HappyMiner Review: Earn Passive income with Cloud Mining


On the online investing portal HappyMiner, you may choose and sign up for mining packages. The portal provides various subscription options for some of the most significant crypto assets. Additionally, the site offers a $10 sign-up bonus. Therefore, we’ll go through every step of how to get free cryptocurrency in this HappyMiner review.


  • An innovative platform that enables package subscriptions and pays you through cryptocurrency.
  • Only crypto deposits are accepted on the platform.
  • An easy-to-use platform.
  • The time required to register and establish an account is under a minute.
  • Assurance of reward.
  • No deposit or maintenance charges.
  • A simple investing strategy involves saving and earning money over a predetermined number of days.

What is HappyMiner?

HappyMiner was founded in 2018 as one of the earliest companies to provide cloud mining services and trusted by more than 2,800K+ users worldwide. The platform mines cryptocurrency and offers its customers a guaranteed income. You did read that correctly. The return is assured. When you sign up, you get $10 immediately. You can use it to buy the Primary Mining package daily, and you will get $0.80 daily. When you reach $100, you can withdraw it all.

HappyMiner Review: Dashboard

Undoubtedly, the dashboard is user-friendly for beginners. We can see our orders and the time they were placed by looking at the interface. Additionally, you may see all of your orders from the last three months on the dashboard.

A quick summary of your entire order is available by selecting the view. The amount that says “balance” at the top will appear as an order on your dashboard after you place a purchase. You can find your balance amount on the dashboard if you can’t see it there.

HappyMiner Review: Dashboard
HappyMiner Review: Dashboard

HappyMiner Review: Packages

More than six main categories of investment packages promise a return on investment. These are the various types of packages that are available:

1. Primary Mining:

  • Price: $10
  • Terms: 1 Day
  • Fixed Return: $10+$0.8
  • Daily Rate: 8%

2. Bitcoin Mining:

  • Price: $100
  • Terms: 3 Days
  • Fixed Return: $100+$4.5
  • Daily Rate: 1.5%

3. Litecoin Mining:

  • Price: $500
  • Terms: 7 Days
  • Fixed Return: $500+$63
  • Daily Rate: 1.8%

4. BitcoinCash Mining:

  • Price: $1200
  • Terms: 15 Days
  • Fixed Return: $1200+$345
  • Daily Rate: 1.92%

5. Dogecoin Mining:

  • Price: $3000
  • Terms: 30 Days
  • Fixed Return: $3000+$1890
  • Daily Rate: 2.1%

6. Dashcoin Mining:

  • Price: $6400
  • Terms: 60 Days
  • Fixed Return: $6400+$8880
  • Daily Rate: 2.31%

How does HappyMiner work?

On HappyMiner, creating an account is a quick process. Setting up your budget won’t take long. There are no verification steps necessary; all that is needed to create your account is your email address and a password. Yes! We only need these two things from you. To establish an account, follow the below-listed instructions.

  • The very first procedure is to access HappyMiner’ official website.
  • After that, click “sign up.” If you don’t have the invitation code, you don’t need to fill it in
  • Complete the required fields and key in the verification code.
  • Select “Submit.” And your account has been set up.
  • $10 bonus is also added to your account.
How does HappyMiner work
How does HappyMiner work

How do I deposit on HappyMiner?

The procedures below must be taken to deposit on HappyMiner:

  • Register for a HappyMiner account.
  • After logging in, visit the settings for your account.
  • Click and pick the type of wallet. You can use a variety of wallet kinds provided by the site. This includes BTC, LTC, ETH, USDC, BCH, and USDT.
  • State the address on the correspondence wallet. Be careful you provide the correct address.
  • Save the wallet type and address.
  • Keep in mind that a $100 deposit is required.
  • Choose your payment system and enter amount. 
  • Select ” Deposit.”
  • This kind of screen will appear. Look at the illustration below:

You can either copy the address provided below or scan the QR code.

  • Scroll down to view the deposit history once you copy the address, scan the QR code, and make the payment.
  • The “upload” option can be found. To upload the transaction number of your successful transfer, click that.

Once finished, your deposit will be made within a short period.

How to make a Deposit on HappyMiner
How to make a Deposit on HappyMiner

How to Withdraw from HappyMiner?

To withdraw from HappyMiner follow the steps given below:

  • Open your account and log in.
  • Click “Withdraws”.
  • Choose your wallet if this is your first withdrawal. Keep in mind that no fees are involved.
  • Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw. The minimum withdrawal is $100, so take note of that.
  • Selecting this option will cause the money to be transferred to the wallet address you previously specified.
  • The successful completion of the transaction could take a few minutes.

HappyMiner Review: Affiliate program

We allow you to earn money by recommending our website to others. You can start making money even if you do not invest. You’ll earn up to 4.5% of their purchase on each order. Share your Affiliate Link with your friends, and earn a massive referral reward.

HappyMiner Review: Affiliate program

HappyMiner Fees

There aren’t any maintenance or deposit costs. But remember that the withdrawal fees depend on the transaction costs paid to the blockchain system. The $100 minimum withdrawal threshold applies. The fees for each coin’s withdrawal are as follows:

    • USDT-TRC20: 1 USDT
    • BTC: 0.0002 BTC
    • LTC: 0.001 LTC
    • ETH: 0.002 ETH
    • USDT-ERC20: 5 USDT
    • USDC: 5 USDC
  • BCH: 0.001 BCH

Is it safe to utilize HappyMiner?

Every deal has a legal advantage, and the platform is governed by governmental oversight. For every investment, they have a policy of insurance. Additionally, they assure its consumers of earnings. Keep in mind that AIG provides insurance.

HappyMiner is a licensed cloud mining company founded in 2018 in the United States. Like any certified hash provider, HappyMiner owns industrial facilities with a big tech park of professional Bitcoin mining rigs. Data centers are located in Iceland, Norway, and Canada. 2,800K+ individuals from all around the globe currently earn cryptocurrency on HappyMiner. Additionally, SSL encryption safeguards the sign-up process and protects users’ privacy.

Assistance & Client Support

You can email at support@happyminer.us or use the online customer service in the lower right corner of your screen for customer support and assistance. Online customer service is excellent at responding to all of your basic questions and does it very quickly. If you ask a question, they will request your email so they can check it, and they will respond to all of your questions.

Benefits Offered by HappyMiner

The platform provides you with a $10 bonus as soon as you sign up. With just $10, you may quickly invest in the Primary Mining available only to newcomers and determine whether or not any gains are made.

Benefits of HappyMiner

  • A distinctive way to invest in and profit from cryptocurrencies.
  • Guaranteed success.
  • Low costs; there is no maintenance.
  • Customer service is offered immediately online.
  • Every investment receives insurance.
  • Every person who creates an account receives $10 bonus.

Review of HappyMiner in conclusion

For those looking to store their cryptocurrency investments and multiply their return with a guarantee, HappyMiner is a fantastic platform. Additionally, the platform guarantees the protection of your money, and in the event of any losses, AIG will provide all your assets.

The platform’s navigation and other transaction procedures are straightforward, despite the user-friendly UI for beginners. There are no investment or maintenance fees; the withdrawal charges are determined by the gas prices of the blockchain that is being used.techappzon

Questions and Answers

Is HappyMiner Legitimacy?

Yes, HappyMiner is an honest company. HappyMiner has a legal status and is registered and based in the United States. The platform has 2,800K+ users and is accessible in 120 countries.

Which wallet types can I connect to?

You can store a variety of wallet types on the HappyMiner system for deposits and withdrawals, including:


Which company offers insurance through HappyMiner?

HappyMiner uses the AIG insurance firm to insure the return of capital.

What is the amount of my welcome bonus?

You earn $10 in your wallet as a welcome bonus.

Avoid Scam

  • HappyMiner is safe and secure: Always check your browser for security indicators before making a deal. Client funds on HappyMiner are kept safe in tier 1 banks, and their data is protected by SSL encryption.
  • HappyMiner has round-the-clock support:The support team is available 24 hours a day on mining days, meaning HappyMiner clients always have someone to turn to if they encounter a problem or require assistance.
  • Regulated mining platforms operate under strict supervision and cannot be scams. Mining is risky, and some people who lose money on mining online are quick to accuse the platform of calling it a “scam.” This is one of the reasons why HappyMiner offers risk management tools and allows you to withdraw funds at any time.

For more information, please visit: https://happyminer.us/

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