How a Personal Injury Lawyer Will Fight Your Insurance Company


Many people take insurance policies to cover damages and losses from personal injuries like car accidents. 

But the truth is that insurance companies are in the business of making a profit. Paying for claims causes them to lose money, so they use every possible method to make your claim invalid.

These companies have a special team of experts and insurance adjusters who will shift the blame on you to save compensation money.

Due to this, you have to fight the insurance companies in most cases.

The good news is that you are not alone in this fight. A personal injury lawyer can help represent your case and negotiate on your behalf to seek fair compensation.

All you need to do is find the best personal injury law firm in your area to hire a good lawyer.   

To know more about how a personal injury attorney will fight the insurance company, keep reading.

Objective of the Insurance Company


The main objective of an insurance company is to handle claims quickly and settle them for as little money as possible. They make decisions by focusing on their profit and don’t really care about your injuries.

Insurance adjusters actively aim to:

  • Save money for their company
  • Persuade claimants to accept lower settlement offers
  • Look for any information that might weaken your claim, aiming to reduce or deny payment

An experienced personal injury lawyer understands the tactics employed by insurance adjusters and can help deal with them on your behalf. 

What Damages Does the Insurance Company Cover?

According to the American Bar Association (ABA), the recoverable damages you can claim include:

  • Medical, therapy, and rehab expenses
  • Physical impairment and disfigurement
  • Property damage estimates or values
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering
  • Mental and emotional distress
  • Short-term and long-term income loss
  • Loss of your future earning capacity

Your attorney will guide you in gathering the necessary documents and organizing them into a case file. For more complex cases, having legal assistance is invaluable.

Tricks Insurance Companies Use to Fight Your Personal Injury Claim


Insurance companies use various tactics to challenge your injury claim. Here are some common strategies used by insurance adjusters:

1. Pressuring for quick settlements

They may push you to accept a speedy settlement offer, hoping to prevent you from consulting with a lawyer or understanding the full extent of your damages. Quick settlements could result in you releasing all claims, even unknown future ones.

2. Requiring medical records release or statements

Some insurers may insist on obtaining a declaration or a medical records realization before you register a claim. Remember, you don’t have to sign anything or provide statements without consulting a personal injury attorney, as they can use the information against you.

3. Exploiting hesitance in medical treatment

Insurance companies might exploit delays in seeking medical supervision to argue that your injuries are forged or unrelated to the accident. Seek medical attention promptly after car accidents and report all symptoms, no matter how minor, to prevent such claims.

4. Shifting blame onto you

They may try to shift blame onto you to reduce the compensation they owe. If they suggest you share fault, contact a personal injury lawyer instantly, as your remarks could be contorted to allege proximate guilt.

5. Undervaluing medical bills

Be wary if an insurance firm purchases a medical lien you consented to with your healthcare providers at a discounted cost. This could lead to undervaluing your entire financial losses, impacting the compensation for your pain and suffering.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Will Fight the Insurance Company?


A personal injury attorney will use various tactics to fight for your rights and secure fair compensation when dealing with insurance companies. Here’s how they can help you:

1. They will investigate the case thoroughly

The lawyer will start immediately with the investigation process to collect evidence to make your case strong. They will collect all the medical records, accident reports, and witness statements on your behalf. All this information will strengthen your case and will make the negotiation process easier.  

2. The lawyer will document your case

The documentation process can be complicated, and in most cases, we don’t really know what to do. However, a lawyer will document your case perfectly by compiling all the documents of your injuries, damages, and associated costs. This detailed record will help you present a strong case to the insurance company.

3. They will communicate on your behalf

Your personal injury lawyer will handle all the communication with the insurance company on your behalf. This will prevent you from sharing any information that will make your case weak. They are experts and can easily find loopholes, but your lawyer will not give them any details to use against you. 

4. Your lawyer will deal with the negotiations

The negotiation process with the insurance company can be very overwhelming as they will offer you very little money. However, your attorney has the knowledge of the law and experience dealing with car accidents. They can easily engage in negotiations with the insurance company and will aim to secure a fair settlement that will cover all the current and future damages. 

5. They will evaluate the settlement offer

After negotiation, the insurance will give you a settlement offer. It contains all the legal terms and can be difficult to comprehend. Your lawyer will check the entire offer and even read the fine print. They will assess whether the offer aligns with the full extent of your damages. And, if it is not, they will negotiate for a more decent offer.

6. Your lawyer will fight for maximum compensation

The personal injury lawyers will advocate for your best interests so that you get the maximum compensation. They will consider all aspects of your losses, including medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and more, to come up with the right compensation amount. 

7. They will prepare for litigation

If the negotiations don’t seem to work, your lawyer will escalate the matter to litigation. It involves filing a lawsuit and presenting your case in court. They will fight for your rights against the insurance company in a court of law. 

8. The lawyer will offer you the right advice

Personal injury lawyers have in-depth knowledge of all the laws and regulations. They will use it to give you the right advice on how to deal with and communicate with the insurance company. The lawyer will inform you about all their tactics to prepare you for the case. 

9. They will protect your against unfair tactics

Insurance companies may use various tactics to minimize the payout for your injury. Your lawyer has all the necessary experience to deal with these tactics and protect your rights. 


This is how your personal injury attorney will fight the insurance company to help you win the case. Dealing with the insurance adjusters on your own can be very complicated. They will use all the possible ways to intimidate you for their own benefit. So, it is important to hire a lawyer to deal with all the procedures in the beginning. This way, you can concentrate on your recovery while the lawyer will fight for you. 


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