Hani Zeini explains how technological advances led to the development of eco-friendly cars

eco-friendly car

The car manufacturing industry has made its advent into making cars into eco-friendly automotive technology. The automobile makers have the goal of achieving environmental sustainability while competing with carmakers around the globe. When trying to ensure eco-friendly automobiles, it helps them have the upper hand over other manufacturers of a similar industry. These days car manufacturers are coming up with self-driving cars that are powered by fully renewable energy. Hani Zeini stresses how car manufacturers and dealers desire to use technology to make eco-friendly cars.

Hani Zeini explains specific eco-friendly car options

  • Electric car:

In place of gasoline engines, most automobiles these days are powered by electric Motors. In this connection, auto industries are making every possible effort to bring about a transition for a new driverless electric car. The electric cars run on the principle of producing less carbon emission, and they also lack the mechanical complexity that comes with transmission and combustion engines. Hence, it makes them easy to automate and provide for autonomous driving technology. When these companies make provisions for self-driving technology, they take a step towards ensuring environmental sustainability. These cars produce fewer emissions and do not add any pressure on the earth’s environment.

  • Innovation in car batteries:

The advancement in electric vehicles connects with the car battery design. Just like smartphones, electric cars use lithium-ion batteries. According to Hani Zeini, since these batteries’ shelf-life and performance depend on overcharging and temperature, the recent innovations focus on maximizing their life-span and lowering the costs. Various large automobile companies have tried to develop low price car batteries, which reduces the car’s expense in the long run.

  • Eco-friendly tires:

The tires available in the market today provide for low rolling resistance and great eco-efficiency. In the long run, it lowers energy consumption, which is required to keep them moving. These low rolling resistance tires help in improving the fuel economy.

The entrepreneurs must make efforts to communicate to their employees the institution’s vision and mission. When there is proper two-way communication between all the institution elements, it ensures an organization’s proper functioning. The advent of technology into the automobile industry needs further research and study to ensure better results. For this, all the nations must join hands so that the entrepreneurs may devise strategies that are parallel with them. When they make efforts to respond to pressing environmental problems, it increases their chances of gaining success.

The growing amalgamation between technology and automobile companies needs proper evaluation to come up with reusable and biodegradable results. The use of bio-sourced organic materials helps the manufacturers to stand out amid the competition. When they make provisions for eco-friendly automobiles, they should also concentrate on marketing these eco-friendly vehicles. Unless entrepreneurs use the latest marketing hacks, you cannot promote the right product. Many entrepreneurs use technological marketing mechanisms to ensure these eco-friendly devices get proper exposure and acceptance worldwide. The mindset needs to change when you must use technology to bring convenience in an environmentally- friendly manner.


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