Generative AI: The Key to Enabling Workplace Communications

workplace communication

By Tim Porter

Amid the economic downturn, it is becoming increasingly important for business leaders to understand how they can leverage technology to create efficiencies within their company and make the lives of employees easier. Generative Ai has enormous potential to transform both workplaces and communication with customers, both internally and externally.

Despite chatbots like ChatGPT recently coming to prominence, the impact of generative Ai on the workplace is often overlooked in favour of more ‘flashy’ aspects of Ai. But in reality, generative Ai has the power to change virtually every job on the planet and make an enormous difference in both our work and personal lives. Business leaders need to understand the impact of Ai on workplace communications and harness its abilities in order to revolutionise the way their workers communicate.

Generative Ai’s impact on customer engagement and experience

For businesses that engage with customers, onboarding and training can be expensive, and agent turnover is often high. To improve customer experience, increase satisfaction and enable efficient workplace communications, the answer lies in leveraging advanced Ai that can tackle these issues. In older versions of chatbots, there have been reports of conversations not going to plan because of lack of human oversight. It becomes a critical mission for businesses who use chatbot technology, particularly in customer communications, to ensure the appropriate tone of voice, communication style and correct information.

Ai with conversational functionality can improve this, as it works in real-time deep search in order to accurately and precisely answer questions, as well as surfacing useful information for agents and sales representatives before responding to customers. Furthermore, Ai can aid in customer-company calls by using its features to investigate the customer’s query and direct them to the best agent for the job.

By leveraging the power of generative Ai, companies can drastically improve their customer-facing interactions, as well as enable employees to confidently communicate with clients. With a 2022 survey from McKinsey showing that Ai adoption has more than doubled in the last five years, businesses and executives need to ensure that they are embracing the impact of Ai on workplace communications, in order to conquer competition and attract loyal customers.

With great power comes great content variety

From images to text, audio to video, the possibilities are endless for what generative Ai can create. This enables businesses to produce diverse and appealing content that can draw in a range of customers who may have not considered using a company’s services before. Personalisation is also an important factor that cannot be overlooked that provides tremendous value to both workers and customers.

According to a study by Capterra, 45% of marketing executives spend their time creating content throughout the week, and despite admitting that Ai generated content is not perfect, 82% of marketers say that it can be as good or better than campaigns created by humans. This highlights how generative Ai can enhance communications externally and allow businesses to attract a wide range of customers.  On the client side, the impressive range of advertisements and projects are attractive and keep them coming back for more. For employees, time spent working on repetitive, dull tasks is dramatically reduced, with the Capterra study highlighting that 88% of marketers agree that using Ai tools save time and increase productivity.

Increasing productivity and satisfaction

A satisfied workforce often leads to increased productivity. With generative Ai, workers can reduce the administrative burden that comes along with many roles and focus on creativity and innovation. This can increase employee satisfaction and take away unnecessary pressures, enabling workers to focus on the things that truly matter. Namely, ensuring client needs are met to the highest possible standard.

The true impact of generative Ai on workplace communications

The range of benefits that generative Ai can bring to the workplace are endless. Generative Ai products, like that of ChatGPT, are able to impact the workplace like never before. From increasing customer engagement and experiences through conversational functionality, to the wide range of content it can produce, and its capacity to increase employee productivity. Businesses need to truly harness the power of generative Ai to transform their workplace communications.

About the Author

Tim PorterTim Porter is Senior Director of Product Management at Dialpad. Prior to his current role, he was the CEO and Founder of Kare Knowledge, a customer experience (CX) platform that optimises workflow orchestration, knowledge management, analytics, and business intelligence. Dialpad acquired Kare Knowledgeware in 2021 to help elevate the customer and agent experience.


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