Taking Your Guest Posting A Step Further In 2020

Guest posting and article submissions have been the most frequently sought after practices by businesses for online exposure. For over a decade these guest post services have been a part of the overall SEO for any website. And that too an effective one. However, the strategies and practices that used to work a decade ago are not the same anymore. In fact, marketers need to continuously evolve along with the evolution of the search algorithm.

In other words, as Google or other popular search engines change their search parameters, the strategies for guest posting also change. So, if you’ve been using a guest posting service for promoting your online business, it is in your best interest to keep modifying it in accordance with the latest updates. And this article shall offer you insights about how you can do the same.

The Keyword Strategy

Not more than a year or two ago, just about any keyword that could relate to your business would have been great. But now the times have changed. With the evolution of AI and Google’s RankBrain, the keywords that help the users are notably becoming more responsive. In simple words, if you could identify and pinpoint the exact keywords that could relate to your services and are also user-familiar, you can expect the returns to be more effective. Essentially, the keywords that you choose would become the anchors for your links. And therefore, they also need to be natural and justified within the content. So, the very first thing that you can do this year is to modify your keyword strategy.

Mixing Of The Domain Authority

It has been noted that backlinks from just about any website don’t work anymore. Google and other search engines have taken note of the unethical link building practices and completely disarmed them from ranking factors. Simultaneously, as the experts from outreachmonks explain, a mixture of varying domain authorities can return better results for your website. In other words, try securing links from several websites belonging to low, mid, and high domain authority ratings. This would not only bring in traffic but also improve the authority for your website.

Mixture Of Page Authority

Similar to the linking website’s DA rating, the authority that your webpages hold also matters. To put this into perspective, it is better to be securing backlinks for pages with varying authorities for your website. Marketing experts explain when the pages on your website hold more or less similar authorities, they tend to improve the overall ranking for your website in the search results.

Audience Targeting

Since the user is becoming more and more important for the search engines, it would be wiser to target them more precisely. For example, if you’ve been targeting the blogs that targeted all of the men for your men’s apparel website, you must now start targeting them based on their location and age group. Likewise, you can add other filters to your strategy as well, when outreaching the blogs.

Backlinks are undoubtedly very important for a website, and using guest posts is the most effective way of doing so. But it is always better to keep updating yourself and your strategy with the current market norms, for perennial growth and success of your business.


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