How Accurate Are Tarot Readings? Do Cards Really Predict the Future?

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By Anna Miller

Perhaps you’re curious to explore the mysterious world of tarot cards to see the future or understand more about your life. But how accurate are tarot readings? Some say they are incredibly insightful; others believe they’re just for fun. 

Discover how well tarot cards can predict the future (or not) and provide you with insights about your life—whether on your own or by getting a psychic reading from Purple Garden or other reliable platforms. 

What Are Tarot Readings?

Tarot readings are card readings that use special cards to gain insights into the past, present, or future. A tarot deck typically has 78 cards, each with a unique picture that represents a special meaning. 

During a reading, a tarot reader lays out these cards in a specific pattern known as a spread. Then, the reader interprets the cards based on their positions and symbols, similar to how a palm reader draws meanings from the lines of your palm.

You might be drawn to tarot readings for many reasons, such as when you want to seek advice, understand your emotions, or find clarity in challenging situations. 

Some believe that the cards tap into a higher spiritual realm, while others see them as a tool for self-reflection and guidance. Whether taken seriously or just for fun, tarot readings have intrigued and fascinated many people—then and now.

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How Accurate Are Tarot Readings Actually?

Many people debate about how on-the-spot tarot card readings are.

Yes, it’s true that some people believe that tarot cards can provide profound insights and predictions about their lives; they see these readings as a way to tap into intuitive knowledge and other spiritual and mental aspects

On the other hand, others view tarot as a psychological tool for reflecting on thoughts and feelings rather than predicting specific future events. 

Personal experiences and real-life anecdotes suggest that some people find value and accuracy in tarot readings. Some believe more scientific backing should support their predictive power.

Ultimately, how someone views the accuracy of tarot readings often depends on that person’s belief and perspective.

Are Online Tarot Readings Accurate?

Just like face-to-face tarot readings, online tarot readings may be accurate to a certain extent, depending on several factors, such as the credibility of the website or platform offering the service, the reader’s expertise, the type of cards used, and the client’s receptivity to the reading. 

While many people find online tarot readings insightful and accurate, others may be skeptical of their validity because there is no face-to-face interaction and the potential for computer-generated responses.

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Belief in Tarot and Its Accuracy

If you ask different people, “How accurate are tarot readings?” you’ll see that their belief in these cards varies widely. Some see tarot as a powerful tool for gaining insights into their lives and future possibilities, while others remain skeptical of its accuracy. 

Those who trust in tarot decks often believe the cards can provide valuable guidance and reveal hidden truths about themselves and the world. 

However, the accuracy of tarot readings is subjective and based on various factors, such as the reader’s skill and intuition, the interpretation of the cards, and the querent’s openness to receiving guidance.

Factors Influencing Tarot Accuracy

Here are some of the factors that influence how accurate tarot readings are:

Skill and Experience of the Reader

Planning to get a reading from skilled readers with extensive experience under their belt? They’re more likely to have a deeper understanding of the tarot’s symbolism and meanings, which gives them a better shot at providing more insightful interpretations. 

Their ability to intuitively connect with the cards—as well as effectively communicate their insights—can greatly enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of your reading.

Intuition and Psychic Abilities

A tarot reader with heightened intuition may be more attuned to the subtle energies surrounding the cards, allowing them to glean deeper insights and connections. 

Psychic abilities (like clairvoyance or clairsentience) enable readers to receive intuitive messages that improve the precision and depth of the reading.

The Clarity of the Question

A clear and focused question allows the readers to channel their energy and intention more effectively, possibly leading to a more spot-on interpretation of the cards. 

If the question is vague or needs more direction, it can lead to ambiguity—instead of clarity—in the reading and lessen the accuracy of the insights provided by the cards.

Types of Tarot Spreads and Their Impact on Accuracy

Discover some of the different kinds of tarot spreads and their effect on how accurate tarot readings are.

One-Card Pulls

One-card pulls involve drawing a single tarot card to provide insight into a specific question or situation. While it seems simple, this spread can offer you concise and focused guidance, particularly when your question is clear and well-defined. 

However, its impact on accuracy may be limited compared to more complex spreads. Since one-card pulls offer a narrower perspective, they may need more depth provided by multiple cards interacting in a spread.

Three-Card Spreads

With three-card spreads, the reader draws three tarot cards to provide insight into a situation or other past, present, and future aspects. They give you a balanced and comprehensive view, allowing a deeper exploration of the dynamics at play. 

A three-card spread can sharpen a reading’s accuracy by providing a more nuanced understanding of the querent’s circumstances and potential outcomes.

Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic Cross spread is a classic (and widely used) tarot spread consisting of ten cards arranged in a specific pattern. It offers detailed insight into various aspects of the querent’s life, including past influences, present challenges, and future possibilities. 

Its comprehensive nature allows for a thorough exploration of the querent’s situation, potentially leading to greater accuracy in the interpretation and guidance provided by the cards.

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How to Accurately Read Tarot Cards By Yourself

Want to try doing your own tarot reading? Here are some tips that can boost how accurate tarot readings are using your own deck.

The More Cards, the Better

By using more cards, you will see more connections and nuances to consider. This means there’s a greater chance of getting a richer and more comprehensive interpretation.

This approach can make your reading more precise; after all, it offers you a more detailed and nuanced understanding of the energies and influences in your life.

Better Questions Lead to Better Answers

Asking straightforward, specific questions is vital if you’re determined to read tarot cards more accurately, as the answers will give you a focused direction for the reading. Well-formulated questions enable readers like you to channel their intuition more effectively and interpret the cards more precisely. 

Is the querent (in this case, you) seeking guidance about the best path while facing a crossroads? Or are you asking for advice on how to avoid making a bad decision about a certain situation?

By framing straightforward, concise, and meaningful questions (in your mind), you can facilitate a clearer and more insightful tarot reading.

Make Sure You’re in the Right Frame of Mind

To read tarot cards more accurately, you must ensure you’re in the right frame of mind by keeping yourself calm and focused. Clear those mental distractions, then center yourself to build a deeper connection with the cards and make your insights more intuitive. 

Approach the reading with openness, receptivity, and a positive attitude. This can improve your skill and precision as a reader by forging a stronger connection to the cards and their symbolism.

Readings Are Possibilities, Not Facts

When reading tarot cards, remember that readings showcase possibilities rather than definitive facts. Embracing this perspective allows you to get a more open interpretation of the cards as you acknowledge the fluid nature of future events. 

By viewing tarot readings as guides for potential paths and outcomes rather than fixed predictions, readers like you can offer more nuanced and insightful guidance to the querent (or in this case, your own imagined questions).

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How to Judge the Quality of Your Tarot Reader

If you’re open to getting live tarot readings from a professional psychic, these are some simple metrics you can use to gauge the quality of your tarot reader.

Their Energy

A skilled reader typically exudes calm, confidence, and authenticity, creating a comfortable and receptive atmosphere for querents like you. The reader’s ability to tune into your energy—as well as provide insightful interpretations that resonate with your unique situation—will determine how satisfying the reading is.


Confident readers show that they believe in their own abilities and interpretations; this assures clients like you that they’re trustworthy experts when it comes to tarot cards. Their confidence should inspire a sense of reassurance and credibility, which will give you a better reading experience.

They Don’t Put on Airs

Observe whether your tarot reader remains authentic and genuine throughout the reading without putting on airs or pretenses. A down-to-earth and approachable reader fosters a comfortable and trusting environment for clients so they can have a more meaningful exchange.

By staying true to themselves and their practice, humble yet skilled tarot readers can establish a stronger rapport with querents (such as yourself) and deliver insightful interpretations with integrity.

They Find Nuance and Subtlety in the Cards

A talented reader can discern intricate connections and layers of symbolism within the cards, providing depth and richness to your reading. Their capacity to uncover hidden truths—and offer nuanced guidance—highlights their expertise while enhancing your tarot experience.

They Deliver the Reading Thoughtfully

A well-rounded tarot reader thoughtfully delivers the reading, considering your emotions and concerns. The psychic must approach each reading with empathy and sensitivity, creating a supportive space where querents like you are free to explore their questions. This shows that the reader is committed to granting a meaningful and respectful reading experience.

Sensible Guidance

A proficient reader offers practical and actionable advice that aligns with your circumstances and goals. They demonstrate a deep understanding of the cards’ symbolism and how they apply to real-life situations.

The guidance from trusted psychics should empower querents such as yourself to make informed decisions and navigate life’s challenges with clarity and confidence.

It Feels Right

Judging a tarot reader’s quality ultimately boils down to how the reading feels for you. A skilled reader creates a comfortable and intuitive connection with each querent, fostering a sense of trust and resonance throughout the session. 

When the reading feels right and resonates with the querent’s intuition, it proves the reader’s ability to deliver insightful and meaningful interpretations.

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Where Can You Find an Accurate Tarot Reading?

To soothe your concerns about how accurate tarot readings are, you can turn to the best online psychic platforms featuring expert tarot readers near you.

1. Purple Garden

Purple Garden offers a user-friendly app for tarot readings featuring a wide range of experienced psychics. Aside from comparing the readers’ ratings and profiles, you can also pick the chat duration. The platform provides real-time video, voice, and chat readings—granting you flexibility and convenience while seeking accurate and personalized tarot insights.

Thanks to all these benefits, it’s not surprising that one Reddit user on r/psychicsonline counts Purple Garden as one of the best psychic reading sites online.

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2. Keen

Keen is a well-established platform known for its extensive network of professional tarot readers. Through its detailed profiles and user reviews, Keen allows clients like you to choose the best reader for your needs, making it easier for you to have a trustworthy and customized tarot reading experience.

To illustrate, a Trustpilot reviewer was impressed with the amazingly accurate guidance her Keen advisor gave her about family matters.

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3. Kasamba

Kasamba stands out thanks to its diverse selection of tarot experts, who are available 24/7 for a voice call, chat, and email reading. The platform generously gives introductory discounts for new users, making it an accessible option if you’re interested in exploring tarot readings without shelling out a hefty investment off the bat.

One user praises Kasamba in his Trustpilot feedback, saying that most of the psychics in the network are consistent with their readings.

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4. Everclear

Everclear offers a unique approach by combining tarot readings with life coaching. The platform provides you with personalized, one-on-one guidance from vetted advisors. This way, you will receive not only tarot insights but also practical advice to navigate your life’s challenges smoothly.

In one Trustpilot review, a user shares that he had a very good session, with the Everclear psychic providing helpful information.

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FAQs About Tarot Readings

Got more questions about tarot cards? Take a peek at our answers to these popular questions online.

How Are Tarot Readings So Accurate?

Tarot readings are usually accurate because you and the reader can interpret the meaning of the symbols in such a way that relates to your circumstances and feelings.

Do Tarot Cards Tell the Future?

Tarot cards are often used to gain insight into potential future outcomes, but their ability to predict specific events is disputed. Can they actually tell you what will happen in the future? Well, it’s really up to your interpretation, belief system, and personal experience. 

Many believe that tarot readings can offer glimpses into future possibilities—based on the symbolism and patterns of the cards; others think they reflect current energies and psychological states rather than offering precise forecasts.

How Accurate Are Zodiac Tarot Readings?

Zodiac tarot readings have the potential to be more focused and precise. After all, they’re meant not just for a general audience but are fine-tuned according to your zodiac sign, which matches the astronomical constellations.

How Accurate Are Collective Tarot Readings?

Collective tarot readings are not very likely to be on target. These readings tend to be quite vague since they’re usually written to be relatable for a general audience, not for individuals.

How Accurate Are Tarot Readings on Reddit?

The Reddit community has different opinions about the preciseness of tarot readings. While some consider it only as entertainment, several Reddit users say that they can often relate to tarot readings and that they’re accurate.

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Final Thoughts on How Accurate Are Tarot Readings

Tarot readings have long captivated the human imagination—offering a mystical window into the past, present, and future. Despite centuries of practice, the question of their accuracy continues to intrigue both believers and skeptics alike. 

So, how accurate are tarot readings? While some swear by the insights gained from the cards, others remain wary of their predictive power. The quest to understand the tarot’s accuracy reminds us of the enduring allure and enigmatic nature of this ancient divination practice.

Perhaps the best way to answer this question for yourself is to give it a try; you can perform your own reading or seek guidance from Purple Garden or other online psychic services to see how accurate tarot readings are.

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