Five Best Websites to Create and Download Invoices for Free


One of the most important aspects of any purchase is billing. For companies, timely payment of bills is necessary so that they can maintain a steady cash flow. Therefore, it is important to create and share invoices with customers as soon as you make a sale. They add value to businesses and will enable a business owner to have an overview of pending payments, net profits, and total sales. If you are a subscriber of Charter Spectrum packages or Netflix, you may have seen an online invoice. A well-structured and detailed invoice that complies with international standards will also improve your business reputation.

Difference between a Simple Invoice & a Regular Invoice

All the important elements of a regular invoice are present in it but a simple invoice is slightly different. It generally has product details, number of goods, total price, payable amount, payment due date, and contact details of stakeholders. Many new and small companies find it difficult to create invoices. The good news is that many websites allow you to create them for free. WeInvoice, Invoicebus, Invoice Generator, Wave, and Zoho Invoice are some of the best websites for this purpose. You can create both simple and regular invoices on these websites.

Do note that the basic purpose of an invoice is to receive a payment for delivered products and services. A receipt, on the other hand, acts only as proof of a business transaction. Therefore, both are distinctly different from each other and not to be confused.


There are many good invoice generating tools available on the internet. WeInvoice is a web-based tool that allows users to create, download, and send invoices. Users can include contact information, invoice data, invoice number, details of goods, payment terms, amount due, and due date of payment on an invoice. With the help of WeInvoice, you can fully customize the simple invoice. Make sure to include your logo in the final design. The user-friendly interface of the tool comes with default templates. Once you sign up on the app present on Google Play, you can keep a track of all your previous invoices. The app can also save client information to assist you in creating future invoices.


Invoicebus facilitates immediate payments for businesses regardless of their geographical location. Invoicebus allows users to work freely with their multiple payment processors. Their invoice designs are fully customizable and you can include prices, taxes, shipping, prices, and other details. You can also create and send reminders to clients for pending payments.

Invoice Generator

Head over to the Invoice Generator if you are looking for a quick solution to create invoices. Their website has a very simple layout. Type the website URL in the web address and you can begin customizing your invoice as soon as you land on their homepage. With this tool, you can create personalized invoices for any business. Just fill out all the necessary details to directly email the invoice to your customer. On the editing dashboard, you can also include any discounts and details of shipping prices. Once the invoice is ready, Invoice Generator will send it to the recipient’s email address.


Wave is an excellent invoice tool that is completely free to use. Small companies can use this platform to manage payrolls and payments. The user-friendly interface allows new business owners to create customizable and editable invoices. You can also send reminders of pending payments to users.

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Corporation enjoys a good reputation for creating reliable web-based tools. The company provides an online office suite that comes with Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, and Zoho Mail, etc. Zoho’s services are ideal for small businesses. Their tool, Zoho Invoice, helps users in creating invoices. You can create and send professional invoices and automate payment reminders. Thanks to the user-friendly GUI, even if you’re new to the platform, you can easily integrate it with many platforms such as PayPal, Google Workspace, stripe, OneDrive, and 2CheckOut, etc.

These five websites are quite helpful in creating, downloading, and sending invoices for free. You can fully customize them for any industry or niche. Furthermore, you can also include details of taxes and shipping prices. New and small business owners can greatly benefit from these tools. They can save the subscription costs on pricier invoice generating tools by using these superb free tools.


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