Gamstop: a Complete User’s Guide for Blocking Betting Sites


GAMSTOP is a tool that allows you to place limits on your online gambling activity. You will be unable to access gambling websites and apps offered by companies based in the United Kingdom for the length of time you specify. Gamstop’s self-exclusion policy prevents you from visiting casino websites in England, Scotland, or Wales. If you have money problems due to lack of self-control, Gamstop is the solution.

User’s guide:

The self-exclusion scheme by Gamstop requires you to register yourself on the site. For the registration, one needs to provide basic personal information such as place and date of birth, residential address with postcode, mobile number, and email address in use. This information would enable the website to place all possible restrictions on your gambling activities.

After signing up, information about technical support and practical tools will be provided through an email. After 24 hours of registration, the self-exclusion scheme will be activated for you. The restriction period can be six months, one year, or up to five years, depending on your personal choice.

Gamstop works best if you keep your information updated on the website. If you change your address, email, or phone number, you must update the website to keep the scheme effective. While registering for the programme, you must choose the time period carefully as you would not be able to cancel it before the specified period. Thus, you will not be eligible to get your money back before that time.

How does Gamstop work:

Gamstop demands personal information such as a user’s birth name, postcode, date of birth, email address, and current mobile phone number to sign up. This data is saved in Gamstop’s archive and is utilized for future monitoring purposes. When you sign in to your account or create a new one, the Gamstop-affiliated websites run a security check against the Gamstop registry to see if it meets the requirements. You will be refused login and registration capabilities immediately if the website detects that you have self-excluded from gambling and discovers you in the Gamstop archive. If you are already logged in to another gaming website and then register with Gamstop, it will not work.

How to update self-exclusion:

After registration, your account will contain your personal information such as telephone number, postal and email address, and contact consent. To update or amend any of this information, you will have to contact the Gamstop technical support team to update it for you in their archives.

The self-exclusion scheme does not expire automatically when the specified period is completed. So, you can extend or re-activate the scheme easily through your account.

Gamstop privacy policy:

Most people show concern about the provision of personal information for the program. To address these concerns, Gamstop has devised a privacy policy entailing why they need personal information.

  • Gamstop requires this personal information to verify identities through the use of facial recognition technology.
  • Gamstop cannot share a person’s details with anyone without his consent, even for research purposes. The research results are shared with Gamstop at the end. Even if a person wants to withdraw the consent between the research, he has the right to do that.
  • Gamstop shares the personal data with GamCare, which Is a National Gambling helpline, after getting the person’s consent.
  • The terms of use of Gamstop mention that they can share your personal information with the following service suppliers after your consent:
  1.   Gambling operators
  2.   Researchers
  3.   Corporate organizations
  4.   Legal obligations and rights
  • A particular category of personal data is required in some cases. This special category information includes religion, race, sexual orientation, health data etc. Such data is required for legitimate interest, contract, substantial public interest, or emergency after explicit agreement.
  • Apart from the contract, Gamstop is legally obligated only to use the law requiring personal data. When this is the case, the legal foundation is processing required to comply with a legal duty.

Emotional and physical support:

Gamstop does not only put a restriction on your online gambling activities, but it also provides you with emotional and mental support to prevent relapses.

If a person requires immediate help, they may contact Papyrus or Samaritans, who will help them deal with emotional distress and suicidal thoughts. Online support, Big deal, Gambling therapy and Gamcare may help you deal with your emotional state. Gamblers Anonymous provide face-to-face support by holding meetings with these people. National Gambling helpline is a free helpline which assists people who are problematic gamblers emotionally.

The practical measures taken by Gamstop to stop gambling addiction are blocking softwares’ and ad blockers. The ad blockers block any addictive advertisement, which may cause relapse. Several practical tools such as TalkBanStop are used to assist the problematic gamblers.

Gambling sites registered on Gamstop:

Around 180 gambling operators have been registered with Gamstop, which includes all the popular gambling sites of Great Britain. Some of these popular sites are Betfair, LeoVegas, Casumo, Coral,, Pokerstars, 21Bet, Unibet, William Hill and more.

As of 2021, the companies which are working in alignment with Gamstop are: 32 Red Limited, Goldchip Limited, Annexio Limited, Health Lottery (ELM) Limited, RTSB Limited (Match Bingo), Betmate Limited, BetVictor Limited, Betway Limited, Bgo Entertainment Limited, Sovereign Group UK Limited (Top The Lot) etc.

Gambling sites not registered with Gamstop:

Many people ask themselves, can you remove Gamstop? Things are quite simple. The sites which are not under the UKGC license cannot register with the program. However, these sites allow UK players to gamble through their platforms but cannot register with Gamstop. Some betting sites which are not on Gamstop are: CASINO, The Red Lion, ROYAL OAK CASINO, RIDIKA and many more.

Gamstop has proved to be an effective anti-gambling plugin, but they never denied that an addict has to rely mainly on his willpower to avoid relapses. They have been working to encourage people to voluntarily use the anti-gambling programs for their security and the state’s betterment eventually. No power can restrain you from your addiction unless you want to get away from it.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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