Fresno’s Krishen Iyer on Quora Marketing Strategies

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It’s not every day where someone goes online and feels comfortable asking a question to a stranger. Fortunately, Quora provides a platform for curious minds to obtain the answers they crave. Quora is an information-focused website where users ask and answer questions on over 400,000 topics. It is similar to Reddit in that it relies on an upvoting system for content to go viral; the more upvotes a question or an answer has, the more users will see the content on the website.

Over 300 million users visit Quora every month. The website also offers a search engine optimization advantage because its questions are searchable through Google. If Quora seems like a good fit for your business’s digital marketing strategy, you will need to know how the website fits into your broader goals. Here are some suggestions on using Quora to foster positive brand recognition for your business and beyond.

All About Quora’s Paid Advertising Techniques 

If using Quora to publish paid advertisements, you will first need to create an ad account. After creating one, head to the Manage Ads page to get more familiar with Quora’s marketing analytics. The Manage Ads page includes an advertising spending summary that the website categorizes into four areas: clicks, conversions, impressions, and spend. These features are incredibly useful in evaluating how your marketing efforts measure up against the website’s overall content. You can also use this data to decide whether your content helps meet your measurable business goals, such as increased website traffic or growth in ecommerce revenue.

Quora also offers conversion targeting, allowing companies to track the impact Quora advertising has on their website. Simply place the conversion pixel on your company’s website, and you will be able to monitor how many users visit your website because of something they saw on Quora. When conversion targeting, you can also select specific keywords to associate with your content. Quora also gives you the ability to select different interests when targeting your advertising. Use this feature if you are eager to attract new customers.

How to Use Quora with Intention 

The Quora platform cannot be a part of your social media strategy as a passive tactic. Like with any digital marketing plan, your business should understand why they want to use the platform and what they seek to achieve through their profile. Make sure that your strategies align with specific, measurable goals that you want your business to meet.

To use Quora with intention, I recommend that you take the time to search for the right questions to answer. Millions of queries might exist on the platform that you could respond to, but replying to the first question that intrigues you may not necessarily help you meet your business goals. Quora is about working smarter, not harder. In doing so, use its search engine to type in relevant keywords for your business and its intentions. After the search populates, be sure to filter for only questions from the past month. Limiting your search for content from the past thirty days increases the likelihood that your content will catch someone else’s attention and introduce them to your brand.

Since you should only search for content that has to do with your brand, make sure your replies showcase a sincere interest in what the other user is saying. Demonstrate your insight and experience in what they are looking to learn more about by sending resources to learn more about the topic in question. To increase website traffic, I recommend that you locate some of your previously published content to share with the question-asker. Inserting a snip from your perspective highlights your knowledge on the topic while also sparking the user’s curiosity about your background.

Quora offers a multitude of tactics for engaging with other users aside from the search engine. Be sure to save and bookmark topics that apply to your business so you can keep your finger on the pulse of industry updates. To boost your engagement, look for threads with plenty of upvotes to guarantee visibility.

About Krishen Iyer

California native Krishen Iyer is an expert entrepreneur focusing on marketing, contracting, consulting, and insurance. As the founder and chief executive officer of the MAIS Consulting Group, Iyer spearheads the firm’s efforts to advise insurance clients on marketing and contracting innovations. Clients come to MAIS Consulting looking to identify organizational weaknesses. In return, Iyer draws on his nearly two decades of experience to identify positive, measurable impacts that addressing these weaknesses will have on the organizations.


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