Experience the Exotic with a Sailing Holiday

Sailing Holiday

There are thousands of options available when the time comes to choose the best holiday options to enjoy vacation, and when it comes to trying to pick which is best for you, you can do a lot worse than wiring a list of the pros and cons of the each option before coming to a final decision.  One holiday that seems to be trending right now, benefitting in some part because of COVID, are sailing holidays – not least because once you have arrived at the boat in the marina, you can take off to sail around Croatia, and literally not get within 100m of anyone else for the whole week – let alone the social distancing minimum of 1m!?

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Sailing holidays comes with a number of other unique advantages that you can’t find anywhere else, so there are plenty of reasons to choose a charter yacht or catamaran to spend some quality time with your friends or a closer one at the deep sea.

Sailing Holidays offer Privacy

Spending quality time or holiday on a private boat will give you the ultimate privacy – with no unnecessary interactions with hotel staff, other residents, or anyone at all if you so choose – it’s no wonder so many celebrities choose SuperYacht holidays, where they know they can relax away from the glare of the paparazzi’s camera.  This allows you to soak up the freshness and beauty of nature, which is not always possible to get from mere hotels or villas. One thing is to keep in mind that, like cruise ships, hotels are crowded with strangers and it will don’t let you enjoy the quality time without any burden. When you sail with your own boat, you have the privacy to do anything that you want. Particularly when you choose Wings Whitsundays sailing adventures – you can charter your itinerary, at your own pace. You could have a private beach barbecue at a secluded beach, swim naked around the boat or even sleep on the deck staring at the open sky!

Enjoy the Outstanding Activities

Yacht charters are perfect to engage yourself with various activities like fishing, water sports, swimming, beach volleyball, snorkeling, kitesurfing and many more things. Most importantly, you are getting an escape from the daily grind, and engaging yourself with various unique activities will surely make an incredible experience. If you rent a yacht for a week, you should carefully plan to have room for both enjoyment and adventure. 

Explore a New Beach Everyday

The main plan of going on a sailing holiday is to explore various destinations that you had dreamt about. Sailing holidays let you explore your dream destinations, and the best bit is that there is no time limit to stay on the beaches that you love so much. When you are staying in a hotel, you are always forced to spend money on renting a car or to pay to explore the exotic places where you go, always with the budget and time in mind – which can cause frustration when you fail to reach the right venue on time. How about just sailing in, dropping anchor, and staying on the beautiful beach until you decide it’s time to move on?  WOuldn’t that be so much nicer? With a yacht charter, you can easily explore new and beautiful beaches and bays every day.

Picturesque Scenery

As you bob down the coast (be it in Croatia, Greece, Italy or nearly anywhere else), you’ll notice that the scenery is incredible – with dramatic cliffs marking sharp contrast with the crystal-clear water, the rocky outcrops, the wildlife completely at ease in their natural surroundings – you’re never far away from a picture-perfect spot.  All you need to do is stop, put the phone down, and gaze around you (whilst basking in the sunshine) and you will have an unforgettable trip.


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