Forbes Names Controlio as Top Employee Monitoring Software

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As employee monitoring software becomes more advanced, companies like Controlio will need to proactively address rising demands for privacy and transparency from both employees and the public. Controlio has stated a commitment to enabling businesses to monitor employees without infringing on reasonable privacy expectations. However, clear policies, security controls, and transparency will be key to earning employee trust and avoiding backlash. 

Controlio also provides intuitive customizable reporting and risk scoring to highlight areas needing attention. Controlio and the broader employee monitoring industry would benefit from developing ethical guidelines and best practices focused on disclosure, consent, data security, and accountable usage policies. As analytics provide ever-deeper insights from employee behaviors, companies must be extremely careful to use this information responsibly rather than punitively. Formal processes giving employees visibility into what data is collected and how it is used, as well as recourse in cases of perceived privacy violations, will become increasingly important.

Here are some key reasons why Forbes chose Controlio as the leading employee monitoring provider:

Powerful Productivity Analytics

The companies that embrace privacy and transparency as core values, while still delivering robust employee monitoring capabilities to customers, will thrive in the future. Controlio is well positioned in this regard but must preemptively address rising expectations for ethical oversight technology. If the employee monitoring industry fails to self-regulate, public demands for regulation will only intensify. Getting ahead of these concerns presents an opportunity for responsible leaders like Controlio to shape the market’s evolution in a positive direction. By taking privacy and consent seriously, Controlio can cement its position as a trusted provider of oversight technology balancing both business and human interests. The time to address these issues proactively is now.

Robust Security Features

Controlio stands out with leading-edge security capabilities like anomaly detection that spots insider threats, compromised accounts or other risky behaviors. Features like screenshot recording, optical character recognition, and cloud application monitoring give Controlio the strongest security oversight on the market.

Intuitive Real-Time Monitoring

The Controlio dashboard centralizes all employee monitoring data into simple, intuitive graphs and charts updated in real-time. This enables managers to understand what’s happening across the organization in seconds for faster incident response. Real-time policy violation alerts also notify managers of problems instantly.

Powerful Reports and Risk Scoring

Controlio’s on-demand reports and risk scoring provide deeper insights to inform better decisions. Managers can generate reports assessing productivity, security, compliance, web usage risks and more. Meanwhile individual and team risk scores quickly highlight departments and employees in most need of attention.

Easy Custom Policies

Creating customized policies is simple in Controlio with easy compliance templates, allowing businesses to specify policies that fit their needs. Violations against customized policies instantly trigger alerts for rapid response. This level of tailored policy oversight sets Controlio apart.

Superior Scalability

Finally, Forbes favored Controlio for its proven scalability, citing successful deployments monitoring over 50,000 endpoints across banking, healthcare, retail, education and government sectors. Controlio’s cutting-edge architecture provides insights into the largest distributed workforces while minimizing network impact.

With its combination of productivity optimization, insider threat visibility, customizable policies and enterprise-grade scalability, it is no surprise Forbes selected Controlio as the leading employee monitoring solution for 2022. Controlio represents the next evolution in workplace analytics and oversight technology. To learn more about deploying Controlio’s leading employee monitoring and analytics in your organization visit Empower your business with the deepest visibility into your workforce with Controlio, named #1 employee monitoring software by Forbes.


Controlio being named the top employee monitoring software by Forbes underlines its position as an industry leader. With powerful analytics providing unparalleled visibility into employee activity and behavior across devices and networks, Controlio enables businesses to boost productivity, security and policy compliance. Easy customization and enterprise-level scalability make Controlio the ideal monitoring solution for today’s distributed workforces and hybrid work environments. Its combination of actionable insights, real-time monitoring and risk scoring deliver value that sets it apart as today’s most capable employee monitoring provider.


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