Get Lost in European Cuisine

European Cuisine

We’ve all dreamt of traveling around Europe at some moment in our lives – whether it’s backpacking across the region, experiencing the lap of luxury in five star hotels, or simply jumping in a rental car and getting to know every corner of the continent. Whichever option suits you best, the desire to uncover the beauty which Europe has to offer is shared by just about everyone. If you are yet to fulfil this dream, or have already seen the sights but want to do it all over again, here’s a great piece of advice to make your future trip even better: take part in a European food tour. 

What is a food tour?

A food tour is an excursion led by a local guide through a variety of locations – from markets to bakeries, via pubs and exclusive restaurants. At each stop, you will get the chance to sample a particular dish or beverage (and in some cases, both) and learn how they fit into the culture of the city you’re visiting. In other words, you can learn about your destination in the tastiest, most insightful way possible. Throughout the entire tour, you will also have the chance to visit beautiful neighborhoods and learn more about the local lifestyle, which isn’t always an option for run-of-the-mill tourists.

So: you’re planning a trip to Europe and are thinking about booking a food tour. But narrowing down the list of cities to visit poses a real challenge, before you even buy your plane tickets. It’s not an easy choice since each European destination has its own unique appeal, and once you start researching each culture and option, you won’t want to miss a thing. Naturally, the amount of places to visit will depend on how long you plan to spend in each destination, and how well you want to get to know each city.

When it comes to choosing which European countries to visit, there are no wrong answers; but you should definitely weigh up your main interests when making the choice, in order to make the most of your trip. If the idea of going on a food tour is appealing to you, we are here to help you to decide which countries to visit, by letting you know the best cities for taking a food tour in Europe. Let’s get started!

Rome, beyond the Coliseum.

In addition to the unique historical sites and buildings which you will get to know in Italy, and more specifically in Rome, you will also have access to a fantastic culture, with a passion for food. As you may know, Italian food is famous around the world for its delicious flavors, tasty dishes, and unique ingredients.

By booking a Rome food tour, you will get to know the pleasure of sipping a cappuccino in the oldest café in Rome, and tasting a typical, freshly-made pizza, followed by samples of Italian cheese from one of the oldest markets in town, delicious cured meats paired with exquisite Italian wine and, of course, delicious ice cream for dessert. And while you may find it hard to keep going after all that – there’s always room for more! Are you feeling a little bit Italian already?

Paris, city of love… and food!


Since you’re travelling to Rome, you may as well take the opportunity to visit Paris as well. At the moment it’s uncommon for visitors to get to know Paris by food tours, but this may be set to change. Everyone knows how amazing this city is, how romantic it can be to stroll along the picture-perfect boulevards and gaze in awe at the Eiffel Tower. But Paris is also well known for its exquisite cuisine and top-class chefs, so it would be a real shame to visit Europe without taking part in a food tour while visiting la belle Paris.

On this tour, visitors can sample exceptional artisanal chocolate and try a real macaron, France’s famous and iconic pastry. These are worth trying even if you are not a fan of sweets, since nobody does macarons like the Parisians. There is more to life than chocolate and pastries, after all, so French bread is also on the menu, together with the finest cheese and cured sausage in the region, all paired with fantastic French wines. Cheers!

Food has always played a central role in French culture, and the traditional dishes of each region are the result of historical events, trends and upheaval. Food tours are more than just a fun pastime; they are a way of getting to know a city and its customs as authentically as possible. Taking time to explore the food of the cities you’re visiting, sourced directly from local markets and vendors, will provide you with a different perspective on the destination and the people who live there. Having visited these beautiful countries and been a part of this fantastic experience, you’ll want to book a tour in each new place you go!

The sky’s the limit, so jump on that plane! There is no time to waste: grab a map, book your tickets, pack your things, and make the trip to Europe. Get ready to walk for hours, keep your eyes open to take in every detail, taste the unique flavors, and keep your phone charged to capture every second of this once in a lifetime experience.


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