FedEx Real-Time Package Tracking Guide


Did you know that FedEx tracking in real-time can be done in different ways? In this quick guide, we covered all the available tracking methods so that you can choose the one that’s most comfortable for you. Here you go! 

Prepare Your Tracking Number 

Regardless of the tracking method you choose, your tracking number is the key to the entire process. This number is a digital code that encrypts your delivery status details once an eCommerce purchase is made or a parcel is brought to one of FedEx’s offices for delivery. You can find this 12-digit code in your email or on the printed shipping label. This tracking number works in the same way for all FedEx services below:

  • FedEx Express
  • FedEx Ground
  • FedEx Home Delivery
  • FedEx Custom Critical
  • FedEx Trade Networks
  • FedEx Freight
  • FedEx SmartPost

Tracking Methods

Now that you know your parcel tracking number, let’s take a look at all the available package tracking methods for your FedEx delivery. 

1. Easyship Dashboard

If you are using Easyship for FedEx shipments, you need to go to, click the “Manage Shipment” tab, and enter your tracking number, or simply select the “All” feature to reveal all current shipments. Besides, you will receive emails from the service when shipment statuses change. 

2. FedEx Website

The official website of FedEx is another convenient option to check out tracking statuses. The website is available for all PC and mobile browsers and lets you enter up to 30 tracking numbers simultaneously, which is very convenient if you order multiple goods from different websites or want to ship products to your customers. 

3. Mobile App

FedEx Mobile is a mobile app available on the App Store and Play Market. It offers a streamlined mobile experience for those cases when you need to track your parcels on the go. Similar to the website, the app allows multiple number tracking and works with all types of FedEx delivery services. 

4. Phone Number 

If you’re out of Internet coverage or cannot access your computer for some reason, you can call 1.800.464.3339, which is a single number for FedEx phone services. You need to say “track a package” to the robot and dictate your tracking number. The automation will answer back with your current shipment status. This option is not that convenient if you need to track multiple numbers because it allows only one number at a time. 

Tracking Without a Tracking Number

Although all packages must have tracking numbers, you are allowed to change them for convenience. For example, you can give each parcel an order number, a custom name, or anything else that feels useful in your case. 

Another option you have is FedEx InSight, which is a tool for managing large shipments without the need to enter tracking numbers in bulk. The service lets you track packages from multiple locations and even different FedEx accounts. 

Tracking International Shipments

Tracking international shipments can be done using any of the methods listed above, but you need to find your international tracking number first. In most cases, it’s located on FedEx International Air Waybill that is sent to you by email or given to you in the office. Look for the same 12-digit number and simply enter it on the FedEx website, app, or elsewhere. 

Tracking Statuses

Understanding tracking statuses can be quite tricky for the first time, so we explained all of them for you to understand what each real-time status means:

  • New – this means that the order has already been picked up by the service, and the shipment information is already sent to FedEx.
  • In transit – this status means that your package is on the way to the destination facility and should be delivered without delays. 
  • On FedEx vehicle for delivery – the package is currently in transit on a FedEx vehicle and will be delivered soon. 
  • Delivered – as the name suggests, this status is shown when your package is ready for collection at the shipment address you chose. 
  • Delivery exception – if you see this status, it means that something went wrong on the way, and your package can be delayed or returned, depending on the case. 
  • Clearance delay – this status means that your international shipment is delayed for unforeseen reasons. 

Status Updating Duration

In most cases, your package shipment status label is updated every time a package arrives from one facility to another. However, sometimes it takes up to 24 hours for the status to update if the system is overloaded. For this reason, some deliveries may come earlier than you expect. 

Track It!

Congrats! Now you can quickly track your FedEx deliveries using one of the methods listed above and understand the tracking statuses without any problems. Prepare your tracking number and enjoy trouble-free tracking. Which tracking method do you find the most convenient? Have you experienced any issues with tracking? You can reply in the comments and ask questions if something isn’t clear enough. 


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