Gambling innovations in 2019


In 2018, technologies remained significant footprints industry of games: live casinos improved the interface, virtual gambling establishments massively were adapted to mobile devices. Since the last year, the gambling world has changed a lot.

The countries you would never call the most progressive in playing gambling games are now taking the leading positions. For instance, Australia is one of them. To find out more about online casino Australia, go to the website There you will come across with the detailed information regarding this kind of entertainment, which is widely popular among the Australians.

So what are today’s gambling trendings?


The involvement of famous characters

Now in the gambling sphere, branded slots dominate – thematic games based on famous characters from films, cartoons or comics. The first branded slot machine appeared in 2004. Since then, Microgaming had introduced Tomb Raider. In that time, branded slots became a worldwide hit.

Given the popularity of branded slots, experts predict that this trend will also be successful not only in 2019 but in the next few years.


Real-time game with a dealer

Microgaming and Evolution Gaming launched the first live casinos in 2006. By 2019, IT technologies have become more affordable, that is why innovation now is in great demand. This software is popular both among the most visited casinos in the world and among novices.

Currently, operators can choose from more than 20 live casino packages from different providers, each with their own features and bonuses.

Why are games with real dealers so popular? There are four reasons for this:

• accessibility via mobile devices
• the unique experience of socialization
• the illusion of land-based casinos atmosphere
• many bonuses and VIP programs

No doubt, this innovation increases the excitement of the user significantly.

In addition, artificial intelligence technologies will be actively used in the gambling field. This feature will allow creating an individual offer for each client, tracking and analyzing its activity. Besides, it will simplify and make identification more reliable, in particular with the help of voice. In this way, the owners of online gambling platforms are about to identify the behavior of players, to pick up the most attractive bonuses for them.



Accompanied funny sounds effects and audios have always been a great way to entertain the player and boost the interest in the game. Now both operators and players have a wide choice of songs. For instance, Guns N ‘Roses, The Rolling Stones, Kiss and Jimi Hendrix slots, and old-time pop lovers can appreciate Michael Jackson or Britney Spears slots, etc. Besides, TV shows and movie soundtracks are also offered. You will definitely recognize the central theme of the Game of Thrones or the music from The Dark Knight.


The usage of cryptocurrency payment

Despite the decline in interest in cryptocurrencies, their use in online gambling is otherwise gaining popularity. The benefits of using bitcoin or ether to deposit at an online casino far outweigh its drawbacks.

Users also point out the convenience of the fact that cryptocurrency is not associated with a bank account. Therefore, players do not have to provide any financial data in order to use it. Many players hope that large casinos will continue accepting such payment methods.


Virtual and Augmented Reality

These types of platforms allow several gamers to interact directly during the session. This innovation will make online gambling even more realistic and attractive. For example, thanks to VR, poker players will be able to see each other and evaluate who is bluffing and fooling you. Such companies as Microgaming and Novomatic are also working on introducing virtual reality technologies into online games.

These trending innovations will be ahead of the game in 2019 and, apparently, will hold their leading positions in the next few years.

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