Five Ways How Travel Insurance Can Protect Your Family’s Vacation


By Isabelle Jordan

Getting on a trip, the last thing you want to think about is trouble waiting for you on vacation. However, everybody knows how unpredictable life is. You should be prepared for the surprises. And double more careful during your family’s vacation with kids. Ubiquitous and curious children sometimes cause their parents a lot of problems. So, it’s much better to foresee all problems and take out the travel insurance.

In this article, you’ll find out information on five ways how travel insurance can protect your family’s vacation. What does the family insurance for travel abroad provide?

1. One policy includes all family members

Insurance for travel abroad with family is a universal and convenient attribute for tourists. The convenience of this service is that it supposes life insurance where, together with the insured person, his family members are also insured. In case the parents need medical services, the children will not be left without care. 

If a parent finds himself or herself in a difficult situation during treatment at the hospital, the insurance company will arrange for the evacuation of children to their native country, accompanied by an adult. This is a sound argument to buy travel insurance. At EKTA — travel company you can count for active vacation insurance, fracture insurance, child sports insurance, and many other things you might need during a trip.

2. The universality of family insurance

The universality of such insurance comprises the program choice, whereby the policy will be purchased. Here, it means that when insuring a family, the insured may choose a program whereby they will receive supplementary health insurance, or accident insurance, loss of baggage insurance, etc. Types and conditions of the programs depend on the insurance companies implementing them.

With health insurance, you and your family will feel more confident as it will provide immediate health care in case of illness or accident. The cost of treatment abroad is much higher than the cost of insurance. Payment for doctors and medicine comes from the account of the insurance company. 

The cost of health insurance depends on several criteria: age and state of health of tourists, type of trip.  When getting health insurance, you must check whether it includes coverage for emergencies, injuries, an unexpected illness, and even death. All of these points should also be included.

3. Insurance covers all family risks and costs of medical care 

The insurance policy covers all costs of health care. It includes costs for medicine, examinations, transportation, etc. Family accident insurance provides such risk coverage as

  • bodily injury; 
  • death; 
  • disability; 
  • hospitalization. 

In a lot of cases, the insured is one of the parents. Prompt response is one of the positive aspects of family insurance if any insured event. For example, help to the injured parent and timely care for unkept children. This insurance also provides the possibility of a visit to the victim at the hospital from the insurer.

4. Baggage case

Family baggage insurance will refund in case of loss or other insured events related to baggage. When setting off on a journey with a large family, large baggage will be a contributing factor. Loss or damage to baggage can spoil your vacation significantly. Thus, lots of insurance and travel agencies advise adding a baggage insurance point to your family insurance policy.

Family vacation

You can insure your baggage in the amount of $250 to $5000 offered by your insurer. In the case of an insured event, confirmed by documents, the insurance company must pay 85% of the insurance coverage. Searching for lost baggage, its delivery to the tourist will be made for the account of the insurer.

5. What about liability?

Liability insurance is another important point that can come in handy on a family vacation. This option involves damage compensation to someone else’s health or property. For instance, if your children damage equipment at the hotel, the insurance company will recover the damage for you.

In general, family liability insurance is not an extra addition to the contract if the family has chosen an active vacation. For example, the whole family went to the Alps to learn how to ski. And it is likely that one of the family members would accidentally damage the equipment of a passing person.

The benefit of this addition to the family insurance contract will come through the price. The policyholder buys one policy for all family members. Paying for the insurance company $1 for one day on vacation, the policyholder and his or her family members get support and help, as well as financial security in case of an insured event.

A few more helpful tips

Sometimes, shortly before the trip, the baby feels unwell. Or there are other circumstances that can break up the trip. Then it makes sense to take out travel insurance. With this document, you can be able to recover most of the money spent on tickets and hotel reservations. However, when drafting a contract, you should carefully examine the clause: payment in the event of an unexpected illness of a child before the trip.

Some companies pay compensation to all family members, and some pay only the money spent on the child. It is better to buy insurance without a deductible franchise. The treatment costs which the insurance company does not pay. Otherwise, the victims will have to pay the sum fixed in the contract. The insurance will only cover costs in excess of this sum.


Summing up, going abroad, it’s important not to forget the medicine, as in the local drugstores it could be hard to find the one. It’s necessary to make a list of chronic diseases of the child, possible allergic reactions, as well as vaccinations. It will help when needed, without unnecessary panic, to provide medics with useful information.

Choosing insurance, you need to think carefully about what risks may wait for you on your way. You should take everything into account when traveling with kids: the child’s health, chronic diseases, the probability of trip cancellation.

About the Author

Author Isabelle Jordan is a business and marketing journalist at Ekta Traveling insurance company. She writes for different news portals and thematic blogs that helps her stay at the heart of the travel and insurance news. Such work gives her the opportunity to write articles on the most relevant topics of today.

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