For Beginners: 3 Bitcoin Security Tips

bitcoin security

If you are thinking of buying bitcoin then this article is going to be very helpful for you, because In this article, we will walk you through some ways to buy and store bitcoin safely. Hardly what you already know about them is that bitcoin is different. Click here for more essential cryptocurrency tips

If you are new to the world of cryptocurrency then you need to keep your private key in a safe form because if you lose your private key, you can lose your bitcoins forever. If you lose the phrase, there is no customer service and no bank available to help you recover your lost money or if you ever forget your password, no button can help you. Whereas bitcoin is the only currency that gives its users the power to control their money. It is your responsibility to protect your digital assets from human errors or possible attacks of any kind, but at the same time, you may find it difficult.

Whether you are an advanced user of cryptocurrency or new to it, everything below can help you safely invest your crypto.

1. Keeping a separate wallet

If you invest with one currency, there may be a possibility that you may have to create a separate wallet for different purposes. If you don’t keep your fiat money in one place, you can also split them up into your different crypto wallets. There are a variety of crypto wallets available in the market with a wide range of functions, features and benefits. such As, paper wallets, hardware wallets, mobile wallets and desktop wallets. There are also a few different types of bitcoin wallets available here to learn more. One size wallet is not suitable for crypto investors as it becomes necessary for them to have more than one wallet to store their funds.

Through a mobile wallet, you can do business purposes or small daily transactions. And you can use the Ledger wallet to deposit large amounts of money. You can keep your crypto funds in different wallets if you want to avoid the potential risk of losing money in one wallet. However, you need to note that the more wallets you have available, the more responsibility and attention you have to pay to keep and manage those wallets securely.

2. A password for a crypto wallet

If you use a crypto wallet to store your funds online, it is essential to have a strong password to avoid cyber-like attacks. And if you use the same password for multiple accounts like Email, Facebook and Exchange Wallet then it can be harmful to you. Because if you use the same password for different websites then it can become an easy target for hackers. Because if for some reason your information is leaked to the hackers then they will have full access to all your funds as well as all your crypto wallets.

You are required to use a strong and unique password to avoid all these things. You can set up 2FA on all your online Exchange accounts for even more security.

3. Backing up wallet

Whenever you prefer a wallet to send or receive bitcoins, you will need to back up your wallet for greater security of your money. It lets you recover if you lose your device or your keys, and it also allows you to gain access to bitcoin. Performing the backup process is straightforward. You must first create a unique series of words, which are available as recovery phrases. Keep in mind that you never store your recovery seed on your computer or take pictures of your secret keys from your phone. If your computer is epidemical with malware, hackers can easily gain access to your recovery password and password. So, keep it off-site to keep your recovery phrase safe.

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