Find Colombian Wife Online: Why Men Want To Marry Colombian Brides & How Much It Costs

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If you ever dreamed of marrying Colombian mail order brides but don’t have enough time to find out more about the culture and leap into Colombian brides dating prepared, we have you covered. The article has everything a foreign guy must know to date Colombian girls successfully. And if you feel like you’re ready to start your journey, run through these top-tier Columbian women dating websites our team picked for you:

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Not every Colombian girl can be called a mail order bride, so what makes them outstanding, and why should you search for a Colombian mail order wife on these sites? Let’s find out from this article.

Who are Colombian brides

Single Colombian women and girls of younger age who are looking for strong bonds with foreign men on popular mail order bride platforms like La-Date and hope to build happy families with them are known as Colombian mail order brides. 

In most cases, these are ladies who have already gotten rid of the young age maximalism and come to the conclusion that only romantic relationships can make them absolutely happy and satisfied with life. They may have tried building serious relationships with Colombian singles, but these connections haven’t led to anything decent. Therefore, Colombian ladies admit to becoming members of online dating services and looking for husbands far away from their native country.


What kind of men do Colombian mail order brides like?

International dating thrives in Colombia since American guys and males from other western countries possess the majority of qualities local girls find appealing in men. What do hot Colombian women from websites like LoveFort want to see in their partners?

  • Handsome appearance: every Colombian bride pays much attention to how others see her, so it’s important for her to have a good-looking, neat, and fashionable partner beside her. 
  • Inner strength: all mail order Colombian brides, as Mexican brides also are attracted to men who are courageous and confident, so a local girl will agree to become a Colombian wife of a foreigner only if he shows his backbone.
  • Ambitions and desire to provide a family with a comfortable living: since many Latin American men laze around and don’t hurry to maintain their families, every Colombian wife has to work hard to feed her kids and take care of them. No wonder, international brides from Latin America consider stability provided by a man a real blessing for a family.
  • Respect for a spouse: local men treat Colombian brides like servants who should handle all the responsibilities, so all single Colombian ladies dream about respect and care in relationships.

How much does a Colombian mail order bride cost?

Dating sites like LatinFeels offer services that contribute to the matchmaking process and make it easier and faster to meet Colombian girls. Since the majority of these services aren’t free, you can hear about the possibility of buying a Colombian girl on popular mail order bride websites. What does this phrase mean, and how much money do you need to get a Colombian mail order bride? Let’s see approximate calculations:

  1. Cost of Colombian dating sites: most platforms offer a free sign-up, browsing, and searching, but men should be ready to pay for premium membership ($10 – $50 a month), credit packages that open access to extra features ($15 – $200), and possible additional services (e.g., $50 for a translator to understand a Colombian lady). The average cost to attract Colombian brides is around $250 a month for a member. 
  2. Mail order bride trips to Colombia: it’s important for a man to see his object of affection not only on a mail order brides platform but also in real life. Therefore, professional dating websites organize tours to Latin America where men can feel the smoothness of the girls’ skin, touch their hands, and look into deep hazel eyes. These journeys to meet Colombian women include several expenditures like flight ($600), accommodation ($500), meals and transportation ($200), and joint entertainment (from $300).

If you decide to experience Colombian wedding traditions personally, marry in this country, and take your new Colombian wife home, you should add the cost of marriage to general dating site expenses too.


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How do I find a bride in Colombia?

Meeting Colombian brides is possible in several popular ways. Let’s take a closer look at all of them.

Personal tour to the country

Clearly, Colombian women for marriage live all around the country and hope that overseas princes come to their cities and win their love. For men, this implies a necessity to travel to this country and learn more about Colombian culture in order to meet a Latin woman. Such trips often appear to be quite costly and don’t guarantee men they’ll surely meet Colombian wives during them. No wonder a great desire to meet a Colombian woman means that such journeys must be repeated several times to achieve success during them.

Specialized romance tours

Gorgeous Colombian women can also be met in so-called romance or mail order brides tours. These are trips organized for single men who want to meet Colombian brides in a more traditional way and attend a Colombian date with the most adorable girl. Since all Colombian girls who come to such events are interested in relationships, the chances to find a Colombian bride there are very high too. However, it’s worth mentioning that such tours cost a bomb!


Online dating

Probably the most popular approach to finding Colombian females is international dating sites, like La-Date. The chances to find Colombian wife on the best dating sites are not only higher but also less painstaking. Real Colombian women join them with the goal to meet a decent partner and become one of mail order Colombian brides whose true intention is to marry. It’s also a cheaper and safer way of finding single Colombian ladies, and it has united lots of singles from Latin American countries and men from the western world.

La Date ColombiaLady LoveFort LatinFeels  LatinWomanLove 
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Male to female ratio ~45/55 ~50/50 ~35/65 ~50/50 ~40/60
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Without a doubt, each of these options has its own benefits, and each man can choose a variant based on his personal needs and preferences. To make a choice easier, take a quick look at the options being compared in terms of overall cost, time, and success rate. 

Cost Time Success rate
🚀 Online dating with a Colombian woman $200 – $250 a month From several days to a month 80%
📆 Arranged romance tour to a Colombian girl $2,000 – $5,000 Several days 70%
🗺️ Personal tour to Colombia $2,000 – $5,000 From several days to several months 30%

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All these ways to get Colombian mail order wives are effective and worth men’s attention, but as you can see, mail order bride sites, for example ColombiaLady, are not only more affordable but also more successful among them! 

So, first, it’s better to appeal to the help of online dating sites to meet a perfect Colombian woman online, and only then take a tour to the country to meet the lady in person in one of the most beautiful Colombian cities.


Colombian woman profile on LaDate

Why are Colombian brides so popular?

Among all Latin American women, Colombian ladies seem to boast huge popularity. What makes Colombian mail order brides emerging and desired?

Inexhaustible ardency

Let’s be honest, we are all magnetized to unstoppable doers and expressive people. Colombian brides allure people by being naturally expressive, bold, and passionate. Many guys fall for how Colombian girls dance and move, with a special fire in them.

Lateral approach to everything

Creativity is so typical to Colombians! Many Colombian mail order brides boast fabulous artistic skills and can really brighten it up by taking a different, unconventional approach to whatever they do in their lives.

Rare family values

Colombians are highly known for being community-oriented. Colombian girls were fostered as caring and thoughtful, with the idea that family is a sacred shrine. Colombian brides have their ambitions in life, but those seldom interfere with the plans and dreams Colombian mail order brides have for their own families.

Joyful personalities

Finally, you can’t help it when single Colombian women share this eternal spark, cheer, and joy with you. When you meet cheerful personalities, you feel like the sun came to comfort you, which is why Colombian beauties are so popular around the globe.

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🇨🇴 Best 6 cities to meet Colombian women

With a population of over 50 million people, a good deal of whom are adorable Colombian mail order brides, the country has several major cities where men can look for partners. Where to start the search? The list of cities to meet a Colombian mail order bride looks as follows.

1. Cali

Cali is not only a sports capital, urban and economic center but also home to hot Cali girls. If you want to meet a Cali Colombia girl, keep in mind that this is the third most populous Colombian city, so the сhoice is really impressive. For instance, La-Date has lots of girls from there. When it comes to women in Cali Colombia is a country of dancers, and Colombian brides adore this activity as well! Therefore, learn to dance to get Cali Colombia women to like you!

2. Bogota

Being the capital of the country, Bogota is also the largest city that can boast the most fabulous and educated Bogota Colombia girls. It’s a political and cultural center where you can meet gorgeous Bogota women almost everywhere. If you plan to find girls in Bogota during the day, visit Centro Commercial Santa Fe, Centro Andino, or Santa Ana Mall. Vibrant nightlife also attracts Bogota Colombia women, so picking up ladies in nightclubs is a reality too!

3. Medellin

The second major city of Colombia is called Medellin, and its main attraction is naturally attractive Medellin women. It’s one of the cities nominated for Most Innovative City of the Year, so you can expect to meet not only beautiful but also intelligent Colombia Medellin women. Men should know that girls from Medellin are often called Paisa, and they’re considered to be the most attractive women on the globe. Meeting Medellin Columbia girls isn’t a difficult task if you visit singles bars and nightclubs in addition to a popular Medellin dating site. If you prefer to get acquainted with a Colombian woman during the day, you can find lots of women from Medellin in the largest malls called Oviedo, Santa Fe, and El Tesoro.

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4. Cartagena

Over 1 million people live in Cartagena, a major port city in the north of the country, and a high percentage of this population are stunning Cartagena Colombian women. This city has lots of places to have romantic dates with Cartagena Colombia girls, but where to try hooking up there? Beautiful Cartagena girls enjoy spending time in local nightclubs called Eivissa, Cafe Havana, Pley Club, and many others. If you need a more silent place for communication with Cartagena Colombia women, numerous romantic restaurants and cocktail bars are perfect for that!

5. Santa Marta

Many people come to Santa Marta to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Caribbean coast, but the beauty of Santa Marta Colombia women seems incomparable with natural charm. You can find plenty on LoveFort, for example. It’s one of the oldest and most romantic cities not only for spending time with Santa Marta girls but also for meeting hot Santa Marta women. Why not pay a visit to one of the local beaches or historical sights? There are always lots of single Colombia Santa Marta girls willing to meet foreigners!

6. Barranquilla

Known as the Golden Gate of Colombia, Barranquilla has a strategically beneficial location, so getting there to meet Barranquilla girls won’t take much effort. Take a chance to stroll along the paseo de Bolívar where lots of Barranquilla Colombia women spend their free time during the breaks. But if you want to make acquaintances with Barranquilla women, you can make them during the Carnival of Barranquilla held every year.


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How successful are Colombian mail order marriages?

Colombian wives don’t hurry to divorce their husbands even if they betray or offend them. That’s why the divorce rate in Colombian families is quite low—around 9%. But this is one of the reasons why local women decide to become Colombian mail order wives for foreign husbands. Colombian women are patient, obedient, and loyal, so they become excellent partners in marriages with western men. Therefore, when a man chooses one of the Colombian women for marriage, he can expect to have a long-term and happy family life with her. Online dating experts say that the success rate of relationships with Colombian brides reaches 80% and more. These couples split up rarely since Colombian wives put a lot of effort into keeping the fire of love burning for as long as possible.

How to avoid the Colombian mail order bride scam? 

Unfortunately, even the most secure dating site can’t save you from annoying scammers and bots. Here are a bunch of tips on how to stay away from catfish and bypass even the master of pretension.

1. Do respond to verified profiles only

Don’t be allured by a luring Colombian wife online who’s so eager to get to know you better if she doesn’t have a “Verified” badge in her profile. Unverified users are more likely scammers, rather than regular lazy butts who just haven’t verified yet.

2. Don’t be affected by pity

Scammers used to make you have sympathy for them, telling heartbreaking stories that usually revolve around the emerging need for funds. Let them beg somewhere else or at least find work, this is not your business.

3. Don’t share any compromising materials

Imagine a hot Colombian wife online begging you to share an intimate picture of yours. Her genuine interest is not the case, while a chance to ruthlessly blackmail you is. Simply don’t share anything that might be used against you with anyone you meet online.

4. Omit profiles that are half-filled

When you meet beautiful Colombian women online, pay attention to their profiles. If she only has her age and location mentioned, and her profile picture is the only media in her profile, better don’t respond to this person (or at least require more photos and videos).

What is it like to marry a Colombian woman?

If you plan a wedding with a Colombian girl, you should understand that it’ll be a real funfair! However, it isn’t the only thing to remember about marriage with a Colombian lady. Naturally, a sensual body complexion of a Colombian bride and her natural beauty will impress you at first sight, but can a Colombian woman fall in love and marry a man without sticking to centuries-old traditions and customs? Get ready for the following unpredictable things at your wedding with a beautiful Latin woman:

  • Taste a traditional dish Asado that will surely be cooked by a Colombian girl and served there;
  • Participate in a candle ceremony when a Colombian bride and her groom light a candle together as a symbol of unity and commitment;
  • Enjoy a Carnavalito with your Colombian bride (a celebration similar to a Brazilian carnival), eat a fruit cake soaked in wine, and drink aguardiente, translated as fire water;
  • Forget about bridesmaids, maid of honor, and best man since a Godfather and Godmother of a Colombian girl are assigned to perform their responsibilities;
  • Get 13 blessed gold coins covered in lace to show your readiness to care about a new family;
  • Follow la hora loca when a lively performance of professionally dancing Colombian ladies is shown to newlyweds and guests.

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Are Colombians good wives?

If you manage to survive in this abundance of traditions, you’ll finally get not only a Colombian beauty as a wife but also lots of other benefits. Colombian mail order brides become reliable, loving, and passionate spouses who make amazing housewives, great chefs, and unmatched moms for kids. Colombian girls are a source of optimism who charge their partners with energy and encourage them for new achievements! Colombian mail order bride is a true diamond that has no value, so getting one is real luck!


So should you look for Colombian mail order brides if you want to build a serious romance? – Undoubtedly! Colombian ladies seem to be created for making western men happy, so now it’s their turn to undertake the first step and join a popular dating site with foreign mail order brides. Men will see that lots of Colombian single women are looking forward to their attention and won’t neglect a chance to feel what true love is. 


What is the legal age to marry in Colombia?

Girls can become Colombian wives when they get 18 years old.

Who pays for the wedding in Colombia?

The statistics say that the parents of Colombian brides pay around 45% of the wedding cost, and the rest of the sum is usually covered by a Colombian bride and her groom.

How do Colombian women feel about life change?

Unlike western women who stick to their principles and aren’t ready to show flexibility, Colombian women aren’t afraid to change their lives for the better and move to other countries together with their loving partners.

Is there a language barrier problem with Colombian girls?

Though almost 100% of beautiful Colombian women speak Spanish, English has official status in several provinces. Only 4% of Spanish people admit to speaking English fluently, but they’re open to learning new languages and often do that from a very young age.

Do Colombian women date a lot before marriage?

Everything depends on the couple. Most Colombian women trust their senses first of all, and when they fall in love, they agree to marry without any doubts. Usually, it takes several months for a Colombian girl to make this life-changing decision.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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