We live in complex times. Markets, technologies, changes in consumer behavior, and the capabilities and desires of employees all interact to create challenges that can’t be foreseen by organizations.

More and more, the success of executives depends on whether they can lead their organizations through this increasing complexity. That’s why we have designed a suite of programs that equip you with the skills you need to successfully manage transformation and change.


Crisis Leadership: Navigating through Difficult Times

Crisis Leadership: Navigating through Difficult Times
During times of crisis, the measure of a leader is tested. In the Crisis Leadership program, executives learn how to strategically manage organizational crises, avoid making bad decisions under pressure, and walk away better equipped to lead through the inevitable challenges of tomorrow.


Leading the Agile OrganizationLeading the Agile Organization
Learn key skills and mindsets vital to leading an agile and adaptive organization. You will improve your ability to confidently make hard-to-reverse choices, maneuver through uncertainty, and inspire others to join you in taking risks to grow, innovate and improve the value delivered to your customers and stakeholders.


Leading Strategic Growth and ChangeLeading Strategic Growth and Change
Learn how to identify business opportunities, launch new ventures, and lead necessary organizational changes to revitalize or strengthen your market position and prepare your organization for continuous growth.


Mastering Corporate Entrepreneurship (Online)Mastering Corporate Entrepreneurship (Online)
Learn best practices for intrapreneurs such as how to create, develop, and sustain innovative new businesses in your organization by capturing opportunities fast, exploiting them decisively, and moving on even before they are exhausted.


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