Gutter Cleaning Prices In UK: Our Updated Cost Guide 2022


Many homeowners don’t neglect the dangers of clogged gutters until it’s too late. You may experience pest infestations, mold growth, or flooding. So, if you’re looking for a gutter cleaning service, check out this gutter cleaning prices list 2022 to get an idea.

In general, the gutter cleaning cost depends on how many square feet comprise your entire house. For example, a single-story home may cost between $64-$128 or $0.40-$0.80 per linear foot. Unexpected repair or replacement might drive up the gutter cleaning costs. The complexity of the gutter system also plays a role.

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Yet, cleaning gutters isn’t something to dread. Experts estimate that the most complex gutter cleaning job wouldn’t cost more than $500. Paying for peace of mind, injury prevention, and protection from the elements is reasonable. Furthermore, it won’t only protect your house but also the homes in your neighborhood. Therefore, gutter cleaning is not a task you’ll want to postpone. Also, installing gutter guards is only a part of the job for clean gutters.

Nowadays, many gutter cleaning companies provide affordable services and even gutter replacement. Our article will also show you what a gutter cleaning job involves so that you can deduce the labor cost. Furthermore, it’ll give you some gutter maintenance tips if you don’t have hard-to-reach gutters. Lastly, we also included a helpful FAQs section at the end.

Aside from that, this article contains info about thorough cleaning of an average two-story home via hiring a professional gutter cleaning company. In that way, we’ll present a detailed look into what comprises a gutter cleaning service.

How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

If your goal is clean gutters, then check this section to get an idea of the typical gutter cleaning costs. Plus, learn about the gutter replacement cost and about hiring a gutter cleaning pro service like Bark.

Lower price $0,40 $150
Highest price $2,15 $200
Average price $0,80 $175
Gutter cleaning for two-story house Around $160
Gutter and downpour cleaning for two-story house Around $220

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Gutter Cleaning Cost – Factors

The house’s size is the determining factor for the cost range. The bigger and taller the house, the higher the cost of gutter cleaning. Your gutters might be severely clogged, which adds to the cost of cleaning them. Furthermore, you may have to pay extra for complex cleaning jobs.

Knowing what goes into an average gutter cleaning cost will help you budget correctly. Here we have gathered the top reasons that impact the amount you pay for a professional gutter cleaning service.

Consider these cost factors when negotiating the gutter cleaning cost with the contractor. Understanding them means you can estimate the price before you call your local gutter cleaner. Furthermore, you can expect to pay less if you know how gutter cleaning works.

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The Last Time You Cleaned the Gutters

Do you remember the last time you cleaned your gutters? If yes, you can estimate how much your next gutter cleaning job will cost. Savvy homeowners clean their gutters on schedule to save on gutter cleaning costs. Ye, the job gets riskier the more linear feet of gutters you own.

On top of that, clogged gutters are always tricky to clean and take more time and effort. Therefore, the gutter cleaning company might add the extra hours to your bill.

Ideally, you should clean your gutters every three months or so. Otherwise, expect the cleaning cost to rise if there’s more debris clogging the system. Plus, if you live in a house with three or more stories, the process will take even longer. Furthermore, the dirt buildup will make cleaning more difficult if it has rained in your area recently. Therefore, it’ll take extra work.

Gutter Protection

Gutter guards can reduce the dirt buildup and make the cleaning easier. They might be a factor to pay a little less if you have them installed. Hence, you can expect your final bill to be slightly higher without gutter guards.

Since gutter guards prevent clogging, your contractor can speed up the job. As a result, the total cost estimates will reduce due to the lower labor costs. In that way, gutter guards play a key role in allowing for quicker gutter cleaning jobs.

In contrast, removing and reattaching gutter guards is time-consuming, and the gutter cleaner might charge you for this extra hurdle. However, gutter guards help you save money by making gutter cleaning less frequent.

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Trees in Your Backyard

According to the experts, tree leaves are the number one reason for clogged gutters. Trees shed lots of these leaves during the fall, which might find their way to your house. If you have trees in your backyard, you’ll need a gutter-cleaning pro. Also, check if your neighbor has trees in their backyard that affect your residence. Dust, dirt, and dead insects also fall inside your gutters during windy seasons.

It’s one of the first things the gutter cleaner notices and will draw your attention to how they clog the gutters. Naturally, it’ll take longer to clean if your gutters are severely clogged with tree leaves or other significant debris. Hence, that is outside of the typical cost.

Crew Size

Large houses have extended gutter downspouts. As a result, they take more labor to clean. In this case, you can expect higher gutter cleaning costs. Additionally, a complex project needs more equipment. During the initial inspection, gutter cleaning companies should give you an estimation of how long it’ll take to clean the gutters and the needed workforce.

You can do some inspections and deduce the depth of the project. Usually, you can tell the project’s complexity by the severity of the situation. Also, the gutter cleaning costs range depending on the crew size.

Additional Repairs

Some gutter system problems appear only after the work has begun. It includes broken fasteners, loose hangers, or cracked tiles. In this case, prepare to pay extra for those unexpected repairs. Usually, the contractor will alert you of these issues as they appear. Sometimes, you may choose to replace the broken parts as part of a standard gutter cleaning.

However, upgrading your gutter system is best because it’ll save you money in the long run. Furthermore, it can damage other parts of your house. It’s a crucial factor that homeowners ignore, but you should fix them before they get worse.

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Gutter Materials

Gutters come in different materials like PVC, steel, or aluminum. Thus, the cleaning process might differ. It also depends on the cleaning supplies your gutter cleaner would use. So, it’s a factor that’ll determine the gutter cleaning costs. In addition, gutter cleaners might have to deal with wear and tear in the materials based on their condition. The type of repairs needed will also differ.


Usually, the gutter cleaning costs depend on your location. If you’re living in a high-end area, expect gutter cleaners to quote you a higher rate. Furthermore, the travel distance might increase the rates, and the company might charge you for transporting equipment and setting up a workspace. So, try to hire the services of a local company in your city to get affordable rates.


The taller your house, the higher the gutter cleaning costs will be. Gutter cleaners will use more equipment and time to get to the top of the house, and it may take more labor to unclog all linear feet. Furthermore, you might have more gutters per linear foot than usual. These factors will add to the bill at the end of the day.

Typically, a three-story house will cost more to clean than a shorter building. Then again, it depends on the accessibility of the gutter system. Higher homes also have dangerous risks, which may prompt the company to ask for more money.

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The Gutter Cleaning Process

The gutter cleaning process is never the same for every house; it depends on the severity of the clog you might have. However, the result should be making the water flow properly through the downspout, which means your gutters are working as they should.

Visual inspection is the first step to determining the equipment and the action plan to unclog the gutters. However, every house is unique and may need a different approach to get the best results fast.

Installing a Ladder

Most gutter cleaners will start by setting up the workspace and installing plastic sheets. Then, they install the ladder to reach the roof and clean the gutters. Usually, they use a wooden ladder to avoid electrical hazards from nearby wires. However, an aluminum ladder is a standard because it’s lightweight and extendable. In most cases, a team of two or three professionals will work together to finish the job.

Cleaning by Hand

Cleaning a gutter isn’t fancy as gutter cleaners use their hands to remove debris. In this case, gloves and a gutter scoop might help. Cleaning a gutter by hand is also crucial if there’s mud in the trench. Gutter cleaners also use a bucket to collect the muddy leaves to avoid splashes on the walls of the house.

In contrast, they may use a blower to get rid of dry leaves. Aside from that, they also may clean them by hand because the wind might spread the dirt over your house or on your neighbors’ property. Furthermore, plant roots aren’t always easy to blow, so they use their hands to pluck them.

Once the gutters are clean from debris and dirt, the water should flow properly and run through the downspout. It may sound easy, but they’ll usually find hidden clogs that get in the way.

Using a Pressure Washer

Sometimes, gutter cleaners use a pressure washer through the outlet. The rush of water might help push small leaves that clog the gutters. In that case, the water pressure should drive any clogging through the downspout. The blocking should clear if that happens, and you’ll see the water pouring down freely. Often, professionals use specialized extenders and tools to push the accumulated clogs outside the pipes.

Cleaning the Elbow

The elbow gets clogged easily due to its shape, which lets debris buildup. In that case, the cleaner might unscrew and clean it by hand. Usually, this is enough to get the water flowing. However, many aspects can interrupt the flow. So, it may take a while to figure out the main clog and fix it.

Elbows are usually the first components to become clogged, and they’re relatively more straightforward to detach and clean than others. Afterward, cleaners will use better screws to fasten them in place. 

Inspecting Pipes

To complete the job, the gutter cleaner might inspect other parts of the gutter system, including the outlet, downspout, or fascia. An experienced gutter cleaner should pinpoint the primary clog and fix it quickly. While it’s not a pretty sight, it’s usually a quick process.

Tennis balls and small toys get stuck inside the pipes, drains, and elbows. It’s best to be patient with your gutter cleaner until you find the problem together. Once identified, the qualified gutter cleaner can use their tools to remove the clog and let the water flow. 

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Flushing the Gutter

After cleaning the gutters, the gutter cleaner uses the pressure washer as a final test. Sometimes, they may use the garden hose instead. The test is to determine whether the water is flowing correctly. You’re good to go if you see the same amount of water coming out of the downspout. Hence, it’s a sure-shot method to evaluate the capacity of the gutters, though a time-consuming one as well. That’s why cleaners often leave it for last.

The test also ensures no leftover dirt or leaves get in the way. At this stage, the gutters should work as if they’re new, and you should verify it by checking the water draining out of the downspout. If there’s direct flow, the water should be mostly clear.

Small Fixes

After finishing the work, the gutter cleaners should dispose of the debris in the compost or the dumpster. Furthermore, they might do minor repairs such as fixing the gutter’s mechanisms. For example, they may adjust the gutter system to let the water run faster on the slope.

On the other hand, they can also use a gutter sealant to seal the joints and prevent leaking. Other gutter system fixes and repairs may be in order depending on your situation. So, ask for advice and inquire about how to prevent the same issue from repeating in the future.

Regular Inspections

Some gutter cleaning companies might offer regular checkups as part of the gutter cleaning costs. You may want to use these services if your gutters are prone to damage, and they’ll help detect troubles and fix them before they develop.

Furthermore, you can do some visual inspections yourself, as discussed below. Most of all, you want to remain vigilant as you may save money by nipping the problem in the bud.

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Essential Gutter Maintenance Tips

The first rule is that gutter cleaning is part of your responsibilities as the homeowner. In other words, you want to be proactive rather than reactive. Most experts agree that you should clean your gutters three or four times a year. If you’re living in a rainy or snowy area, you may want to clean it more frequently to avoid sizable gutter cleaning costs. Here’s how to examine your own gutters:

Visual Inspection

You can check for rust, erosion, and clogging. At the same time, keep an eye for mold growth, loose joints, and leaks. The sooner you spot these problems, the better in terms of cleaning costs.

Ditch the Ladder

You don’t always have to use a ladder to climb up your house and clean the gutters. You can use a garden vacuum cleaner with an extended sucker to remove the debris. Later, you can throw it in your compost bin, which will work best for dry leaves on a sunny day.

If you have mud in your gutters, follow the same procedure but use a pressure washer. It’s easy to find extensions long enough to reach a roof a few yards high. Either way, you may want to enlist the help of a young and able family member to assist you.

Install Gutter Guards

Choose high-quality gutter guards to save yourself from additional costs due to their limited efficacy. Plus, improperly set gutter guards won’t lower the total gutter cleaning costs. However, gutter guards can result in clean gutters with some extra input on your end. Plus, some modern gutter guards use mesh covers to prevent plants from taking root. As a result, the cleaning only involves removing and cleaning the guards while your gutters remain intact.

Invest in New Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

Keep a gutter cleaning kit in your garage shed – you never know when you’ll need them. Also, stay up-to-date as new cleaning tools become available. Then, examine whether you need to upgrade sooner rather than later. On a related note, you can use these tools for various home maintenance tasks. In other words, they can double as emergency tools as well.

Check Your Wiring

When installing new power cables, ensure they don’t get in the way. You can avoid many accidents by minding where the wires go. Ideally, you want to keep them away from the gutters. When you do gutter cleaning work, mark the wires to make them visible.

Prune Trees and Plants

If you have a garden, trees, or plants, prune them regularly. They’re the number one reason for clogging; if they’re nearby, the leaves will fall inside the gutters and block them. Pruning trees is a must if you want to keep your drains unclogged, and you can do it yourself or hire a professional.

Furthermore, the team might have the tools to do once they’ve unclogged each square foot. So, remember to point that out to them. Also, ask your neighbors to prune their trees and plants to better protect your and their properties.

Likewise, you want to prevent birds from building their nests in your gutters. So, if you catch animals around your gutters, remove them immediately.

Take Note of the Weather

Before a storm or rainy season, ensure your gutters are ready. During those times, you need your gutters in the best condition to prevent accidents. If you notice the weather is getting cloudy, do a gutter inspection. Then, right after a rainy period, check for damages. For example, see if the water flows appropriately without clogging. If you notice damage, do a light cleaning by yourself.

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Some FAQs Regarding Gutter Cleaning Cost 

1. How do you calculate gutter cleaning prices?

Gutter cleaning services may charge you per linear foot, hour, or day. Typically, the average range is $-0.40-$0.80, but some companies charge $1 or slightly higher. The average hourly rate is $20-$25, and the daily rate is $150-$200. To get an estimation, multiply how many linear feet of gutter you have by the average rate.

For example, a ranch house with 200 linear feet of gutter multiplied by $0.80 per linear foot should cost around $160 as a total gutter cleaning cost.

2. How to calculate gutter cleaning prices for a three-story home?

Follow the same formula: the number of linear gutter feet multiplied by the average rate in your area. You may also want to factor in the equipment and work duration. Some gutter cleaning companies may decide to charge you extra for insurance.

3. Can you clean the gutters by yourself?

We strongly recommend you hire professional gutter cleaners to avoid the risks. Gutter cleaning might sound like a fun DIY project to do during the weekend, but it’s far from risk-free. Hence, it’s better to err on the side of caution and get a professional to do it.

However, you can do a one-story house gutter cleaning project yourself without much risk. Yet, you’ll need the proper tools and some level of know-how. On the other hand, if you can tell it’s a lot of work, hire a service provider. Such teams can spot clogs and solve them fast due to better training and tools.

4. Does it take too long to clean the gutters?

It depends on the scope of the project. It’ll take longer to clean if the gutters are hard to reach. In a three-story house, the gutter system might be complex; thus, it may take longer, even without unexpected issues. Usually, a professional will need between two to three hours to clean the gutters thoroughly.

5. What mistakes to avoid when cleaning the gutters yourself?

Cleaning the gutters might look easy, but it’s a complex job, and a hidden clog will require much skill to unclog without damaging other parts of the house.

Secondly, you want to use the right tools for the job. For example, you must collect dry debris in a bucket instead of using a blower. Furthermore, you want to use a long ladder to cover every inch of the downspout installation.

6. What happens if you leave your gutters clogged?

If you neglect to secure clean gutters, you’ll create various risks to your household. For example, the water might build up gradually and find its way inside your house. Mold will start to grow and damage the exterior of your home. Furthermore, pests will build their nests and cause nasty infestations. Also, if you don’t use gutter guards, water might seep into your basement and flood it.

The gutters look like a small house component, but they’re vital. They drain the rainwater and prevent it from damaging your house. Hence, regular gutter cleaning is a must for the integrity of the buidling.

7. What happens after you clean the gutters?

In addition to preventing damage, clean gutters drain rainwater safely and lower the risk of pest infestations, roof damage, and flooding. The effects might not be visible immediately, but clean gutters play a big role in the prevention of damage.

8. How to know if you have a clogged gutter?

The most visible sign is plant and mold growth on the gutters. Yet, some scenarios will require a keen eye. For example, if the downspout is dripping, it usually indicates clogging. Also, look for mold growth on the house’s exteriors. If you find dirty water in unusual places, it’s probably a gutter problem.

Conclusion : Find Gutter Cleaners Near You

Living with clogged gutters can create a costly snow-ball effect on your house. Plus, the aftermath may inflict both the interior and posterior of your home. Luckily, cleaning the gutters takes a few hours and doesn’t cost a fortune.

By using services like Bark, you can find affordable gutter cleaning companies in your area. Furthermore, most of them will give you a free quote before starting the project. You can call several companies, have them look at your gutters, and give you a price. After that, you can compare their offerings and select the most attractive one.

Aside from that, you can also opt to try and unclog the gutters by yourself. Yet, beware of the related risks. In general, it’s a job that demands working at a height. Hence, you should be familiar with working from a ladder before attempting it.

Either way, you shouldn’t postpone getting your gutters cleaned just to save a few bucks. Given enough time, it’ll affect other parts of your house, and the expenses will be much higher. Therefore, inquire about the cost of gutter cleaning in your area and what it entails for your house.

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Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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