Gamification’s Impact on Life Skills in the UAE


With video games becoming increasingly popular among kids, Special Olympics UAE also has a group of hardworking individuals with common hobbies. Athletes competing in the Special Olympics said gaming enhanced their practical skills, and the gaming industry became a big business. Twenty athletes are excited to participate in the Blast Premier World Final in Abu Dhabi, where eight top esports teams worldwide will compete for top honors and a $1 million prize money.

The Middle East is one of the areas adopting esports and drawing in new players as it quickly transforms the entertainment industry and people’s perceptions. One of many organizations realizing its tremendous potential for inclusion and education is the Special Olympics UAE.

The UAE is especially appealing for digital gaming. An economy is predicted to achieve an appraisal of US$314.40 billion by 2026. It is due to several factors. First, the UAE has the most extraordinary per-capita gaming spending in the region. Furthermore, 34% of UAE residents under 25 spend an average of 14 hours per week playing video games. The UAE is well known worldwide for its exceptional infrastructure and corporate productivity. It also serves as a gateway to the greater Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region, where the world’s most major gaming markets are located.

How Gaming Became So Prominent?

Since they first appeared, video games have entertained both kids and adults. Online gaming has become more realistic than ever, so the days of blurry graphics and constrained audio are a thing of the past. Video games advance along with technology.

The expense of developing a video game to work on one of the major platforms has increased along with the sophistication of video game creation. Games can now cost tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars, whereas it was once unimaginable to spend millions on development. In aspects of manufacturing and advertising costs, it has brought video game advancement into the realm of Cinematic motion pictures.

Gaming in UAE

In light of these developments, the UAE government has acted swiftly to put the necessary systems in place to realize the potential of online gaming fully. One example is that the government has promoted the creation of particular non-financial free zones that endorse artistic efforts, like twofour54 and Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone. Such free zones permit various activities, including event planning, television support services, core and supplementary e-gaming services, and digital content services. It thus illustrates vision and foresight because businesses that offer supplemental or alternative services related to digital gaming are encouraged to open offices in the UAE.

Meanwhile, countless people are amazed by the dimensions of the iGaming market today, noting that it gained popularity out of thin air. The origins of what is now a multibillion-dollar industry can be traced back to human societies. Also, the sports of chance and the enjoyment they provide are gaming’s most notable features.

Strategy games, sports betting, and numerous other chance-based structures have been well-liked throughout history. It merely demonstrated how drawn humans are to games that involve chance. These were the original building blocks of the now enormous gaming sector.

Checking a guide on how to play online casinos UAE is now being done in the said region due to the sector’s millions of participants despite the restrictions. Players benefit from having some foresight and a head start by learning beforehand about the industry. With so many new companies entering the market every day, it will eventually become one of the biggest industries ever. You can find information regarding gambling in the United Arab Emirates on this page. Prepared by its team of professionals, it offers tips on the best and finest casinos to play at in the UAE, security advice, and of obviously, the best rewards.

In contrast, using the internet for any gambling activity is prohibited in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which also has tight legislative guidelines. The government keeps a careful eye on online activities and restricts the use of websites that provide services for online gambling. It is not advisable to engage in online gambling while located in the UAE because violators could involve severe penalties, such as jail time and financial fines. Hence you may only enjoy it through the use of a VPN. Even while utilizing it, it is necessary to respect the local rules and ordinances when using the internet in any nation.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of untapped possibilities in the digital and gaming industry, which is progressively interchanging with other Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies like blockchain, intelligent systems, and virtual worlds. The UAE has the industry, the facilities, and, most relevantly, the readiness to be a worldwide leader in an innovative sector.

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