How 7 Small Businesses were boosted with SEO Services during the Pandemic?

SEO Services during the Pandemic

By Manuela Willbold

The Covid-19 pandemic and government regulations that came with it have caused many small businesses in the UK to be creative to keep their operations going. Only being able to offer limited service options has led to losses and financial difficulties.

However, some business owners realised the potential of digital marketing and smart SEO strategies as more customers moved online, making the internet the biggest marketplace where only the highest ranking business on popular search engines like Google or Bing manage to attract their customers.

With the below business examples, you discover the potential of online marketing and local SEO campaigns for digital enterprises.

1. ClickDo


ClickDo, a digital marketing agency in London, lost SEO clients as they cut their losses by pausing their SEO projects. The team then decided to focus more on other SEO services like link building, guest posting and press publications for clients to appeal to new customers. They focused on publishing relevant blog content that was SEO-optimized to rank client websites and their own business website higher on search engines for the desired keywords. For example, the ClickDo Make Money Online Guide now ranks in top positions in SERPs for high traffic keywords like “make money from home”. This generates more leads that could introduce a potential customer for the digital marketing services. Running paid Google Ads and targeting customer groups that were still performing well during the pandemic helped to achieve more conversions. These adapted marketing and SEO strategies helped them to continue with their business operations while avoiding significant losses.

  • Employees: around 20
  • Products/services: digital marketing, SEO, web design, media & publication services.
  • Best SEO & marketing strategies: organic traffic generation, paid Google Ads

2. Quick Wasters

Quick Wasters

Quick Wasters handles eco-friendly waste removal in and around London and was hit with a reduced number of enquiries during the pandemic from private households as well as from corporate clients like McDonalds and shopping centres. They got their website up to date with covering the latest government health & safety guidelines, explaining how their services are compliant. They also published blog posts around the topic to reassure their customers that their services remained safe. Because more people searched for non-contact services on search engines, they targeted more related keywords, also for their paid Google Ads. They also published more social media posts related to non-contact services they offer to create awareness. They managed to gain their customers trust and their enquiries slowly increased again after restrictions eased.

  • Employees: 15 employees
  • Products/services: providing rubbish clearance services with eco-friendly methods.
  • Best SEO & marketing strategies: organic traffic generation, updated web content, social media posts.

3. Express Waste Removals

Express Waste Removals

Express Waste Removals offer green home and garden, office and builders’ waste collection services to residents and business in London. Their rubbish collection services include recycling heavy, bulky, small, and large items, pieces of furniture, electrics, IT appliances and more. During the lockdowns they decided to focus more on trending topics like recycling, upcycling, and offering safe non-contact services to reduce infection risks. They updated their website content and published articles highlighting the advantages of professionals dealing with junk removals during a national lockdown. After their website ranked higher for search terms like “recycling” their enquiry rates went up again.

  • Employees: 12 employees
  • Products/services: providing rubbish clearance and recycling services for bulky items.
  • Best SEO & marketing strategies: SEO optimized web content, updated and trending blog posts.

4. SeekaHost


SeekaHost, a London based web hosting company, was hit hard financially when the first lockdown hit, as clients paused or cancelled their web hosting packages. The company responded by investing in more affordable and modern web hosting solutions like private blog network hosting with the SeekaHost App and the Minecraft game server hosting for avid gamers as this was an upwards trend during the pandemic. They discovered popular search terms with SEO tools and realized that Minecraft gaming and blogging were on the rise. So they designed web content targeting bloggers and gamers looking for a fast and easy way to host and manage their blogs or game servers. Increased sales followed after the websites ranked higher for related keywords on search engines while they also used some paid Google Ads.

  • Employees: around 16 employees
  • Products/services: web hosting services and solutions.
  • Best SEO & marketing strategies: SEO target audience research, SEO optimized website creation and content.

5. All Junk Removal

All Junk Removal

All Junk Removal, a same-day rubbish removal company that also operates as a recycling company, focused on the topic of pollution and waste management through its expert recycling services. The company served many corporate clients before the pandemic such as McDonalds and Pizza Hut. After the first lockdown, these restaurants opened up again with delivery services and the team understood that they had to share more information about their corporate junk collection services on their blog and by targeting other food delivery services through their paid Google Ads and social media posts. After the first lockdown more corporate client enquiries slowly started coming in again.

  • Employees: 12 employees
  • Products/services: same-day rubbish clearance and recycling services for households and businesses.
  • Best SEO & marketing strategies: SEO optimized blog content, targeted paid Google Ads and social media posts.

6. London Rubbish Removal

London Rubbish Removal

London Rubbish Removal provides expert junk removal services, offering alternatives to skip hire. During the pandemic they started highlighting that they donate reusable items from their collections to UK charities through press releases, in which they also outlined their adapted policies with regards to the new health & safety government guidelines. With this effective PR along with updated website and blog content they reassured their customers of their safe community services, which helped to appear in more search queries, leading to a rise of their overall service enquiries.

  • Number of employees: 11 employees
  • Products/services: man with a van rubbish removals and recycling services for private and corporate clients.
  • Best SEO & marketing strategies: press releases, updated web content.

7. Top Wasters

Top Wasters

Top Wasters feature a vast man and van network guaranteeing exceptionally speedy waste removal services at affordable prices. The company utilized the growing trend of green living, showcasing that they are certified by the environment agency as a waste carrier, broker, and dealer in their website content and guest posts. On their blog and in guest articles they shared more information on rubbish sorting, separating, and recycling and through press releases they informed a wider audience about their same-day collection services as during the lockdowns people were often relocating. This led to their website appearing in more related search results and ranking higher for relevant search terms like “same-day rubbish removal”, through which the number of enquiries steadily climbed again after the first lockdown.

  • Number of employees: 20 employees
  • Products/services: same-day man and van rubbish removal and recycling services for private and corporate clients.
  • Best SEO & marketing strategies: press releases, SEO optimized web content for organic traffic generation.

The internet has become a hugely important marketplace, especially during the pandemic and businesses had to adapt to this change. The examples above show the difference SEO and marketing campaigns can make in difficult economic times and how any business owner can use them for their business too. Improve your business performance online with more effective and targeted SEO and marketing for the best outcomes.

About the Author

Manuela Willbold

Manuela Willbold, I am an Online Media & PR Strategist at ClickDo Ltd. & SeekaHost Ltd. and a Copywriter and Educator by Passion. I am also an editor in chief of many Education News, Business News and Lifestyle Blogs. I have completed a journalism summer course at the London School of Journalism and teach SEO content writing at the SeekaHost University.



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