Fitness Lifestyle: How to Stay Motivated to Hit the Gym

Fitness Lifestyle How to Stay Motivated to Hit the Gym

When it comes to exercising, for many, getting to the gym is much harder than finishing the workout. As a matter of fact, getting dressed and hitting the gym is 50% of the work already done! So how do people do it day after day and not give up? Where do they draw the motivation from? While some people are just born determined, you can beat your laziness with these great motivation tips:

Set easy goals

When starting to work out, make sure to don’t just aimlessly hit the gym every other day to “get healthier” or “lose weight”. These concepts are too vague and they won’t provide you with a clear goal to work towards. Instead, set some goals that are simple, yet achievable. A good goal is to “run one mile” or “lift x pounds” or “lose x pounds”. With these goals, you can measure your progress, see yourself getting closer to the goal and enjoy the victory with you reach them, which is all great for your motivation.

Add variety to your workouts

It’s natural that you don’t have any motivation to work out when you have another session on a treadmill in front of you. It’s hard to stay motivated when you just do the same thing over and over again, so make sure to introduce some variety and fun to your workouts. For instance, you can do a Zumba class once a week or try rock climbing, hiking or any other activity that intrigues you and makes you want to move. This way, you’ll look forward to your workouts and use your regular gym time to work on your strength and endurance so you can be even better during your hip-hop sessions or whatever else you choose to do. Buying different kinds of accessories for gym can also add a sense of variety into your routine.

Treat yourself to some new gear

For many people, how they look at the moment can dictate how they feel. So if you look like a professional athlete and a winner, you will feel and act like one and absolutely destroy your workout. Don’t believe this works? Treat yourself to a new pair of sports leggings and womens gym wear, that will provide you with not only comfort and safety during your workout, but also the immaculate style you might require to get up. And if you dress up in your new activewear and put on some banging music, you’ll feel like you’re in a motivational video. It would be a shame to stay at home when you can show the entire gym how good you look (and do your workout in the meantime).

Want to lose weight? Make a bet with a buddy that you’ll manage to lose X pounds in X time. If you don’t do it, you have to pay up, but if you do, you get some sweat, sweat money. Or you can sign up for classes that charge you only when you skip them—this will get you going.

Get a workout buddy

Fitness Lifestyle How to Stay Motivated to Hit the Gym

If you can’t motivate yourself to go out and do your workout, maybe your gym partner can do the trick? According to research, people who work out with a partner are less likely to skip workouts and more likely to reach their fitness goals. It’s hard and embarrassing to skip a workout when there’s someone waiting outside to pick you up for a gym session. Plus, working out with a buddy also gives you a dose of healthy competition which can be very motivating (just make sure to keep it friendly and not try to sabotage your friend’s goals).

Rely on discipline instead of motivation

If none of these tips above work for you, then you have to tough it out and forget about motivation. It’s great if you can have both motivation and discipline, but if not, you have to rely on your stubbornness to get you out of bed and onto the mat. Set an alarm, prepare your workout clothing and chug your pre-workout. As long as you don’t think too much about it, you will find yourself at the gym and pumping. Soon your workouts will become habits and you won’t be able to finish your day without sweating.

You’re an athlete, not a passive commentator, so start acting like one! Set up a good schedule, work on your goals, grab your gear and hit the gym. When you start hitting your goals and making amazing progress, motivation will come on its own!

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