How Auto Trading Works?

The main thing in cryptocurrency trading is to keep an eye on the market, so you know when to hold and when to sell the cryptocurrencies. It requires the right knowledge, time and persistence but now you can also do it automatically using various auto trading platforms like The parameters set in the software will allow you to relax and sit back while your cryptocurrencies are being managed and traded automatically.

Let’s dig into the working of automated trading platforms.

What is a cryptocurrency trading bot?

In simple words, a cryptocurrency bot is a program that runs automatically to manage your digital currencies. Moreover, half of the interactions based on the internet work smoothly with the help of bots. Cryptocurrency bots are much similar to these internet bots, except both have different functions. 

There are different types of cryptocurrency bots: trend trading bots, market making bots, and arbitrage trading bots. Each holds and sells the cryptocurrency with a different strategy. Bots can also be classified by the actual exchange where they execute the buy/sell orders. So there are: Binance bots, Coinbase bots, Bitmex bots, etc. Here, for instance, you can check how to have one for Binance.

How does it Work?

Auto trading is relatively simple. Based on Artificial intelligence, auto trading platforms operate without any emotions and are less prone to error. The first thing you need to do is sign up with a trading bot and adjust your strategy. The preset condition on the auto trading platforms allows the cryptocurrency bots to trade efficiently with outstanding speed.   

Types of Trading Bots

There are two major types of trading bots: centralized and decentralized. 

Centralized Trading Bots

A centralized trading bot or an API trading bot can perform cross-trading of cryptocurrencies at other platforms. The trading bot can access your account through an API (Application Program Interface) key. These are the most common form of trading bots these days and are an excellent option for those investors who already have an account with some famous exchange.

Decentralized Trading Bots

Decentralized trading bots are automated trading bots that run on blockchain and are considered to be the safest. These trading bots don’t have to employ a website or an API; instead, they operate smart pacts on the blockchain. Thus, your financial activities are run anonymously.  

When to use Auto Trading Platforms?

If you use auto trading platforms smartly and use the cryptocurrency trading bot at the right time, then you can earn a handsome profit. To answer the question, you should use a trading bot when you believe that a particular strategy can beat the market. Another prominent reason to use trading bots is to diversify your cryptocurrency holdings.

Benefits of Auto Trading

If you got some reservations about using auto trading platforms for cryptocurrency, then take a look at its benefits:

Time Management

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and it can even change within hours. Practically, it isn’t easy to monitor the trend constantly and act promptly. However, time is managed much more efficiently with auto trading platforms. A trading bot can react to the market change much faster than human beings.

Maintain Consistency

Human beings need a break and a rest at some point. However, trading bots can constantly function and keep up with the pace of the market at all times. Bots run non-stop and execute orders that are programmed. Additionally, machines don’t have any emotion and can maintain better consistency and performance.

Paper Testing and Back-testing

If you are new to the market and want to learn cryptocurrency trading efficiently but don’t want to lose money, trading bots are your option. The trading bots conduct paper testing and back-testing to get a better insight into the historical data. It will not make you predict the future but will give you a better understanding of what strategy to apply.

Reducing Risks

Cryptocurrency investment can yield you a great profit, but there is always a sword hanging above you if things go wrong. Thus, risk analysis and reduction are very crucial in cryptocurrency trading. Automated trading platforms and bots are programmed to reduce risks. A smart move would be to run multiple trading bots to don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. 


Auto trading platforms are to assist you in driving better results from your cryptocurrency trading. It will be wrong to say that a trading bot will always beat the market because it is just a program running on algorithms.

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