Finding Jobs In Vietnam: What You Should Know

finding jobs in vietnam

The twenty-first century is the moment for us to explore global opportunities. We see numerous possible employment alternatives as the world advances. For example, the Information Technology industry in Vietnam might benefit from the assistance of experienced developers from industrialized countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and others.

That also solves the question of whether or not foreigners can work in Vietnam. There are some. And the large YES underscores the point: if you want to work in Vietnam, 2022 is the year.

Job categories

Vietnam continually encourages the development of several fields. The top three jobs you could be interested in are IT/Digital Solution/Software Development, Education, and Manufacturing.


For starters, Vietnam requires as much help as possible with digital solutions and software development. If you are skilled in these areas, Vietnam could use your assistance. Local software developers and digital strategists have limited experience dealing with multinational corporations. As a result, Vietnam needs personnel to fill jobs such as professional software developer trainers, digital marketing specialists, automation experts, and so on.

Second, education development in Vietnam is a top priority. English is part of the mandated curriculum in almost every topic, not only in public institutions but also in foreign schools. As a result, if you are a natural English speaker, there are numerous teaching positions available.

Not only that, you can open a school or an English club to help teenagers and adults develop English-speaking habits. There is a huge demand for career growth, and English plays a decision-maker role in the recruiting process of company recruiters. It could become an ideal investment if you are an All-in educator and you look forward to dedicating your knowledge in this field to help the community in Vietnam.

Third, manufacturing is regarded as Vietnam’s most important economic pillar. Businesses from all around the world are interested in relocating because of this attractiveness. As a result, if you have a product in mind and want to work or set up a factory in a cost-effective location, Vietnam could be a viable option.

Vietnam is a dynamic country with tons of spots for manufacturing adepts in different sectors. Textile, seafood, furniture, and cashew nuts are the areas you may look up, as they are the top performers devoted to economic growth. You can search further into other sectors and consider the deals you can get out of it. However, not all want to come to Vietnam to open a factory. If you have experience working with manufacturers and look forward to filling a spot in the business, some positions may fit you. There are a few options you can choose from such as Quality Control Engineer, Sourcing Agent, or Business Relationship Manager.

Vietnam is also a great place for freelancers. However, due to visa constraints, pursuing this type of employment could be difficult. You can watch the video below to learn more about this subject. I will explain how you can pursue your freelance profession, how much you can earn in Vietnam as well as our best tips to take proven shortcuts and succeed in your job hunt in Vietnam.


When visiting Vietnam, you must have an appropriate visa. If you wish to work in Vietnam, you need a business visa and a work permit.

work permit

After that, you need a few more pieces of documentation to work legally in Vietnam:

  • Proof of a Clean Criminal Record
  • a photocopy of your bachelor’s degree
  • confirmation of work experience from previous employers


Coming to Vietnam to work could make your life a lot easier. Or, at the very least, it works for many people. However, this does not imply that you will get paid more. Because the cost of living in Vietnam is cheap in comparison to other industrialized countries, your salary will be lower in most circumstances. The amount you could earn is determined by other criteria such as the size of the firm, its market capitalization, and the demand for the product.


For instance, you had a job in America as a software engineer, and you got paid around 4000$ – 6000$ per month. That number could be down to only 3000$ – 5000$ and even less. However, there is always a company willing to pay you higher if you are as qualified as they expect. Therefore, don’t lose hope. It is alright to set the bar low for the first one or two years. After you successfully build a professional network in Vietnam, the opportunities are endless.

Also, it could be useful to know that with just 1000$ per month, you could get for yourself a pretty easy lifestyle. You can eat out two to three times per week, have a few nights out with friends, travel around Vietnam two to three times per year, and still have some savings for personal spending. (What I give here is only general consultancy. One way to estimate an accurate budget is to look into the detailed cost of living by particular items like rent, food, entertainment, and so on. Finally, you estimate a budget based on your knowledge).

Online employment channels

You may be wondering if the method to find jobs in Vietnam is similar to where you are from. The answer is yes, it is identical. You can find a job in plenty of ways, from online recruitment to personal contacts. However, it will be numerous to mention in just one article.

one article

Therefore, we will mainly discuss the websites you can use to find a job in Vietnam as a foreigner.

1. Vietnamworks

Vietnamworks is a popular hiring website suitable for both locals and foreigners. They are trusted by legitimate companies hiring thousands of employees every year. Its headquarter is on floor 20th of the E.Town Central building in District 4, Ho Chi Minh City. There is also a hotline to Customer Service if you run into trouble using the website or contacting the recruiter.

Overall, Vietnamworks is user-friendly. Every information you need to know about the job will all be there. I had a great experience using the site for my personal preference. I would recommend you to use Vietnamworks as one of your job seekers.

2. CareerBuilder

Besides Vietnamworks, CareerBuilder is another choice to find your dream job in Vietnam. This job-seeking platform also has its headquarter at 139 Pasteur, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. This is truly a good site to find your dream jobs in Vietnam.

3. CareerLink

CareerLink is another popular site to expand your knowledge in different fields. It is a great site as the other two and well-recommended by many employers throughout the country. The site also has its headquarters in Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City. You should check it out to search for the right opportunities that match your expectations.

4. Linkedin

Linkedin is a bit different from the three websites above. And I bet many of you who are reading this article know about Linkedin. In Vietnam, Linkedin is ubiquitous among recruiters. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about seeing any recruitment news in Vietnam on Linkedin because there are plenty.

Also, you can connect with numerous experienced workers working in different fields on Linkedin. There are networking events that are constantly updated on these sites so that you can expand your network face-to-face with a potential partnership.

Using Linkedin with the other mentioned sites will help you significantly with an ideal career direction.

A course for foreign job seekers in Vietnam

As much as we want to explain everything to you in one article, it will never be enough. There are mistakes that I have seen people repeat too many times when they apply for a job in a foreign country. Such a matter involves catching up with every adjustment, working with the right agency, preparing the required paperwork, and so on.

paperwork and so on

Therefore, I, with a recruiting expert who has 10+ years of experience in Human Resources, prepared a course that will help you out with all the hassle in the process.

1. A private list of companies

You will receive the latest updates on companies that recruit foreigners in Vietnam. As it is a private list and only provided to the people who sign up for the training, you will have a higher chance of taking the lead among other candidates.

2. A step-by-step instruction

The expert in the field also prepared a step-by-step guide that helps you follow everything by pressing pause and executing the steps.

There is no guarantee, but it could be comforting to know that we had the course tested on hundreds of volunteers and the majority of them achieved what they pursued at the end of the training, which was certainly our happiness.

3. Express training

Without clear preparation, job seekers will only accomplish things halfway, or even worse, give up along the way. With clear training and resources, you will be able to connect with companies that are currently recruiting and maximizing your chance of getting a first interview that will change everything.

Movetoasia created a all-in-one package that helps expats express themself in the eyes of recruiters regarding digital profiles, CVs, resumes, and more.

This is a practical roadmap and action plan that will help you to find a job in Vietnam in 7 days.


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