer hurdles, more businesses are using drones to create cinematic footage and breathtaking imagery.

Monitoring Construction Progress

Businesses that offer construction services can make good use of drone services. Especially because it allows them to make sure that their customers stay up-to-date on the progress of the construction work. This ensures greater satisfaction for all the parties involved.

Construction sites are usually huge and because of the nature of the work that is taking place there, the sites are always changing.

Construction firms are already partnering up with reliable drone services companies. Drone services companies work steadily with construction firms to offer their services at the construction sites. Construction firms get access to a unique perspective to share with clients and also monitor construction progress.

Safety Drone Inspections

Drone services can be used for remote inspections. It is perfectly possible to control a drone and steer it towards areas that are hard to reach. Drones can help gather data or relevant information about the safety of architectural structures such as buildings, bridges, and dams.

What makes this even better is that with a surveyor drone, there is no need to put a real person in a risky or dangerous situation. The drone can do that for you.

Moreover, using unmanned drones can reduce the time and cost needed for these tasks. Safety inspections from unique angles and perspectives can be made easier and possible.

Safety is very important to industrial worksites and all the businesses associated with that kind of work. Drones can greatly increase the accuracy of inspections while also reducing the costs and any risk factors.

Real Estate Drone Marketing

Marketing has always been an important part of the real estate industry. Drones quickly got into this market as many commercial real estate firms learned how aerial imagery can help them. Previously they had to rely on expensive aircraft like helicopters for the same thing. It was time-consuming and expensive.

Today, drone companies offer services that make it easy for real estate firms to get up-to-date imagery for a fraction of the cost. Data and images that are real and more accurate when compared to drawings and designs of architectural structures.

The unique perspective through aerial images and videos can help attract buyers or prospective customers. Who would have thought that drones could help sell homes faster? Needless to say, aerial imagery with drones can offer a much better idea of the property, surrounding area, and location. This can help grab the interest of prospective customers.

Previously, aerial photography expenses were a little too much and only commercial real estate firms seemed to be able to afford it. However, with drone services, aerial imagery has now become affordable enough to be used by the residential real estate market as well. Both industries of real estate have significantly benefited from drones.

Drone Delivery and Disaster Relief

Huge companies like UPS and Amazon have already tried delivering goods with drones as an experiment. Drone delivery is a much faster and cheaper alternative to other delivery systems. Drones have the potential to make delivery trucks a thing of the past. However, this is not yet possible because of many reasons, including legal issues and airspace restrictions.

But the agriculture industry has been far more welcoming to drones. Drone companies and farming giants have joined forces to help increase yields. Small drones that are less expensive are also being used by individual farmers to increase productivity and yields on their farms.

Drones can be used for the delivery of water, herbicides, or pesticides on the fields. With the farmer watching from yards away on a screen, drones can release their payload on a specific area with precision.

With drones, disaster relief organizations can now get relief packages delivered to those who need them. Drone services can be used to locate people that need help in areas that are not so easy to reach. Moreover, relief packages can be delivered in areas where it is not so safe for humans to travel.

Drones have already been used in emergency situations. For instance, to help extinguish fires, monitor volcanic activity, locate missing persons and assess the damage/casualties in natural disasters.

Sometimes people can be trapped in a rough area or roads may be destroyed, making it dangerous to extend resources or assistance. But drones are helping with that while also changing the way that we respond to emergency situations.

Data Mapping, Gathering, and Surveying

In recent years, drones have quickly made their way into the data mapping industry. Drone technology and services are changing the way we survey and map land.

There’s no need to collect data from the ground anymore. Drones allow us to set specific flight paths to gather precise and accurate information in real-time from the air.

Moreover, counting inventory can be very time-consuming and boring. When done by people, there is always a chance of error. But we can give this task to a drone and expect changes in inventory to be calculated timely and accurately.


The commercial drone industry has been on the rise as it provides us with new innovative opportunities. Drone services are becoming more important for many different industries around the world, providing them with new ways to move forward.

The business use-cases and value of drone services are expected to continue their growth. Despite drones being used for so many purposes in different industries, there is still room to grow. We can expect to see drones playing more roles for more businesses in the near future.


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