Getting the Right Construction Site Facilities

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If you are responsible for organising a construction site, making sure you hire the right facilities for staff or contractors to use is key. This will not only make the site a more pleasant place to work but also give them access to the basic facilities they have a right too. Of course, there are many different amenities you could choose when it comes to construction site hire. But which ones are absolutely crucial to put in place?


Toilet facilities

Any construction site will need proper toilet facilities to operate. Hiring these in is one of the first things you should do in order to make your site ready for people to work on. Obviously, staff and contractors will need somewhere to go and can’t be expected to head to the nearest public toilet every time!

Providing toilets to use is also required under UK law in order to protect the welfare of any workers on-site. There are a wide selection of units you could hire in temporarily for your site, from recirculating ones to those which offer disabled access.



All construction sites will grind to a halt without a constant flow of electricity to use. After all, plugging into the national grid is not an option for most sites. The best way to address this issue is to hire a generator in. These machines will supply the power you need to keep everything running and keep everyone working. The key thing is to choose the size of generator carefully so it matches how much power you need to use.


Temporary stores

Another vital concern for any construction site is storing equipment or materials safely. This not only keeps them safe from theft overnight but also keeps them out of the wind, snow or rain. You do not want to leave out a batch of material that gets rained on overnight and is then no good to use! This makes hiring in temporary stores a sensible move.

These units will give you somewhere warm and dry to keep things while also keeping your site tidy. They will also lock in order to keep whatever is in them secure when no-one is there.


Welfare units

As noted above, it is required under law to look after the health of your workers on-site. For this reason, hiring in welfare units is a good idea. These units contain a wide range of handy facilities which includes changing rooms, canteens and areas to rest. They also come in a wide range of sizes so you can choose the right one for your site. From mobile units which are easy to move around to static ones, hiring one in is certainly worth doing.


Site cabins

Although much of the work being done on-site will be practical, you still need somewhere to complete paperwork, hold managerial meetings or look over plans. Site cabins meet this need perfectly and are another vital facility to hire in when handling a construction site. They not only give a dry, warm place to carry out admin work but also act as a base for the person in charge of the whole site to operate from.


Hiring the best construction site facilities is key

As the above shows, there are a range of crucial facilities that any construction site should have. They not only keep you compliant with laws around worker welfare but also make your site a better place to be. If you will be managing a construction site anytime soon, making sure that you hire the right facilities should be top of your to-do list.


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