How a motivational speaker can transform your next event

Planning a business event can feel like a daunting prospect, even for established business leaders. This is for good reason: the evening’s legacy can shape your business life dramatically in the short and mid-term future.

Pull off an impressive show-stopper and you could find clients are queuing at the door. Equally, lacklustre events can negatively impact your company’s reputation. For more and more event planners, a professional speaker is becoming the go-to secret ingredient for effortlessly impressive events.


Instant charisma

All great events need a charismatic host – someone able to capture the attention of the audience and anchor everyone to a sense of shared purpose. It is possible to achieve this effect yourself – but you might need to fail before you fly.

The art of charismatic speaking is a skill that needs to be carefully honed, just like any other. Booking a professional means you can expect a high standard right from the beginning.


Harness the power of disruption

Motivational experts understand the power of disruption: how to ride unexpected waves and morph them into a force of good. Host bureau Speakers Corner recently staged an event around this very topic, where three very different speakers shared stories of embracing uncertainty and testing their limits.

Speaking at the event, host and BBC Business Live presenter Sally Bundock said:

“Tonight is all about coming out of your comfort zone, because to be seen, heard, recognised as a high achiever, some would say we have to be a little bit more courageous; we have to step out into the unknown.

“The doubts, the knock-backs, the obstacles, the challenges – we have to take it all on to truly find out what we are capable of.”

The event was a tantalising taste of the many types of speakers event planners can book, ranging from uninhibited world record holders to economic experts and sporting legends.

“The idea is that they challenge you to take the next step, to prosper in a time of great uncertainty,” Bundock explained.


Capitalise on positivity

A major benefit of booking a motivational speaker lies in the financial value of positivity. Sure, it is possible to pull off a business event with a standard host, but the emotive effects are so much more powerful when your host is a motivational master.

Whether for yourself, your employees or the general health of the organisation, there are many benefits in harnessing positivity in business. You might be planning a big restructure or gearing up for a period of expansion during which your teams will need to switch up a gear to keep momentum. Or, maybe your executive team could benefit from inspirational stories to drive innovation.

Happy and motivated prospective clients may be more likely to invest and we are all able to capitalise on the so-called ‘happiness advantage’, whereby a dose of positivity in the present can raise future performance by as much as 31 percent.

In the end, all these effects convert into capital. Once a quirky and unusual addition to events calendars, today event planners are coming to view motivational speakers as a tactical essential that makes great business sense.


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