Finding the Best Tech-driven Platforms for Investment Bankers

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As an investment banker, you already know the tools you’ll use most often in the course of your business day. However, you may not yet fully know about the latest tech-driven platforms that can very effectively employ digital tools to make your day progress more productively with greater continuity overall. Tech platforms are designed to assist investment bankers and broker dealers with the best industry-specific shortcuts, resources, and innovative solutions for the trading sides of your business. If you are seeking a way to optimize your workload to increase your productivity and generate a higher degree of profitability, look no further than the best tech-driven platforms we offer for your consideration in this article. 

Before you start the search for the perfect platform to suit your investment bank, you’ll want to first consider the highest priorities that are driving you toward a platform. Are you looking for an efficient way to produce lead generation? Do you require direct connections to the largest banks in the world? Is your goal to find a single program that will set budgets, create evaluations, and analyze resources? Perhaps you want a comprehensive client relationship management program? 

Evaluate and assess the needs within your banking system that call for tech tools which will consistently create a smooth road of processes and transactions that will outperform the same functions you would typically undertake.

The best tech-driven platforms for investment bankers will, in general, include the following features: 

  1. A trading system that contains a full package of tools to monitor, process and assess trades on major exchange platforms worldwide.
  2. Platform workflows that operate seamlessly to significantly reduce the amount of time needed for research, data collection and other time-consuming activities.  
  3. A powerful platform that will deliver resources to fully support valuation and the implementation of your work. Resources and research stores should be extensive and highly-effective in demonstrating historical performance and outcomes.
  4. Mobile technology should be included to allow use from any device, along with cloud services that create instant accessibility for multiple users at the same time. 
  5. Content search features, such as preview panes, key performance indicators, and qualified lead generation will deliver immediate outcomes and spark new strategic efforts. 

With the evaluation and assessment in place, it is worthwhile to also consider the features your investment bank platform should optimally contain. This is your wish list; however, it is also the repository for features or benefits that will propel your services over the top of your competitors, so you’ll want to carefully examine and determine each item to build as much into your platform as possible for optimal performance. 

Specifics such as these might be critical, for example: 

  • Revenue Analytics: With the use of a fee model, your bank can produce a wallet analysis to determine whether primary banking fees are in line with competitors or may need adjustments.
  • Customization:  Whether you want to customize dashboards or build a strategic model for a particular demographic group, your platform should be customizable to conform to the demands of your banking group.
  • On-demand Securities Data: Typically offering a global securities overview, this feature delivers intraday reference data and end-of-day pricing from your platform. This platform is one of the best independent broker dealer platforms available, as it conforms to the specific needs of each broker dealer.
  • Portfolio Management: One feature that is often selected as a “must have,” is the capability of the platform to generate portfolio management processes and strategies. 
  • Identification Screening: This tool will be used primarily to onboard or verify identities. A screening process completed via the platform saves significant amounts of time for bankers, as well as those in the human resources side of the house. 

Which tech-driven platforms are the best for investment bankers? We’re glad you asked. 

  • Trader Workstation (TWS) from InteractiveBrokers, is a flexible platform for brokers who trade multiple products. It is powerful, yet user-friendly and capable of customization. 
  • Match-Trader, an omnichannel trading platform, offers fully customizable features and multiple trading tools buried within the platform. Included are analytics features, portfolio management, resources, and lead generation optics.
  • DealLogic, a platform dedicated to investment banking and capital markets, is loaded with features and resources to satisfy both the buyside and sellside of the industry. 
  • FactSet, a data and analytics platform, is built to provide desktop solutions and optimize workflows, deliver facts and financial information ina  customized fashion. This improves scalability in content delivery, as data and analytics are delivered seamlessly for optimal performance. 

The best tech-driven platforms for investment bankers are the ones that deliver everything needed, plus more. Many software programs are adaptable with platforms; as tech continues to evolve with greater and more powerful precision, look to software options to complete your platform purchases. Wishing you every success!


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