Get Your First Software Developer Job

Software Developer Job

Are you a student or a fresh graduate who is searching for his/her first dream software developer job? We know that you are going through a challenging time and figuring out how to land your first job may seem like an unreachable milestone. Stop worrying at once and dive into reading the tips that we have put together for you to make your job finding process easier and more enjoyable.

Know the job requirements

Before applying for a job, read what are the degree and skill requirements of the position you are applying to. Depending on that, master the skills mentioned in the position description. The general skills every software developer needs to know is how to build codes and test them. You will not satisfy the hiring managers with such skills because there are hundreds of software developer applicants with that skill set. You can consult with a professional resume writer to make sure your CV is formatted the right way before sending it out. Imagine having the following programming languages in your CV: Node, React, MySQL, and Mongo DB compared to having only JavaScript. If you were in the place of the hiring managers, whose candidate’s CV would you accept?

Important point! Do not mention any programs that you are not aware of how to work on. In most cases, the managers will ask you how to use any of the programs you have mentioned in your CV, or even they may ask to add some examples to your portfolio. In order not to lose your face in front of your potential employer, do not exaggerate your CV. You can have look at which skills are demandable in this field here.

Work on personal projects

Never waste your precious time. While you are reading about programs or watching tutorials, practice them while learning. By this, you will have your personal portfolio to show to the hiring managers that will prove your practical abilities, not only theoretical knowledge. Create your digital portal and put the link to the programs or websites that you have created. When applying for a job, besides attaching your CV also write a cover letter describing how you have worked on a project from your portfolio and which skills you have learned. Do you know what can even assure your position in the company? If you create your personal portfolio website not using the templates from Google. It directly illustrates your skills.

What to do during the interview?

Once you have followed the steps mentioned above, you are likely to be invited to the interview stage. This is the place where you can stand your candidacy. Be open. Be creative. Talk about why you are interested in this job. Show them that you are the perfect candidate supported by your knowledge and skills for this position. Feel free to talk about your strengths and disadvantages and show that you are open to new challenges and a learning process.


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