Handbook of European Windows Import

European Windows

As part of the ongoing investment, you are planning to utilize the solution of importing windows from Europe to the USA? This is an excellent decision that undoubtedly will translate into the success of the entire endeavor! All thanks to the fact that European window carpentry stands out with numerous advantages that are worth experiencing in practice. Therefore, if you are finishing a building from the ground up or have decided to replace old windows in a specific residential or commercial property, the help comes from European windows that meet high quality standards. Do you have any questions regarding the import of windows from Europe to the USA? Are you wondering about the step-by-step purchasing process? Familiarize yourself with the package of essential information provided below, and undoubtedly, most of your doubts will be dispelled.

Importing windows from Europe to the USA – why is it worth it?

Distinctive advantages of European windows, such as increased resistance to condensation and energy efficiency, extended lifespan, affordable pricing, safety, improved structural parameters, equipped with double or triple glazing, aesthetic qualities, as well as durability and enhanced resilience to changing weather conditions, collectively form a set of strong arguments directly encouraging investment in this type of window joinery. All these benefits are confirmed by customers who have already made such a purchase.

Harnessing all of these benefits is possible due to the utilization of the latest European technologies and an automated machinery park for window production in Poland, overseen by a team of experienced and specialized professionals who are experts in their field. European windows are, therefore, a top-tier product available to individuals, architects, and representatives of the construction industry.

How does the import of windows from Europe to the USA work?

The transportation of windows from Europe to the USA is complex and time-consuming, as this process consists of several consecutive stages. At the outset, in Poland, the customer’s chosen window joinery is assembled, secured, and packaged for the order. Once the shipment is prepared to embark on its journey, the container loaded with the cargo is transported to the port, where professionals ensure its readiness for shipping. If all is well, the windows from Poland set sail across the ocean, a journey that can take up to three weeks. Once the European window joinery arrives at a port in the USA, the end recipient is informed, and the delivery to the construction site needs to be arranged.

Formalities related to importing windows from Europe to the USA – summary

Anyone who believes that importing windows from Europe to the USA is a task they might struggle with should take advantage of the professional assistance offered by Debesto. Our company’s employees provide not only high-quality products but also personalized customer service. As a result, even the formal aspects of organizing shipment become significantly simpler, allowing you to avoid unnecessary additional costs. By using our services, you can expect support in preparing necessary documents related to taxes, local fees, customs clearance for windows imported from Europe, and insurance for the duration of the journey.

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