Garden Bar Trends for Summer

garden bar

Due to the pandemic, garden bars are increasing in popularity around the world and especially in the UK, with thousands of people searching the web for inspiration daily. The search term Garden bar was searched 60 thousand times in 2022.

In 2020 when Covid-19 hit, many of the rules were not to meet with family and friends in public spaces. Homeowners were then creating home garden bars for their friends and family to visit whilst being socially distanced. As the lockdown rules eased, people are still creating Garden bars because they are less hassle than a night out with friends and are a great way to host your celebrations, rather than spending money on a venue on a night out.

Garden bars are growing in popularity because they create a new, modern space in the comfort of your home. Garden bars create a unique space for homeowners to enjoy. A study by Forest Gardens indicates six million people in the UK are constructing outdoor entertainment areas for their family and friends at home.  

Garden Bar Trends

As summer is a couple of months away, newer trends are coming out and are necessary for Garden Bars.

Egg Chairs – Swinging Egg Chairs are one of the biggest trends for summer and garden bars with 234% search increasing in 2021. Swinging egg chairs are extremely comfortable according to multiple sources and ideal for outdoor living space. As previously mentioned, Garden bars create a chilled, relaxing space for homeowners within the comfort of their homes.

Corner Sofas – Corner sofas are ideal for homeowners with Garden bars, while the host is preparing the drinks from the bar the sofas are a comfortable space for friends and family to catch up, whilst drinks are being prepared.

Furniture – Garden Furniture is necessary for Garden bars and numerous homeowners will use wooden or metal, either way, both are great for garden bars, and they can match the theme easily.

Garden Bar Ideas

Outdoor Bar with Pizza Oven – The outdoor bar with a pizza oven is great for when friends and families come over. The Garden Bar is stylish and with a smooth countertop, which provides a modern look and ideal for many homeowners.

Mixed Stone Bar – The Mixed stone bar is a newer trend, that a lot of homeowners are buying. The mixed stones and smooth laminated finish surface make it eye-catching for many people.

Gin Bar – The Gin Bar is a popular choice for many because of the stylish, classic look. People also add fairy lights in the back to bring a warm subtle glow. The lights work well with a dark wood themed bar.

When choosing accessories to add to your Garden bar, don’t choose items that will take the spotlight rather than the bar. Minimal accessories like Plants are ideal. Add Bi-fold shutters to your bar to ensure safety when you are not present.

What is a Tiki Bar?

A Tiki bar is a Polynesian theme that serves exotic cocktails. This can either be in the form of a restaurant or garden bar. The term Tiki comes from Maori Mythology.

Tiki Bar – To make a Tiki bar you can hang decorations with colour to your bar. Adding large palms adds a tropical vibe to your garden bar. Using eye-catching decorations creates the Tiki atmosphere and a darkish, grey theme works well.

Adding bar stools are important to garden bars as it gives a rest spot for the friends and family to sit on whilst waiting for drinks from the host. Lastly adding shutters wither bi-fold or pull-down shutters are essential garden bars to protect possessions while you’re not there.



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