Exponential Growth for Philip Rodrigs’ Investment Firm

New-to-the-scene investment firm Raynar Portfolio Management expands personnel and triples assets under management despite the pandemic

Earlier this year, renowned investor Philip Rodrigs launched London’s new investment firm, Raynar Portfolio Management. The firm specialises in Alternative Investment Funds and promises to ‘search high and low for great investments.’ With a strong team of financial experts and the unique Raynar Flagship Strategy behind him, Philip opened Raynar’s doors and immediately began to identify attractive investment opportunities for clients across the market.

No-one could prepare for the COVID-19 pandemic to hit in March, let alone the industry’s string of required changes to best accommodate health and wellbeing. However, though this is likely the biggest global challenge that new firms will see in our lifetimes, Raynar continues to grow in several respects.


Raynar Triples Assets Under Management Amid the Pandemic

Despite Raynar’s new position on the investment scene, Philip and his specialist investment colleagues were determined to continue operations throughout the pandemic. They made the transition from the office to remote working as seamlessly as possible.

‘Since Raynar was launched, the world has experienced economic and social conditions which are unprecedented in modern times,’ says Philip, CEO and Portfolio Manager. [Raynar’s ongoing success] is a testament to the design of Raynar to be able to function completely remotely, such that we have been able to continue our pace of expansion unabated.’

Though the conditions have placed a huge financial strain on firms and made it difficult for collaborators to work together, Raynar has more than tripled its assets under management over the last three months. This success is not only the result of their seamless transitioning amid the pandemic, but also the result of the Raynar Enhanced Portfolio strategy – a bespoke framework that Raynar designed to optimise for client opportunities. Philip is delighted that, even in the face of COVID-19, Raynar’s client base continues to show faith in the investment firm.


Raynar Expands Personnel Amid the Pandemic

Following the exponential growth that Raynar has experienced over the last fourteen weeks, the investment firm is now expanding its personnel. Raynar’s ethical and client-focused approach means that great service is core to Raynar’s mission, and Philip is keen to employ a team who can achieve exactly this for clients.

Raynar’s newest recruit Jon Garland will act as the Head of Client Relations, a key role in the young firm. Jon has helped four boutique asset management firms to grow, most recently as a partner of a start-up firm that grew from inception to £5 billion during his tenure. His skillset will be invaluable to Raynar, itself a specialist boutique firm.

Philip highlights that boutique firms are integral to a prosperous investment industry, especially as they step away from traditional investment strategies that the majority of large companies adopt. Instead, Raynar offers investment opportunities designed to achieve the best outcomes for its valued clients.

‘It is encouraging that Raynar has been able to attract someone of Jon’s calibre, particularly when it involves him changing his role during these difficult times,’ says Philip. ‘He brings a wealth of experience, which will be valuable for Raynar at our formative stages. Having someone of Jon’s pedigree heading up our client relations is an important component of Raynar’s mission to be a firm that continually puts client interests first.’

Raynar’s expanding team of investment specialists continues to work through the pandemic, developing a multi-strategy approach to secure the best investments for clients. With one strategy already successfully launched and another on schedule, Raynar looks forward to expanding both its team and its success mission, achieving further optimal results for clients.

For more information on Raynar Portfolio Management’s personnel and investment opportunities, visit https://raynarpm.com.


About Philip Rodrigs – Raynar CEO and Portfolio Manager

Philip Rodrigs joined the professional investment industry almost two decades ago as a trainee fund manager. Since investing a small monetary gift from his grandfather in 2000, he has supported major firms, including Invesco Perpetual, T Rowe Price International, and Investec Asset Management, before launching Raynar Portfolio Management in 2020.

As a chartered financial analyst, Philip specialises in UK and European small-cap stocks. He is known for his impressive investment achievements, such as growing and soft-closing a multi-award-winning UK Smaller Companies Fund from £90 million to £650 million within eight years. Other achievements include conceiving the award-winning investment trust for River and Mercantile Asset Management whilst simultaneously growing another strategy from £150 million to over £1 billion within four years.

Philip has been recognised with many awards, including the Investment Week UK Smaller Companies Fund Manager (2010 and 2011), Morningstar’s Outstanding Rising Talent (2012), and the Financial Express UK Smaller Companies Alpha Fund Manager (2016). Philip knew from a young age that he wanted to run his own business and studied Economics and Management at Lincoln College (University of Oxford). He now uses insights from his studies every day. Twenty years on, he has founded Raynar Portfolio Management, an investment firm committed to achieving successful outcomes for individual clients.

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