GeeTest Launches Device Fingerprinting: A Leading Defense Against Emerging Cyber Threats

Global Cybersecurity

The Current State of Global Cybersecurity Challenges

More than 60% of internet traffic comprises fake, bot-driven, or malicious activity, presenting a significant danger to online entities. These threats manifest through various forms of digital fraud, including bot attacks, account takeovers, credential stuffing, and ad fraud, posing a considerable risk to online businesses. Addressing this issue requires distinguishing between genuine users and their automated, fake, or malicious counterparts.

As cyber threats escalate in frequency and complexity, businesses urgently require robust cybersecurity solutions. Traditional methods are proving inadequate, underscoring the necessity for innovative tools. Device fingerprinting emerges as a crucial tool in combating unauthorized access and fraudulent activities. The key lies in implementing an adaptive and seamlessly integrable device fingerprinting solution that effectively counters evolving cyber threats.

Existing cybersecurity measures often struggle to keep pace with emerging threats to online platforms. Traditional security protocols like authentication methods and IP-based detection are increasingly susceptible to sophisticated evasion tactics employed by malicious actors. To tackle this challenge, the GeeTest Device Fingerprinting solution utilizes advanced techniques for precise device identification. Through analyzing an extensive range of device attributes and behaviors, our product enhances security measures, providing proactive defense against fraud and unauthorized access. This innovative approach aims to transform digital security, ensuring a more reliable defense mechanism against evolving cyber risks.


What Can We Offer You?

Comprehensive Understanding of Your Business Traffic Health

We analyze traffic from various dimensions, achieving precise traffic deduplication and distinguishing abnormal traffic. We provide detailed risk profile labels to help you gain comprehensive insights into your business traffic from a global perspective.

Enhancing Confidence in Security and Business Decisions

We monitor traffic credibility from both behavioral and device perspectives, offering up to 37 black industry risk labels for reference. Easily identify devices with the same risk labels, providing optimization references for your security and business strategies.

Risk Labels

Monitor traffic credibility from both behavioral and device dimensions, providing up to 34 black industry risk labels for reference. It facilitates the identification of devices with similar risk labels, offering optimization references for your security and business strategies.

Relation Map

By identifying connections among risky traffic, and automating the organization of risk details, frequency information, and associated data for high-risk devices, this process provides data references for business departments.

Application Management

You can add as many applications as you need. Each application’s data is distinguished through unique IDs and keys, facilitating secure data analysis for different business modules.

Access Control

According to your needs, you can manually add blacklists or whitelists to facilitate the management of access permissions to specific objects or resources.

Data Studio

Our Device Fingerprinting product includes a robust Data Studio feature, offering users an intuitive analytics dashboard for comprehensive insights. It enables informed decisions, pattern detection, and effective security strategy optimization.

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GeeTest Device Fingerprinting leverages cutting-edge technologies such as Triple-Dimensional Review Technology, GCN Knowledge Graph, and Weak Feature Identification Technology. These technologies ensure comprehensive device identification and analysis while prioritizing user privacy. To learn more about key technologies at play you can download the product brochure of GeeTest Device Fingerprinting by clicking here.

GeeTest’s Device Fingerprinting emerges as a beacon of defense in the fast-paced digital landscape. By intelligently identifying and tracking devices, it offers a robust defense mechanism against a multitude of threats faced by industries today. 

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About GeeTest

GeeTest, a CAPTCHA and bot management provider, protects websites, mobile apps, and APIs from automated bot-driven attacks, like ATO, credential stuffing, web scalping, etc. GeeTest has been developing human-bot verification technology since 2012. Now it processes 2.9 billion CAPTCHA requests daily and serves 320,000+ companies in sectors like blockchain, online games, e-commerce, etc. In November 2021 GeeTest was recognized as a selected vendor in Forrester’s Now Tech: Bot Management, Q4 2021. In Aug 2023, GeeTest CAPTCHA Awarded 2023 Best Ease of Use and Best Value Badges by Capterra.


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