Getting Around in Luxembourg City


Luxembourg is proud of its comprehensive public transport system not only inside the limits of the City of Luxembourg, but also connecting the capital with other villages and towns.

In fact, Luxembourg has been the first country in the whole world making public transport free of charge (since March 2020), a service not only for residents and locals, but also for tourists. 

Getting to the city from the airport

The airport is only 8 kilometres away from the City of Luxembourg. Located towards the East, this international airport is easy to reach from the city thanks to many services, some quite unique to Luxembourg. 

There are local buses that will take you from the airport to the city, to places like Central Station, as well as regional buses headed to Germany, France and Belgium. 

However, there is always the hassle of getting from one of these big hubs to where you are meant to be, or on the way to the airport to find the right spot where the bus stops. Don’t panic. There are better options.

Door2gate is a shuttle service to and from Luxembourg airport. It’s definitely the smartest way to get to the airport from Luxembourg and the greater region.

How does it work?

The shuttle picks you up at your door, just like a taxi would, but at a much cheaper price because the ride is shared with other passengers going the same direction. 

Door2gate calculates the exact time for pick up to make sure you arrive at the airport with plenty of time, and guarantees the cheapest possible price, offering the maximum comfort. 


Driving in the City of Luxembourg is preferred by many (though there are more than enough affordable and more ecological options we will list below). 

The main issue navigating the city with a car is parking. The local government found a solution creating numerous parking lots with modern systems that show exactly how many spots are available. 

With a high number of commuters coming from the rest of the country and even from Belgium or Germany to work in the city, parking during the week may prove a challenge. The city has been promoting carpooling options (sharing a car) for years in order to reduce the number of cars in the city.

Buses and Trams

The City of Luxembourg has an extensive line of buses and trams that can take you virtually anywhere in the city at any given time. The schedules are respected to the minute and there are many maps making it easy for first time visitors to find their way in the city.


Taxis are available around the city, however they are famous for being very expensive. Services like Uber haven’t yet taken hold, so taxis remain an option for those with mean or way out of bus hours. 

For the weary tourist, taxis are considered safe in Luxemburg, with set prices and comfortable cars. The city is not extremely big, so, avoiding traffic, any ride inside the limits would be rather short.

By bike and on foot

Like many European cities, Luxembourg was quick to see the benefits of public bikes and has installed over 100 stations around the city with their famous Vel’oh. Renting a bike for a day costs just 2 euros, 5 euros for 3 days and a whole year the merest price of 18 euros. 

What is best, is that the Vel’ho are equipped with an electric engine that helps with tiring long rides. 

Moving around the City of Luxembourg at night

There are several buses that run at night, especially on Friday and Saturday, not only in the city but to some locations outside the city. They are quite popular given that parking in the city is expensive. 

The service is designed to allow people to come into town for a fun night out, dinner, theatre or cinema, and get back home by bus, helping in a way to avoid drink driving, for example.

As you can see there are plenty of options to get around Luxembourg City, making it a very easy to navigate town, which is a massive plus for tourists. 


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