Getting More Instagram Likes: Tips for Marketers

instagram Likes

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular photo- and video-sharing platforms, being used by millions. Whether you’re a content creator, artist, or brand, the goal is to offer content that gets the attention of your audience. No matter how great your content is, engagement levels will drop if it doesn’t get enough likes.

Therefore, it’s important for users to focus on the quality of their content as well as the number of likes they receive. While it is, of course, best to get likes naturally by following these tips, your following and reach may make it difficult. With Twicsy, anyone can create a stronger Instagram presence in just a few minutes. New users can check them out here and learn how to get started.

Practice Consistency

Aside from offering quality content, it’s important to do so regularly. Instagram is a highly visual platform, which means feeds must look good and be consistent. The number of likes a post receives depends on how engaging it is and, to hold audiences’ attention, the content must come frequently.

If your posts are consistent, they are more likely to get likes than those that come at odd times. When scheduling and content creation get overwhelming, there’s help available. With Twicsy, you’ll see an increase in likes and followers almost instantly!

Use Hashtags Wisely

Another way to get more likes on Instagram is to expand each post’s reach. Although relevant, engaging, and creative content is the most effective way to do that, visibility is equally important. Change views into likes and make posts more visible by using trending hashtags, which will attract attention from users you may not have reached without them. Hashtags work to increase visibility and bring in more likes, as long as they’re being used by others.


Follow the Trends

As we mentioned earlier, Instagram users are visually oriented and come back to the platform to consume engaging, exciting visual content. Therefore, if you’d like to raise the like counts of your posts, they must be appealing enough to grab and keep users’ attention long enough for them to click the button.

Even the best content creators occasionally run out of ideas, and when that happens, it’s always a good idea to turn to trends for inspiration. Blindly following the trends won’t get you more likes, though. 

You’ll need to put a different spin on them and make them unique. By showing current trends in new ways, content creators will gain the audience’s interest and get the likes they’re looking for.

Give it Away

People love getting free things, and Instagram marketers can take advantage of that tendency by offering giveaways and holding contests. It’s simple. Ask visitors to like your posts and tag others, and they’re entered! Giveaways and contests increase like counts and bring more followers—which may translate into a long client list and more sales. You can also use Facebook marketing tools also. 

Get Outside Help

Creating an effective content marketing strategy can be challenging, to say the least. Ideally, the content itself should bring people in and increase the number of likes. For brands that are new to Instagram and lack followers, however, getting more likes isn’t easy. 

Twicsy allows anyone to buy active followers and likes based on their unique needs. A brand could buy likes to increase engagement without spending countless hours planning and implementing strategies. With help from Twicsy, boosting engagement is easy.

Use Instagram Insights

Instagram’s Insights tool is a great way for brands to schedule posts and choose the content types that are most likely to get likes. With the use of Insights, users can see which types of content their audiences like and when they’re most active. This simple yet valuable tool makes it much easier for up-and-coming brands to get their content in front of potential customers while increasing their visibility.

Pay for Ads

Running sponsored posts on Instagram is another way to boost engagement. The platform allows advertisers to choose when their posts appear; when combined with the Insights tool, it’s excellent for increasing reach and getting customers’ attention at the right time. When brands know their audiences well enough, it’s easier to decide when to run ads. 

Get More Likes Easily, Quickly, and Affordably

While Instagram is an equal-opportunity platform where everyone has a chance to be seen and heard, some users are at a distinct advantage as far as reach and engagement are concerned. This technique helps you to increase your business,

Getting more Instagram likes can help brands grow and reach wider audiences. While the tips we’ve included are a great starting point, they’re not the only way to boost like counts. Contact our team to learn how we can kickstart your brand’s Instagram presence and get your content in front of more potential customers.


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