Heater Pro X Reviews – Can Mini-Heater Save Money?

Heater Pro X Reviews

Heater Pro X Overview

The Heater Pro X is a mobile heater that plugs into the wall socket. What distinguishes this product from other electric heaters is its small size. This is roughly comparable to a night light that is plugged into the socket. Because of the small size, it may be possible for you to use the mobile heater also:

  • in the office
  • on holiday or
  • the garage

to use. If there is a functioning socket, the Heater Pro X can be put into operation at any time. For easy reading of the settings, the mini heater has a digital display. The temperature settings and the timer are embedded in the display. This product is suitable for personal space inside rooms. (Because of the extensive research, the author has allowed himself to use affiliate links. This means that the author receives a small commission when the product is sold without the price changing for you).

Heater Pro X Quality

There is currently no independent test report or comparison of several products available for the Heater Pro X, as is usual with Stiftung Warentest. Nevertheless, the risk you take with your purchase is rather manageable. You have two weeks to make up your own mind about the quality. If you have any doubts about the quality or workmanship of the materials, you can return the products within 14 days of delivery. If the device is not powerful or quiet enough, you can use your right of exchange and get your money back. Another positive aspect is that the manufacturer is based in the USA. There, the barriers to taking legal action against sellers are much lower, so most companies have a vested interest in not offering inferior quality or potentially dangerous products. For more information and a discounted price, check out the product website here!

Known FAQ about this product

  • Q: How is the Heater Pro X supplied with power?
  • A: The Heater Pro X belongs to the electric heaters and is connected directly to the socket. Compared to other heaters, the mobile heater fits on the socket and takes up only a very small space.
  • Q: Is the Heater Pro X quiet?
  • A: The manufacturer sells the mini-heater as low-noise and states the volume during operation at about 45 decibels. This volume should not disturb either the occupants or the neighbours.
  • Q: What is the power of the mobile heater?
  • A: The heater has an output of 350 watts. In principle, it is therefore possible to use the Heater Pro X in combination with a multiple plug. The maximum power in watts is usually shown on the back.
  • Q: Does the mobile heater have a timer?
  • A: The 350-watt heater has a built-in timer with 12 settings. Values between one and twelve hours can be set in 1-hour intervals. After this time has elapsed, the mobile heater switches off automatically.
  • Q: Does the Heater Pro X have a digital display?
  • A: There is a digital display on the front. On it you can read the current settings and the temperature. The timer can also be found there.
  • Q: Does the Heater Pro X have a European plug?
  • A: In the manufacturer’s online shop, buyers can choose between a North American and European plug. It is therefore not necessary to purchase an adapter for this product.
  • Q: Is the temperature of the Heater Pro X adjustable?
  • A: The temperature can be adjusted using the two buttons on the display. These are simply labelled Temp + and Temp -. The display shows the current temperature as a digital display.
  • Q: Does the mobile heater have an anti-tilt feature?
  • A: The manufacturer states that the 350-watt Heater Pro X has an anti-tilt protection. If the device falls out of the socket or with a multiple plug to the floor, the automatic switch-off is supposed to take place.

General Heater Pro X customer reviews

Plug the mobile heater into the socket, switch it on and the room warms up. That’s how simply the Heater Pro X works, according to the information provided by the manufacturer on this product. In reality, there are some requirements to be met for the 350-watt heater. This starts with the size of the room. Due to its handy size, the mobile heater is only suitable for rooms up to a total size of 12 m². In larger rooms, several of the plug-in heaters would have to be distributed accordingly in order to notice the heat in the entire room. The number of sockets is often limited, so this option is not available in all rooms. It is therefore advisable to measure the room beforehand and consider whether the Heater Pro X is a suitable alternative to a classic radiator or not.

The majority of previous buyers of this product are satisfied with the handy heater. In the comments, there is also another intended use. People who stay in holiday flats or guesthouses recommend the Heater Pro X if the local heaters do not start or do not get as warm as desired. If there is a fireplace that the holidaymakers do not want to use, the mobile heater is said to have proven itself as an alternative to the classic heater in this case as well. Negative voices about the product tend to criticise the constant occupation of a socket. However, this would also be needed for other electric heaters. It is therefore advisable to consider whether or not a socket can be dispensed with in the room before buying. Visit this product website to see more customer reviews!

What problems can I tackle with this mobile heater?

The intended uses for the mobile heater with 350-watt power can be divided into use for:

  • Home
  • workplace and
  • on the road

on the road. Each of these uses is closely linked to a specific target group. In the home use, the Heater Pro X is aimed at both property owners and tenants. While it is common in new buildings to find radiators in all rooms from the attic to the basement, hobby rooms often lack additional heating. Products like this mobile heater for the socket warm up the room without having to invest high costs for the installation of a heating system in these rooms. In addition, the Orbit Heater is suitable as a replacement heater should radiators be defective. If you don’t necessarily want to call a plumber in the evening or at the weekend, you can use the mini heaters to heat rooms such as bedrooms and children’s rooms until the next working day.

In workplace use, the Heater Pro X also pays off for office rooms that are draughty or difficult to heat. To prevent employees from freezing, the mobile heaters can be quickly distributed to the offices concerned. The cost savings are a consideration in favour of this alternative over changing the radiators. The third target group includes people who like to travel or who travel by motor home. If the temperatures are surprisingly cool, the mobile heater in the caravan can create a cosy atmosphere. Travellers who are sensitive to air conditioning in hotels can still warm up the room to pleasant temperatures with the small radiator.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a mobile heater?


  • Can be used at any socket
  • Suitable for taking along on holiday
  • Temperature individually adjustable
  • Additional functions such as timer
  • No installation costs


  • Electricity costs
  • Only suitable for smaller rooms

The advantages of a mobile heater start from day one. Nothing more than a functioning socket is required to put the heater into operation. The functionality of the mini-heaters should work just as well in the cellar as in flats or mobile use in the camping car. For this reason, these products are also suitable for taking along on holidays or business trips. Functions such as timers can be used to set the plug-in heaters so that you do not have to switch them off yourself. All in all, most users attach importance to simple operation. However, not all devices have reached the smart age yet, so you have to set many of the products manually.

A disadvantage is the low heat output in larger rooms. However, most manufacturers are very open about this fact so that you can quickly make comparisons up to which size the available products are suitable. The electricity costs should also not be forgotten. With 350 watts of power, the frequent use of a mobile heater such as the Heater Pro X can definitely make itself felt on the next annual electricity bill.

Where can I buy Heater Pro X online?

The original Heater Pro X is offered for sale via the dealer’s online shop. The purchase is made directly from the manufacturer so that it is impossible to receive a counterfeit product. However, there is another advantage associated with the purchase. On the product’s website, buyers have the option of choosing a US or European mains plug. This means that the device does not need an adapter and you can try out right away whether the mobile heater is really as quiet as promised.

You can also freely select the number of devices. If family members or friends would also like to try out the Heater Pro X, it is also possible to place a joint order. A discount campaign is not currently offered. However, you can get a discount in the form of a voucher code. You can redeem the code in the shopping basket of the shop. To pay for the ordered goods, you have the following options:

  1. credit card payment and
  2. PayPal

to choose from. You also have the option of free or express delivery. With express shipping, the delivery is also insured against theft. In return, however, you will be charged for this form of shipping. Here to the product website to see the discounted prices!

Heater Pro X technical details

  • Mobile heater with digital temperature display
  • Electric heater with mains plug
  • Temperature setting on the front of the unit
  • Timer with 12 settings
  • Safety switch
  • Automatic switch-off after tipping over
  • Suitable for rooms up to 12 m²
  • 350-watt output

Heater Pro X Rating

What sets the Heater Pro X apart from other products is that it is sold as a mobile heater. Other electric heaters for the home are not exactly considered handy. The Heater Pro X, on the other hand, can find a place in any regular socket. During the purchase process, it is therefore very important to make sure that you have actually chosen a product with an EU plug. The output is unchanged at 350 watts. By placing them directly in the socket, the devices are mobile, but their use is still limited to a certain environment. Using an extension cable to select another location is not recommended. If you want to use the Heater Pro X, you should also make sure that the socket is not located behind a piece of furniture, curtains or upholstered furniture. This makes it easier for the warm air to circulate and prevents the device from overheating.

In the socket, the mobile heater should also be quiet and within a range of about 45 decibels. This level of noise is not usually perceived as unpleasantly loud in either a living room or an office. A second point emphasised several times by the manufacturer is the safe use of this product. There is a safety switch on the side with which the mobile heater can be switched off immediately. Furthermore, the product has an anti-tip device. If you accidentally touch the heater, it switches off automatically. If the device falls on carpeting, the quick switch-off will not cause a fire hazard.

A third point that must be included in the evaluation is the handling. The Heater Pro X can only be adjusted directly on the radiator. A remote control is not included with the product. The 350-watt can be operated via the digital display on the front. There you can see the settings at a glance and can increase and decrease the temperature by pressing the surrounding buttons. The timer for the mobile heater can also be found there. According to the manufacturer, it can be set in twelve different intervals. These range from one to twelve hours and can be set in 1-hour intervals. After the timer has expired, the radiators are supposed to switch off by themselves. If you leave your home at certain times, you can be sure that the Heater Pro X will not consume any electricity during this period. For more information and a discounted price, visit the product website here!

Contact information about the manufacturer

  • Ecom7 Limited
  • Room 1501, Prosperity Tower, 39 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong
  • Homepage: https://heaterprox.com/
  • E-mail address: contact @ e-com7 . com
  • Phone: (+852) 2110 0990


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