Faculty WordPress Theme: A Comprehensive Guide for Educational Websites

Faculty WordPress Theme A Comprehensive Guide for Educational Websites

Today, having an online site is much more profitable than setting up a corporate office if you have a small business or startup. You quickly introduce your business to Internet users. You reach more people and get more customers and sales. We recommend you familiarize yourself with the WordPress platform to create a multifunctional site quickly and without unnecessary costs. You will be surprised how easily you develop a website and get your first customers. Want to learn more? Stay on the page and read the article to the end.

WordPress CMS for Your Wesbite

Developers create a site with several methods: manual layout using software code, using CMS, or operating special built-in constructors.

We describe how to create with the WordPress CMS. It is an open-source content management system. It is a convenient program for managing a web resource. You operate the code for editing, but this is optional. Thanks to this technology, a user with any level of knowledge can create a page.

Today, the following CMSs compete in the market: Joomla, Drupal, MotoCMS, etc. But this CMS occupies a leading position. For example, The New York Times and Forbes operate this system for blogging. The technology has gained popularity for its functional flexibility, user-friendliness of the interface, and other features. You don’t need to be a programmer. You enter the admin panel and familiarize yourself with the interface. If the basic functionality is not enough, then you expand it with the help of plugins. You create a landing page for lead generation or a professional store with thousands of products. And if you have a developer experience, you make changes in PHP. It means you change the interface, adapt it to your capabilities and make it more convenient.

What types of sites do you develop?

  • It is a specific platform for such a task. It has everything you need for this. You post and promote text material easily. This type of resource does not require a lot of functionality. The base will be enough. There will be no problems with plugins.
  • Here the task is similar to a blog. You publish textual content behind images. The adaptability of the CMS allows readers to familiarize themselves with the news with any device. For this, you do not need to make additional settings.
  • Photographers, artists, artists, and other workers in creative professions need a good presentation of their work. The program provides everything you need: galleries, carousels, sliders, lightboxes, and much more.
  • Companies don’t need to create multi-page resources. Sometimes one page is enough. You place all the questions and answers there.
  • In this case, you need the WooCommerce plugin. You get products, attributes, online payment, checkout, shopping cart, etc.

Pros and Cons of Faculty Theme WordPress

Like any technology, it has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the first:

Free system. You operate all the functions of the admin panel and do not pay for it. You should take care of the domain and hosting to put the site on the Internet. More often than not, additional plugins are also free.

  • Open source. You don’t have to pay for the software. You make edits to the main code if you have the relevant knowledge. Thus, you adapt the technology to your needs.
  • Simple installation. The setup takes place in a few clicks. If new updates are released, the program notifies the user.
  • Ease of management. You don’t need programming knowledge for everyday tasks. You easily write, update posts, upload, edit images, and install plugins.
  • Clear interface. It is enough to look at the interface and the names of the buttons to understand their purpose.
  • Ready templates for sites. On the TemplateMonster marketplace, you find many faculty theme WordPress. With these options, you add content. The site will be ready to launch. You don’t need to create a layout, design, and idea from scratch.
  • Flexible settings. Dozens of plugins are available to you, which solve any technical problems and expand the website functionality.
  • SEO optimization. Working on SEO is very important for modern business. The platform is ready for such a request from developers. You have the Yoast SEO extension, which helps promote your resource. Set meta tags, make XML maps, and place keywords in a few clicks.
  • Automatic adaptation for different gadgets. Now it is critical to maintain relevance, beauty, and site convenience on various gadgets, especially on a mobile phone.
  • Support from hosting providers. Now many hostings work with CMS. You have many companies that you choose for your website.


  • Many third-party programs. Third-party developers created many plugins and templates. They may contain errors. Before installing new additions, read reviews, and ask other users for their opinion about the work of the extension.
  • The page may take a long time to load. A large number of plugins affect the website. However, the TemplateMonster team can optimize the speed of your resource with the help of services.

How to Create Faculty WordPress Website

There is a lot of information on the Internet about how to develop the best website for your business. But what does the platform need for the page of a university, school, or other educational institution? A web page is a tool for applicants, students, and teachers about events, rules, and college life. Today, such an internet space has several requirements:

  • Useful and understandable content. An Internet resource for a university should have valuable information for every visitor: diagrams, photos, graphics, videos, interviews with the rector, or text materials. The user must have answers to all questions.
  • Professional design. Layout development begins with choosing a color scheme. It affects the perception, emotional state, and impression of your establishment. We recommend following one rule: the university website should include white color and all additional ones with a positive effect on the visitor. Add creative animation elements, leave a free space, and choose a classic, stylish font.
  • Convenient navigation. First, choose essential sections that will occupy top positions on the header in the menu. There should be information about the educational institution, information about applicants, and a separate section for bachelor’s, master’s, etc. The visitor should find everything related to the faculties and entrance exams. You place a block with college news separately. Pay special attention to the partners of your university who employ students and provide internships. We recommend highlighting contacts in the header and creating a separate page.
  • Universities operate many techniques to attract applicants. Add interactive elements and video galleries to your site. You add tests so that the platform visitor can try his hand.

Features of Faculty Theme WordPress from TemplateMonster

Marketplace TemplateMonster offers many faculty WordPress themes. They will be helpful for you if you are engaged in a business related to learning: coaching, online tutoring, courses, etc. You also operate designs to represent a public or private educational institution. It will be the best way to present your university and get many students.

To quickly choose the necessary option, use the filter on the left of the page. Choose the tags that will show you the presence of various elements: administration, alumni, auditorium, center, community, department, direction, enrollment, exam, graduate, library, party, rector, science, sport, student, tests, union, dean, education, school, educational, district, store, teachers, accounting, camp, career, certificate, consulting, express, etc. Choose a primary color that matches the mood of your brand or school: white, black, gray, cyan, brown, blue, purple, pink, green, yellow, orange, red, etc. Pay attention to the functionality of your web resource. It is the main part that affects the user experience for the visitor. Templates from the marketplace include the following features: Admin Panel, Responsive, Blog, HTML plus JS, Bootstrap, Dropdown Menu, Google map, Search Engine Friendly, Sliced PSD, Tabs, Advanced Theme Options, Portfolio, On-line chat, Parallax, Lazy Load effect, Sample content, Retina Ready, Power Page Builder, Performance Optimization and GPL License.

Compatible Plugins for Faculty Theme WordPress

If you need to expand the functionality, then with the chosen platform, you do it with the help of plugins. It is easy and takes little time. For example, you add the following extensions: WPML, Ecwid, MailChimp, Revolution Slider, WooCommerce, Polylang, LearnPress, Booking, etc.

WPML and Polylang are applications for adding multilingualism to your website. It is a necessary functionality if you plan to launch an educational resource for many countries. MailChimp will help you to send automatic emails. You remind them about entrance exams, document submission, or to congratulate you on the holiday. WooCommerce will add the ability to pay for courses online with payment gateways or a card. If you are a private coach, this is a must-have feature for you to pay online for your tutoring services. LearnPress is a must-have for any learning-related site. With this, you conduct full-fledged teaching online: teach a lesson, provide homework, check it, keep a list of students, provide material, etc.

provide material

Faculty Theme WordPress Video

Start posting news about your university on the website. You provide a lot of enjoyable information about the life of the educational institution for students and applicants. To start blogging, you should learn how to create and run a post. Watch this video and learn how to do it:

Faculty Themes  WordPress FAQ

Is the faculty theme WordPress compatible with WordPress.com?

All marketplace templates are compatible with WordPress.org.

What hosting can you use for faculty themes WordPress?

The main requirements of the skin for hosting providers are PHP with version compatibility up to 8.1, web server Apache 2.4, and database server compatibility with MySQL 8.0. TemplateMonster recommends you operate our trusted and tested partner, BlueHost. The most appropriate plan that covers the layout’s technical request is Choice Plus. You get 40 GB of SSD Storage, a free domain, and 24/7 support.

Can you use sample images of Faculty Themes WordPress?

This option depends on the vendor. Some authors provide images for free in a package with a layout. You choose them for your purposes.

How can you get Faculty Themes WordPress from TemplateMonster?

First, you register on our website. Then you choose the appropriate license: Personal, Commercial, or Business. You add the template to the cart. You also check and add our services if you need to hire a developer to install and set up your website. In the next step, you fill in the contact details and make a payment. We verify your purchase, and you get the download link with an archive that includes a template in your email or account on the website.


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