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Fans planning on watching a Houston Astros game wouldn’t want to leave for the stadium without learning a thing or two about Houston Astros parking and getting a parking pass too. The Houston-based US professional baseball team competes in MLB as an AL West Division member. As a new season dawns on the team and its ardent fans, it is crucial for those looking forward to attending the games to pre-purchase a parking pass.

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The Houston Astros were founded in 1962 as an NL expansion team called the Houston Colt .45s. They played their home games in the Colt Stadium (1962-1964) and Astrodome (1965-1999) before moving to Minute Maid Park in 2000. Since its inception, the team has won one World Series title, three AL Pennants, one NL Pennant, four AL West Division titles, and three NL West Division titles.

The Astros’ home stadium, Minute Maid Park, is located at 501 Crawford Street, Houston, Texas. It is a 41,168-capacity retractable roof stadium featuring 63 luxury suites and 5,197 club seats. If you wish to see the home games of the Astros, you should find a Houston Astros parking spot at the ballpark before the game day.

Advance planning is the key to getting an affordable and convenient parking space at an Astros game. There are several parking structures near the ballpark offering approx. 25,000 spaces for fans to park their cars. We recommend pre-booking if you want to ensure that you get a spot on your game day. Booking online in advance also lets you save money as parking rates are usually discounted there.

The Houston Astros garage parking and open-air parking lots situated a few steps from the ballpark are the Diamond Lot, Lot A, B, C, D, and E. They are accessible from different entrances and directions so that fans can find the closest convenient spot while entering the venue. This will be the area to look if you’re searching for VIP or Houston Astros club parking.

Accessible Houston Astros parking spaces are available at the on-site parking facilities (Diamond Lot and Lot A) on a first-come, first-served basis. Fans with disabilities can also find limited ADA street parking spots in the vicinity. All vehicles accessing these spots should own a valid state-issued parking license plate, permit, or placard. Parking attendants will be there to guide you if you need any assistance finding an empty spot or getting to the venue from the lot.

Those looking for affordable parking don’t need to worry as there are several parking structures within a short walking distance from the ballpark. If you want to reduce your parking costs and have no problem walking ten to twenty minutes to the ballpark, these self-parking lots and garages are great alternatives. You’ll not only get cheap parking spots but also covered and valet parking options.

Check out 314 La Branch Street- Garage, 870 Clay St. (1400 Travis St) Church Lot, 916 Dallas St- Courtyard- Valet Garage, 703 Fannin St- Star Garage, 1415 Travis St- Filly Lot, 1515 San Jacinto St- Athens Hotel Lot, 111 Travis St- Dooley Lot, and 803 Fannin St- Parking Garage. These facilities are available for $5 to $15 per space on a regular game day. You can check for any price updates online and secure one if they work for you.

Tailgating is one of the activities that make watching an MLB game even more exciting for fans! Sadly, that isn’t applicable for the on-site Houston Astros parking lots as they do not permit tailgating. However, you can still have a fun time with your friends by visiting the nearby bars and grabbing some drinks and snacks. Check out the Rec Room, HTC Fan Tavern, Home Plate Bar & Grill, Biggio’s, The Press Box Bar, Eighteen Twenty Lounge, and Jackson Street BBQ, located just a few minutes away from the Astros ballpark.

Fans looking for public transportation to the park should find that METRO is the best and the most affordable option. You can use either buses or rail to get to the ballpark on a game day. The Red Line stops at Preston Station, which is six blocks away from the venue. On the other hand, the Green and Purple Lines stop at Convention District Station, which is a few-minute walk away from the park. You can also take a rideshare or a taxi cab to reach the venue conveniently.

The Houston Astros are among the best and the strongest teams in Major League Baseball, with a rabid fanbase following them everywhere. Therefore, you can expect packed arenas whenever their games are on. Some of the most popular matches that attract thousands of fans every season are those between the Astros and the Los Angeles Angels, Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers, and New York Yankees.

Houston Astros parking passes are available online at various reliable platforms. Those purchasing one for the first time should research the websites they’re resorting to find the best options. Also, comparing two to three sites should help you find the best prices for the specific parking passes you wish to purchase. Since buying parking passes online has become a popular practice among ardent fans, we suggest making haste if you have an upcoming game to attend.

Houston Astros VIP Parking

Houston Astros VIP parking is a premium parking option exclusive to a few people who can secure it on time. With one of these passes in your hand, you’d have a reserved space at one of the venue’s nearest parking facilities, plus the opportunity to relish luxurious amenities and services. VIP parking passes are popular and high in demand, so make sure to book quickly if you wish to get your hands on them.

How Much Does Houston Astros VIP Parking Cost?

Fans can expect to spend $40 and above on a Houston Astros VIP parking ticket because of their exclusivity and limited nature. The VIP parking rates are subject to change depending on the game type, the opponents, and whether the game is on a weekday or weekend, among other factors. But you’ll be able to secure one at the best price if you look early.

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