Hiring a Headhunter – What to Expect

Hiring a Headhunter

Hiring a headhunter is no different to hiring any other type of service. You offer up the specifications of what you need, prices are agreed, and a service is rendered. The process is only as complicated as you make it. The headhunting companies are very good at making you comfortable and helping you use their service. It is the companies that try to rush you and fluster you with esoteric words that you should be wary of. 

Expect An Online Experience 

The way we do business over the internet has changed quite a few things, including our ability to access previously difficult to find services. Nowadays, we are seeing small TikTok influencers hiring marketing companies, PR companies and even recruiters and headhunters. They are able to do this because the buying process is far easier, and because these higher tier business services are far easier to find. At the very least, your initial contact will be over the internet. 

Avoid The Bad Recruiters 

After a while, you will hopefully find a good recruiter that you can work with over the long term. After a while, you will also notice the tell-tale signs of a bad headhunter or recruiter. Here are a few signs that something is amiss.

  • They have catchphrases like “I under promise and over deliver.” 
  • Your recruiter doesn’t consider salary negotiations 
  • They say they have “Years of experience” without any proof at all 
  • Your headhunter always seems too busy to help you 
  • The headhunter doesn’t seem to care if the candidates get the job 
  • They offer very little value and seem to be trawling LinkedIn for candidates 

The Headhunter Works for You and the Candidate 

With this in mind, if the candidate seems well prepared and seems to be a good fit, then there is a good chance that the headhunter has taken care of that person. This is a good sign. The headhunter should only be paid if the candidate gets the job. 

Some people use headhunters as an extra layer of HR processing, and that is not a bad thing. Using headhunters allows them to weed out the unsuitable candidates before you see the potential employee. You may not hire the people that the headhunter sends, but one would assume that your success rate would be higher when you interviewing candidates sent by a headhunter. 

Conclusion – Finding a Good Recruiter is Difficult 

Ideally, you need to look for a headhunter to work with over the long term. It is far easier to use a headhunter when you have a relationship with them already. 

They know what you want, you know what you are going to get, and life gets a lot easier when you both work in harmony. Search for the best headhunters, try them out, get to know them, and work with the ones that serve you the best and understand your needs to best. You can find the Eagle head hunting company here if you have any other questions about headhunting and the recruitment process.


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