Good Reasons for Social Media Marketers to Include Memes in Their Content Strategy

Meme for Content Strategy

An increasing number of customers are either blocking ads using technology or are developing a habit of ignoring them. As a result, marketers are unable to reach their target audience and engage with them. It means that marketers need relevant, original, entertaining, and value-added content to engage customers and build a loyal community of brand advocates. Meme marketing can be an extremely effective method for professional content managers to interact with their audiences. Almost everyone loves a good laugh and be a part of an exclusive group that understands the humor. Given that memes are great for establishing a unique connection with their audiences, marketers are increasingly using memes in their content marketing strategies. Some of the top reasons why this is a good idea:

Creating Memes Is Not Expensive

Since memes are generally humorous takes on content that’s already been created and caught the attention of people, the process of creating a viral meme using a meme generator is not complicated or expensive. No original photos and videos are needed to be shot, and it is possible to create a viral meme simply by adding a new twist or caption to the image already in existence. Another factor, which works to the advantage of small businesses, is memes generally use low-resolution images and are fairly uncomplicated, so you don’t need to have advanced graphic design capabilities. All in all, just about anyone with basic design skills can create a meme. The skill is in spotting the opportunity and crafting the caption with the potential for tickling the funny bone and reinforcing the brand, observes a Meme Scout marketing consultant.

Memes Help to Build Communities 

By design, memes are funny and help the audience to relate to the situation being referred to and become a part of an exclusive group that is privy to what the joke means. It creates a sense of belongingness that makes the audience engage better with the brand and helps its top-of-the-mind recall.

Memes Drive Engagement 

Memes, by design, encourage sharing, which means that the same content is re-posted frequently by people for widespread visibility. Indeed, every marketer aims to make the memes go viral, which ensures that their brands receive widespread publicity. There is very little that can compete with humor for sharing. Everyone loves a good laugh and wants others to laugh along with them. When done right, memes make people feel that they are part of an exclusive group who are on the inside of the joke, and people who don’t get the joke become anxious to know what was so funny. It is a wonderful opportunity for the brand to initiate engagement that leads to greater brand recall and loyalty. According to Forbes, the key to making memes successful is timing.


Memes have the power to grab more attention with their use of humor, which is universally appreciated, but since they are also a take on topical issues that the target audience is aware of, they make the brand seem contemporary, fresh, and authentic. People are exploring new technologies with different strategies. According to the recent NFT statistics, It has increased the attention of people in the past year.

In an age where generating engagement is becoming increasingly difficult, memes serve to build a community and make the brand more relatable and human. Look at Instagram and if you observe the engagement strategy. You will surely understand it’s not easy to get on the top. So often users look for boosting tools. But it’s very important to read the review first to get a better understanding. For example, if you read the Social Boost review, you surely choose to avoid their service for Instagram.


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