Free Advertising on the Internet, Where to Place your Ads for Free

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By Eliza Sadler

Advertising your business is a perfect way to get your products or services known by the consumer. The ads and Digital Marketing Campaigns help you fill the role of information service by educating consumers about your product or service and enabling them to know where to get them.

Here’s the booby trap: Advertising isn’t cheap especially if you’re also trying to make your company embrace digital transformation. If you’re running a startup, the costs of advertising alone can overwhelm you. Here’s some good news; you can actually advertise for free.

Therefore, you really don’t have to break the bank for your products or services to reach or be known by the consumer. There are several and legitimate platforms that make it easy for you to place your ads for free.

Where can I Post my Ads for Free?

Free advertising for business guarantees you two primary benefits: It allows you to push your products to a broader audience even when you’re on a tight budget. It also allows plenty of room for creativity to play online. Nonetheless, there are a few downsides you may also want to be aware of beforehand.

For example, free advertising may require a huge time investment. However, this drawback may not hold too much weight, considering that you really won’t need to get to the extremes to get your products to the consumer. Here are the top free places to post your ads for free.

I. Craigslist

Craigslist is designed for posting and viewing local advertisements. It hosts classified ads for every category out there, implying that you will most certainly find a category for your products or services. You can check out sites like Devumi for more useful information. 

Craigslist supports more than 10 languages and averages more than 30 billion page views each month, making it a favorite for businesses working on tight budgets. To post a free ad on Craigslist, visit the website’s home page at, select ‘post to classifieds,’ choose a category for your ad, enter the text and then follow the prompts.

Some people also use platforms like Craigslist when promoting offerings like professional writing services, so it may also be a great resource if you need help with tutoring and assignment help. Do note that there are some cities that may require a premium account for you to post the ads.

 II. Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business (GMB) is another free advertisement alternative that would certainly be more appealing to you if you’re working on a tight budget. Studies show that 49 percent of businesses that use GMB get over 1000 search views each month.

If you use GMB, your listing will appear in Google Maps and, of course, Google search results. Most small and medium business owners (SMBs) prefer GMB because of the efficiency it guarantees. Near me searches are one if not the quickest evolving local SEO keyword you can use in the search engine. You can rank your business in your target location by optimizing keywords, for example, if you own a pawn shop, you can use keywords like pawnshops near me, pawn stores nearby, etc. 

It allows you to add essential details like business phone number, location, working hours, and website. It lists the direction to your business, and also allows you to add extra content, something which may increase your conversion rates.

III. Facebook

You probably know that you can use premium Facebook ads to reach a wider audience. That’s not the only option, though.

Facebook also allows you to promote your business using a Facebook page. To increase your visibility, be sure to add frequent updates to your Facebook page.

Savvy brands use functionalities like the Facebook cover image for promotions. Other features like the Call to Action buttons also make it easier for interested potential consumers to connect with you quickly.

IV. eBay

It is estimated that eBay has upwards of 187 million active buyers. Therefore, using eBay to promote your product or service will give you the exposure that your product may need to sell.

Even though eBay allows you to advertise for free, it is important to note that if you add any upgrades to your ad, they will charge for that. Nonetheless, it is an option you may still want to try for yourself, considering that it presents businesses with a plethora of tools that make marketing your products or services to a broader consumer base easier.

V. Gumtree

Gumtree is particularly popular in the United Kingdom (U.K). It is an online marketplace designed to make buying and selling easier.

The site has a classified ads section that allows you to post premium or free ads. With more than 13 million new visitors each month, you can count on Gumtree as one of the best options to place your ads for free.

VI. Classified Ads

Classified Ads is entirely free, implying that you won’t need to set a budget for this platform. Like most free advertising platforms mentioned on this list, Classified Ads has several categories, making buying and selling services on the platform almost effortless.

Importantly, it also makes it easy for interested consumers to contact you directly. To avoid spam, classified ads monitor and filter the ads posted on the site so you can rest assured that your ads will not be affected by disengaged traffic and spam. Make use of the backlink feature to link back to your sites and the contact form feature to make it easier for target audiences to connect with you quickly. Increasing telegram subscriber is also a great initiative nowadays, it’s a great source of getting audience. You can learn here on how to increase members for Telegram.

VII. Oodle

Oodle stands out as one of the largest free advertising networks connecting the users to the local listings from other platforms like newspapers and eBay. It flaunts more than 15 million monthly users spread across seven countries. To post your ads for free on Oodle, you will need to connect the platform to your Facebook account.

This is necessary for protecting the users from fraudulent activities. Oodle provides an option for upgrading your account to enjoy more powerful features like adding live backlinks to improve your overall traffic.

VIII. Locanto

Location is available in 60 countries, with its headquarters in Germany. It adopts an approach that’s almost similar to the one used on Craigslist.

Even though it is free to post your ads on Locanto, you can significantly benefit from the platform if you have a substantial online presence. It has specific categories designed for promoting leisure activities, selling tickets, and even classes, among others.

Just like with Craigslist, a common drawback you may need to be aware of if you’re planning to use Locanto is that there are a few cities that may require you to have a premium account to place your ads. For most users, though, it’s free, and you enjoy the benefit of your ads remaining live for 60 days.

In Closing

Even though there are sites that allow you to post ads for free, you will need good marketing strategies to get best results. Therefore, it would be best if you take time to shape your strategy.

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